RUST Update 9th December 2022

Sweet and Deadly | Rust Update 9th December 2022

2022 is winding down fast, but there’s still plenty to look forward to before the year is out. This year’s winter holiday content is still yet to come, and from the looks of it, we’re in for a sweet treat. All clients and servers will need to update to patch the holiday content. Please note that this is not a forced wipe. 

Besides the holiday content, RUST’s 9th anniversary will be celebrated this weekend for one day only. 

Rust’s 9th birthday

Can you believe Rust is already nine years old? Where has the time gone? Rust will celebrate its anniversary this weekend, for one day only, on the 11th of December. During this time, players will spawn with a birthday cake and party hat in their inventories. What you decide to do with these items is up to you, but seeing as the cake is deliciously edible and also does a rock’s-worth of damage when thrown at your friend’s head, that might be a tough call. 

Gingerbread madness

Get ready to get spicy! This year’s winter holiday content includes a gingerbread tunnel that would give Hansel and Gretel the shudders. Not every feature is operational currently, but we believe players will enter the tunnels via a festive gingerbread house. A door within the small gingerbread house will teleport players into the gingerbread tunnels, where they will be assaulted with a festival of color and fructose. Admins can manually enable or disabled these Xmas Dungeons on their servers.

RUST Gingerbread Tunnels

The first thing players will notice is the elaborate detail of the tunnels–with crispy ginger biscuit flooring and sweet cakey walls, the tunnels are truly a visual treat. Glowing gumdrops light the halls and highlight the detail in the icing work. It’s quite a show-stopper.

RUST Gingerbread cookie NPCs
They aren’t as sweet as they look

The next thing players will unavoidably notice is the onslaught of gingerbread NPCs that will say hello. Players and cookie people alike can battle it out, using various cookie and candy debris to take cover behind for a battle over tasty loot. Like the Halloween tunnels, the gingerbread tunnels are filled with crates for players to loot. Loot tables are still being adjusted. Other goodies like the Advent Calendar will be present, too. Heh, present.

RUST Gingerbread tunnels endpoint with loot crate

Admins can manually enable or disable these Xmas Dungeons on their servers.

Festive monuments

In other places on RUST island, festive decorations and chilly features will be added to monuments. From garlands and tinsel to icicles and snowmen, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

RUST bandit camp vendors with festive decorations
Some vendors have gone all out this season

New items

A handful of new items will be released with the event:

Save these dates

  1. Rust’s 9th birthday – 11th of December all-day
  2. 2022 Christmas event – 15th of December @ 2pm EST
  3. Repulsion RaidSim Tournament – 10th of December @ 3pm EST

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next RUST update!

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