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SkinSwap RUST Marketplace

SkinSwap: Sell, Trade, Buy RUST & CS:GO Skins

The market for buying, selling, and trading RUST skins has grown considerably in the past few years with the continued development and popularity of the online survival game RUST. As more and more marketplaces enter the space, it can become challenging to decide which marketplace is the best place for you to buy, sell and trade your RUST skins. If you’re in the market to sell your RUST skins, you want not only a fair market price, but you want to find the best price possible.

We recently covered the topic of the best places to sell your RUST skins for real cash with the intent to provide prospective sellers with a set of safe and reputable options for selling their RUST skin inventories. One of these options that stands out is SkinSwap.

Formerly known as Rustysell and rebranded as SkinSwap, the site was redesigned to provide users with an easy and fast means for buying, trading, and selling skins for cash or crypto payouts. Amongst the typical functions of a skin marketplace, SkinSwap stands out from the rest with its incredibly competitive prices, which allow you, as a trader, to get the most value for your transactions.

Why choose SkinSwap for selling or trading your skins?

The thought of selling or trading your skins on a third-party site causes concern for many sellers, and rightly so. Scammers are prevalent across the web, and skins are valuable targets. It’s highly recommended to take the time to investigate any marketplace you consider doing business with to check out any potentially fraudulent activities.

With a 4.7 Trustpilot rating, overall, SkinSwap’s customers have been highly pleased with their service and support at the time of this writing. Many users have shared stories about how quickly customer support helped them resolve issues with payments, praising them for their prompt response times and resolutions. Amongst these, you’ll find our interactions and experiences as we have put the site to the test.

Buy RUST skins at competitive prices.

Today, there are more options than ever for RUST players looking to buy RUST skins. SkinSwap provides players a unique, secure, and friendly experience that can help them acquire the valuable skins they seek at highly competitive prices. For specific “expensive” RUST skins, this could mean hundreds of dollars in savings in a single transaction or even thousands over months and years of buying.

Getting an account set up on SkinSwap is truly a simple and painless process. Authenticate and connect your Steam account to get started in seconds. Once you’re set up and have connected your account, you can use SkinSwap’s Top-Up feature to add to your site balance, which you can then use to purchase RUST and CS:GO skins while in “Trade” mode. 

The Top-Up feature supports Stripe’s direct card payment, which will receive an additional 30% bonus when used. It also supports cryptocurrency options, where users can use Litecoin and Bitcoin payment methods, each of which will receive a 35% bonus.

Once you’ve “topped up” and added a positive balance to your SkinSwap account, simply browse through SkinSwap’s library of available skins using their search and filtering tools. Once you’ve found a skin you like, click on it to add it to the list of receivables. When you’re ready to make your purchase, click on “Trade” to initiate the process and follow the onscreen instructions.

One other way to add to your SkinSwap balance is by selling your RUST and CS:GO skins from your inventory, which can then be used to buy available skins.

 Be sure to use the promo code CH to receive an extra +1% bonus when selling & buying your skins at SkinSwap.

Sell your RUST skins quickly and easily for real cash

SkinSwap - Sell your RUST Skins For Real Cash
Selling Skins on SkinSwap for a Paypal Cashout

Suppose you find yourself in a position where you want to sell your RUST skins. Whether it’s for making extra money, leaving the game, purging unwanted skins, looking to freshen things up, or even taking advantage of an opportunity to flip for a profit, one thing is sure; you want the best price possible. SkinSwap can help you make more money with your RUST and CS:GO skin inventory and provide a payout format that works best for you.

Selling on SkinSwap is straightforward and secure, and the payout is nearly instant. Their friendly user interface is intuitive and easy to use, without complication. Simply connect your Steam account to SkinSwap and browse through your inventory for the skins you wish to sell.

Use the filter and sort controls to quickly find the skins you want and select them to be added to the transaction. As you add items, your total sale value will appear with each item added. Likewise, it’ll update as you remove items from the transaction so that you know exactly what you’ll be receiving.

SkinSwap provides an array of available payout options that are fast, secure, have no hidden fees and are sure to meet your needs. While you can sell your skins for site credit, SkinSwap makes it easy to sell your RUST skins for real cash or through popular crypto options, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Trade your RUST skins and update your collection

It’s not uncommon for RUST players to grow tired of their skin library or simply want to freshen it up with something new. Furthermore, not all RUST players know that they can easily and safely trade their skins, as it’s not a feature baked into the game, nor is it an option on the official Steam marketplace.

SkinSwap’s trade system lets users trade up their skins for other RUST and CS:GO skins on the SkinSwap marketplace at one of the most competitive and often highest values available. The trading system utilizes the same interface as the buying and selling features and is as straightforward as it gets.

Trading on SkinSwap for Tempered Mask
Trading for a Tempered Mask Skin

Items in your RUST inventory will have pre-assigned values. As will the items available to trade for on the SkinSwap marketplace, as you select items, you’ll see the total values begin to add up. Suppose your selection of trade items is of greater value than the items you want to receive. The excess value will be appended to your SkinSwap balance for use in future transactions or if you decide to cash out. All of SkinSwap’s transactions are secure and nearly instant, as the trading bots quickly initiate transactions within seconds. Bulk orders are handled well and occur without hiccups.

With SkinSwap’s marketplace constantly updating, it’s worth periodically checking in on available items if you’re looking for something in particular or just waiting for a great deal to appear.

Easy and enjoyable to use

SkinSwap was redesigned to make selling and trading a simple and easy process. The site is packed with features and is mobile-friendly to boot. Moving between buying, selling, and trading is effortless. Response times from the support team are quick, and resolutions are on point. Should you run into any issues with processing any transactions, be it buying, selling, or trading, support is just a click away via their onsite chat system. 

Final thoughts on SkinSwap

SkinSwap is a relatively new player in the skin marketplace scene but has a lot to offer its customers, especially regarding competitive pricing. While their skin inventory isn’t the largest available, it’s constantly updating and continually growing. There’s a consistently wide selection of skins available. SkinSwap is an excellent option for people looking to instantly cash out their skins for real cash and get top-dollar offers. Instant payouts and quick transaction trades are of the essence.

Be sure to join their Discord community to stay up to date on the latest news, features, and promotional events and to participate in the free skin giveaways they host each week.

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