RUST Upkeep Building Guide

RUST Upkeep Building Guide

This RUST upkeep building guide video is brought to you by our partner Jfarr.

In this video, Jfarr walks us through the complicated RUST upkeep system, explaining the basic system mechanics, while touching on the tax system, providing examples of the decay tier systems, and explaining the tool cupboard’s storage system.

This guide is exceptionally well done and targeted at newer RUST players. If you’re unfamiliar with the upkeep system, this video will quickly help you to bootstrap yourself with the necessary knowledge to properly use the RUST tool cupboard.

With that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Jfarr here.


When you begin building your base and have placed a tool cupboard down, you begin to see in the bottom right of your screen a notification telling you that your building is decaying. This is because you do not have the materials in your tool cupboard to upkeep your base. 

How it Works

The upkeep system works by constantly requiring you to put a small percentage of the materials in which the base is made out of into the tool cupboard.


So for a wood base, you would need more wood. For a stone base, more stone. For a metal base, more metal fragments. For an armored base, you would need more high-quality metal.


The tool cupboard will display the amount of resources required for the base to survive 24 hours. If you have any less materials it will last less than 24 hours. If you have more it will last longer than 24 hours. 

Upkeep Tax Percentage

The tool cupboard will also show the percentage of the base being taxed. For small bases, the percentage will be 10%. So for example, if you have a small base which has the cost of 3000 stone to create, the upkeep will be 300 stone per day.


After you’ve added more than 16 building structures to your base, the bases 10% upkeep tax will begin to rise. If you decide to build a huge base, you can end up being upkeep taxed 30% of the total cost of your base every 24 hours.


This will require you to constantly monitor and farm for your bases upkeep. So it’s only recommended to build big if you have the time and people to do so.


Remember to constantly watch your upkeep if you’re building or expanding since every building part you place down will affect the upkeep. So things like honeycombing will be very expensive to manage since it adds a lot more walls to your base. 

Decay Rate

If you do end up running out of materials, your base will now start to decay. For each building tier, your base will decay faster or slower. A twig wall will decay the fastest, lasting one hour without materials in the tool cupboard. A wood wall will last three hours, a stone wall will last five hours, and the metal wall will last eight hours, and the armoured wall will last twelve hours.


Decay will begin at the walls foundations and ceilings furthest away from the tool cupboard and make it’s way closer to the tool cupboard until everything is gone. 

Storage and Lock Up

Additional use for the tool cupboard is that it can be used as a large chest for resources. So if you need extra storage space, put all your resources into the tool cupboard.


Lastly, remember to lock up your tool cupboard once you have placed it down. This will stop anyone from just walking into your base and owning it. Raiders will not have to completely destroy it to get ownership of the base.


Remember to build small if you’re a solo or two-player group so the upkeep doesn’t overwhelm you. Build smart and remove all unnecessary walls, ceilings, and foundations to reduce the cost of the upkeep tax percentage. 


  • Upgrade to a higher tier if you expect your base to decay sometimes. 
  • Utilize the tool cupboard as a large chest to save room within your base. 
  • Lock the tool cupboard up to ensure no one can steal your land and base. 

Thanks, guys for watching. Hope this video has helped, and hope to see you guys in the next video. 

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