Get Your Own RUST USB Keycard

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RUST USB Keycards: Red, Blue, & Green

Agents of the organization have infiltrated the worn down, hazardous, and deadly Cobalt Corporation’s monuments to bring you a unique and limited-time opportunity to collect and show off your very own piece of the game: RUST USB Keycards.

It’s not every day that you find memorabilia from your favorite video game, especially when it comes to RUST, designed and produced at such high quality, with a truly impressive end-product.

Designed, sold, and shipped by, you can now claim these signature pieces from the world of RUST as your own. Though they’re not officially sanctioned products, each keycard is a beautifully designed replica of the in-game items: Red Keycard, Blue Keycard, Green Keycard.

Each keycard operates as a fully functional 16 GB USB storage device that fits into a standard wallet, or better yet, a display box on your bookshelf.


The Keycards come in four options:

  1. RUST USB Keycard (Red, 16GB)
  2. RUST USB Keycard (Blue, 16GB)
  3. RUST USB Keycard (Green, 16GB)
  4. RUST USB Keycard Bundle (3 Pack, 16GB)

Once we saw these keycards available for purchase, we jumped at the chance to get our hands on one. After the first keycard arrived and we got to hold it and test it out, we knew immediately that we had to order the complete set.

As self-proclaimed RUST chads and dedicated members of the RUST community, we saw numerous uses for these RUST keycards, apart from simply being killer collector items to display on our bookshelves. Though don’t get us wrong, they’re epic shelf items in this household!

Apart from this, they are fantastic for other reasons too:

  • The USB storage device makes them perfect for saving and cataloging your RUST adventures, saving each wipe’s raid footage, base design screenshots, streams, and other memories.
  • The RUST USB keycards make for a fantastic giveaway and competition item for any RUST community, be it a server group, RUST streamer, content creator, or other.
  • They make the ideal holiday and birthday gift for that particular RUST player in your life. We’re thinking the ultimate stocking-stuffer!
  • Keep your purchases, maps, prefabs, plugins, configurations, and other purchases on your trusty USB keycards!

Don’t let these RUST USB Keycards slip by!

RUST USB Keycard in Display Case

If you’ve made it this far, we hope you’re considering purchasing one of these keycards.

Get yourself over to’s web-store and place your order before they’re sold out and no longer available. We promise you; you won’t regret it. They’re a wonderful collector’s item to have around and useful!

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