Corrosion Hour – No Decay RUST Server

Corrosion Hour US1 is our main server, where it all started years ago. This server is designed to reflect the vanilla gameplay of RUST, with a few exceptions. Upkeep and decay have been disabled. In addition, resources and loot crates will appear twice as fast. This helps players jump into the fray much faster, as well as be able to quickly pick themselves up if raided.

The map wipes every 2 weeks, in sync with the official update. Blueprints wipe once a year, in January. This allows players a chance to collect all of the blueprints and not have to worry about unpredictable wipes.

The US1 server runs on reliable and high-end dedicated hardware located in a Dallas, Texas, data center. The servers are maintained, secured, and monitored 24/7 by a team of dedicated and active administrators. They are supported by out-of-pocket costs; there is no fee for playing on our servers.

Connect to the Server

Corrosion Hour US1 can be found in the community tab in the game, by searching for “Corrosion Hour.” Players can also choose to directly connect to the server using the information below. Simply copy and paste the line below into the RUST console. To open the console press F1.


Server Details
Server TypeCommunity
ModificationsNo Upkeep, No Decay, Increased Spawn Rates
Map Size4250
Map TypeProcedural
Map Wipe ScheduleBi-Weekly (Starting on 1st Thursday of the Month)
Blueprint Wipe ScheduleJanuary 1st (Once a Year)
Group LimitNone
Team Size8 (Default)
Server LocationDallas, Texas, USA.
AdminsDigital Ghost, Squishface

Server Rules

  • No harassment, hate speech, gender insults of other players is permitted in any form (text, voice, and signage). Admins reserve the right to remove any signage that violates this rule.
  • No spamming or advertising servers and websites
  • No impersonating server admins
  • No spreading false information about the server and its rules, players, or admins
  • If it’s in the current game’s mechanics, we allow it, assuming if they can do it, so can you.
  • Players with VAC & Game bans less than 365 days are automatically removed
  • Admins may ban, kick or mute players for any offense
  • DO have a good time and enjoy!
  • DO go deeper than you ever have before!
  • DO let your friends know about the server and its community!
  • DO help others out when you can and give back!

Use common sense and good judgment. We’re not going to, nor should we have to, list all possible offenses that can be committed. Remember, it’s not your right to play on our servers, you’re a guest. Be nice; we’ll reciprocate.

If the server rules are too much for you, find another RUST server. There are thousands of them out there, one of them will match your play style. We wish you the best of luck.

Ban Appeals

If you find yourself banned and want another chance, direct message an admin on the Discord Server. For VAC and Game bans, you must have 2 active and veteran-status players willing to vouch for you.