Solo Loot Box Bunker Base Design (2018)

Solo Loot Box Bunker Base Design

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Skidd, while presenting his Solo Loot Box Bunker Base Design. This RUST base design has a considerably low profile and small surface area while remaining highly functional.

Skidd notes that the base’s initial cost is high,  but it allows for a progressive build. We think this type of base is ideal and is complemented when built into a hidden cliff side area. This base is small enough that it can be easily wedged in to a rocky area and remain inconspicuous throughout a wipe cycle.

Further more, keeping it remotely hidden can help provide the time needed to gather the full material list and makes the few traps much more difficult to work around.

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

So, the way up onto this base is actually this armoured roof on the side. You can jump up it, it’s not glitchy or too thin to walk up it’s actually smooth. Hop up on top of the base, I’ve put low walls around as well to give you a bit of protection and this is your front door.


You jump down, and are presented with a garage door which you open, this has one drop chest. The only reason it has one is because it’s a small base for like a solo player or duo, so you don’t need that many chests, and it’s hard to fit in.


Second door you are brought to this roof and third door is the way you actually get in. There is a shotgun trap to prevent anyone trying to go deep, even though the roof is there.


I actually get stuck here as you can see.


Your research table and a couple of boxes, now, the way to get into this base is one that has already been shown many times – you place your roof and then can obviously jump down, it’s the roof-flap glitch. Then demolish it and you are stuck in.


This is your main room, this has your unlootable loot room in it, your level 3 workbench, a little bit of a barbeque, your campfire and 2 boxes, take of the window and your TC is actually to the right side.


I couldn’t access it here because I didn’t have my HUD on and it was hard to access so I just fly around and show you, that is your upkeep right there.


Going back into the main bit open the second garage door and you have the rest of your barbeque, your sleeping bag, and unlootable furnaces you can actually replace that with a garage door or a normal door whatever.


Place the bars back on as normal when you leave, and the garage doors.


So the initial cost for this base is pretty hefty, it’s actually about 450 high qual to get this completed, but before everyone in the comments freaks out, remember, you can build this in stone, sheet metal and then gradually sort of build onto the base.


Other then that, let’s get into the build.


I did actually make a little bit of a mistake here, where I place the stairs you actually have to place your research table before you do anything so if you want just make sure they’re twig so you can remove them, and then replace them.


Also with the tool cupboard I place the low wall, you can’t put the tool cupboard in after it’s already blocked off so make sure you put the tool cupboard in, and then the half wall.


Please don’t roast me for it… I’m trying my best!

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