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How the RUST Wounded System works

In RUST, we were previously given a moment to contemplate our death through the incapacitation system. Players had no option but to sit and ponder their fate while waiting for a teammate to rescue them during this time. Or wait they would wait for the cruel hands of their enemy to finish the job.

Death is commonplace among the islands of RUST. All players have experience with it, usually within moments of their first fresh spawn on the beach. But with the introduction of crawling to the Wounded System, players now have better odds than ever of surviving what would otherwise be a slow and painful death in the world of RUST. The RUST Wounded System brings an ounce of hope to this process.

What happens when you die in RUST

In RUST, one of three things can happen when a player’s health drops to zero. You might die instantly, fall on your back to the incapacitated state, or you drop to your knees in the wounded state.

In the past, the only alternative to death was the incapacitated state. Once incapacitated, a player will lay on their back, unable to move. You can be looted by enemy players or revived by a friend when you are in this state.

There is always a chance that your death will be instant. The possibility of instant death at zero health is slim if you take small bits of damage to non-vital areas. But, if you caught a few bullets with your face, you shouldn’t expect to trip over.

What is the wounded state in RUST

Once wounded, other players can approach you and loot you. If somebody plunders your body while wounded, you will roll over into the incapacitated state. You will also become incapacitated if you crawl into deep water while in the wounded position.

Keep in mind that not all deaths are equal. If you fall to your death, you will either go straight to the incapacitated state on your back or die outright. Facepunch did this intentionally to mitigate players falling from great heights, only to recover with a med-pack.

Fatal damage will still occur on headshots if you take enough damage quickly or go down to the wounded or incapacitated state for a second time within a few minutes.

Survival of the fittest

RUST Death Screen

As most RUST players are familiar, death in RUST means choosing from the respawning options. You can either randomly respawn on the map, select one of the beds or sleeping bags you have in a base, or hide in the wilderness.

With the latest update for the wounded system, you have new opportunities for survival and unknown threats. However, if you take enough non-vital damage and your health points drop to zero, you will fall to your knees. 

The upshot of crawling is your ability to survive when you would otherwise certainly perish. Crawling is considerably slower than walking, and while you’re on the ground, your options are limited. However, the wounded state is better than the no options we had before.

Crawling for your life in RUST

Once crawling, you will immediately drop whatever item you had selected on the Hotbar. You cannot pick the item back up, so don’t bother crawling to where you dropped your gun. You can’t pick up anything or fire weapons while wounded. The only interaction option you have is to close or open doors.

Usually, doors open and close instantly. However, when you’re wounded, moving the door will require you to hold the use key (E) on the door for a moment. This feature is brilliant if you’re inside or near the doors of your base, as you can close open doors to prevent raiders from going deep.

Open doors with caution! Unless you are clear of enemies while in this state, you should avoid opening doors because they take a moment to respond, and that moment is all raiders need to finish you off or follow you in.

Recovery is a process

Once you go down to either the wounded or incapacitated state, an unseen 45-second timer starts, regardless of your food, water, or injury status. What happens to you will be determined at the end of that timer.

Many players know that there is a slight chance of recovery from incapacitation—a ten percent chance precisely. However, you get a bit of a boost with a default twenty percent chance to recover from being wounded. 

You can also increase the probability of recovering from wounds by keeping your character well fed and watered. For example, you can improve the default twenty percent chance to recover to forty-five percent if you have maximum food and water.

If you choose not to recover, you can use the F1 Kill command prompt to die and respawn.

Medicine while wounded

The significant advantage to being wounded is that you can guarantee recovery by carrying a medkit on your Hotbar. So long as there is a Large Medkit in any Hotbar slot, you will get back up at the 45-second mark.

RUST Wounded System works with Medkits
Having a Medkit in your Hotbar Helps

You don’t have to use the medkit; simply have it equipped. Friendly players that approach you can take the medkit from your inventory and use it on you to have you recover immediately. Alternatively, they can jab you with a medical syringe to get you up right away.

As a bonus reward for your good luck, you get to keep your medkit if you manage to recover through the 20-45 percent chance.

It’s important to note if you use any medical items to help a player recover, they will not get the healing benefits of the thing. If a wounded player has a medkit, it may be ideal for helping the player up with E and allowing them to recover with their meds once they’re standing.

Theoretically, a player could use a bandage on their friend’s wounded form to stop the bleeding. However, as bleeding doesn’t affect whether or not you will recover from being wounded, there isn’t much point unless there is a risk of bleeding out.

Wounded bonus health

A controversial decision made by Facepunch was the addition of maximum and minimum health when entering the wounded position. By default, players are given a minimum of 30 health when they move to the crawling wounded state. 

This little hit point pool gives you have an opportunity to escape your current situation and perhaps survive another attack. 30 health isn’t a lot, and you can’t expect it to save you from much. If you are wounded because of a bear, you won’t be crawling far.

On the flip side, there is maximum health for crawlers of 50, which limits the capacity of players to recover entirely before standing back up.

While people aren’t a fan of this addition to the wounded update, it is likely the number that Facepunch will leave the system with. There is little difference between being wounded and dead without this little health boost.

The bonus health is not likely to save you from a player deliberately targeting you. Still, a stray bullet or explosion shouldn’t instantly wipe you out.

RUST META changes

Many players are concerned that the wounded system will change RUST for the worse. However, the chance to recover for most players hasn’t changed since the days of incapacitation.

Most players don’t carry medkits due to their prohibitive cost and prefer syringes. Typically, medkits are carried by serious raiders and hardcore PVP’ers. So while there is now more incentive to bring a medkit around, it doesn’t make them easier to get.

The simple fact that the Large Medkit is locked behind the tier two workbench essentially guarantees that most players won’t even hold one during a wipe.

Raiders now get to raid longer or defend longer, essentially having more time to do what they enjoy in RUST.

Small changes that improve the quality of life for players who take RUST seriously are rare. Often, Facepunch opts to enhance the quality of life for casual players. So it’s good to see these changes slipping in once in a while.

A needed change in RUST

Extending a player’s health capacity while wounded was a much-needed change to the game. Incapacitation is quite punishing in that players essentially lose all control of their character for up to a minute. 

Wounding doesn’t come with total autonomy, nor does it really save you from an enemy dedicated to putting you down. However, you are no longer a priority target if you are wounded. Those 45 seconds can be enough to find some cover or crawl back to a forward operating base. This mobility gives you the chance to get back into the heat of battle even faster.

So keep an eye out for your crawling teammates; they’ll need a hand getting back up. And be ready to step more courageously onto the battlefield, knowing that death isn’t always the end. Be sure to share this RUST Wounded System guide with your teammates and ensure they’re up to speed on the latest meta.

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