RUST Update 8th December 2023

10 years of Rust! | Rust Update 8th December 2023

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

Happy wipe day to all! RUST is officially 10 years old this month, and Facepunch wants us to help celebrate 10 Years of RUST with new content that honors the legacy that RUST has led. Several new items have been added to commemorate the occasion, and some are available for a limited time, so read on for the details on how you can get in on the festivities.

RUST’s anniversary and legacy items

We’ve been reading about and testing the legacy items on staging for a while, and now that the update is live, we can present the full details about them. Read on to learn how you can get the following legacy items:

  • Legacy Wood Shelter
  • Legacy Bow
  • Legacy Furnace
  • M4 Shotgun
  • Legacy Wood building skin

Legacy items are now available

You can get these items in a variety of ways. The legacy shelter is already available to use upon fresh spawn in the game–just collect the required 600 wood and find the default blueprint in your crafting menu to relieve the glory days. The placement of the shelter follows most of the same building rules as regular square or triangular foundations and building restrictions, too.

Next up is the Legacy Bow, a historically accurate portrayal of the first-ever bow model in the game. The bow is a skin for the Hunting Bow; ergo, it operates the same and has the same stats. This skin is only available for a short time on the limited item store, so if you have your eye on one, move quickly!

Then we have the Legacy Furnace, another skin that applies the legacy look and feel of the original item it skins. You can earn this skin just by playing the game for 3 or more hours. Once you’ve earned the skin, it’ll appear in your Steam inventory, just like any other playtime-based skins you’ve earned in the past. You can use the legacy furnace the same way you apply other skins–look for it in your skin collection when crafting a furnace, apply it at a repair bench, etc.

Getting your hands on an M4 Shotgun may be the trickiest of all. This powerful, non-craftable gun is allegedly only found as loot inside high-end loot crates and only rarely.

Lastly, the Legacy Wood building skin is the latest addition to the league of building skins available on the long-term item store. It is priced similarly to the other building skins and can be applied to wood building pieces.

New anniversary fun

RUST is now double digits, so we have to celebrate the right way. And by right way, I obviously mean the way any ten-year-old would have it–with tons of loud colors and merciless destruction of rainbow prize llamas. The confetti cannon is now available to craft as long as you’ve got 75 wood and 5 gunpowder on you. Just light the fuse and watch as rainbow confetti shoots out the other end.

Scrape together another 500 Wood, and you can keep the party going! Craft a pinata at a tier 1 workbench and deploy it to any ceiling, then destroy it using your weapon of choice. A randomized collection of goodies may fall from the pinata when destroyed, so keep playing to see what prizes you could earn.

Twitch Rivals is coming soon

From December 11th through the 15th, RUST’s 10th Anniversary edition of Twitch Rivals will be live. Cheer on your favorite teams to earn team-exclusive skins and generic drop skins, too. Plan your schedule now by visiting the event details page and make sure that your Twitch and Steam accounts are properly linked before the event goes live.

If you can’t wait until the 11th for a bit of Twitch fun, you can Support a Streamer right now through December 31st by subbing or gifting subs on any partner or affiliate channel that is streaming RUST. Your generous subs help the creator and earn you a Creator Computer Station skin for the Computer Station in-game item.

Christmas event update

This year’s seasonal content event will go live with an optional server and client update on December 16th at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST. This update will patch in the seasonal content from the previous Season’s Beatings! Events and bring in this year’s newly-added content.

Other features in this month’s content update

  • The painting system UI has had a massive overhaul! The feature list is huge, so please take a look at the patch notes to see all the improvements and new features if you are a RUST painter.
  • Server-side ragdolls are now live to improve ragdoll behavior. Server owners and admins can toggle this feature by setting the convar ‘serversideragdolls’ to false to restore previous functionality.
  • Oilrig radiation is now a live mechanic on the oilrigs to combat monument griefing. Radiation will now ensue 30 minutes after the hacked crate unlocks.
  • Industrial pipes have more color options available.
  • The attack range of ore harvesting tools has been increased, so players shouldn’t have to crouch to hit the minigame sparkle.
  • Sprinklers are now more water-efficient by 40%.
  • Fixed an issue where tugboats sometimes caused a large drop in FPS when coming into range.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to fall out of the hot air balloon..
  • Car lifts can be picked up when you aren’t using them.
  • Drones now display their ID when in your inventory.
  • Barren maps and hardcore mode were retired from official servers this month.
  • You can now revive a downed player with bandages.

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Video Transcript

Grunting, survivors, and Friends. Shadowfrax here with a roundup of the last big update of the year. As you should be very well aware by now, this month, Rust has been around for a whole 10 years—hard to believe, I know, but that’s how things go. For a few quick facts and a nice little timeline of its development, you can have a look at this month’s Dev blog Link in the description.

Also, as a result, we now have several throwback items to play around with, plus a couple of extra new fun distractions this month. There are a couple of changes to note: Legacy shelters at only 600 vood a pop are, I’d imagine, already being spammed everywhere you look on most servers. Because they’re not only useful as a starter Shack but can also be plopped down and run into at a moment’s notice, used as a quick respawn point, or can be used to secure areas. But what’s been your experience with them so far? Let me know down below, please.

As mentioned last week, whether they stay in the game is still subject to change depending on how much fun you’re having. Fortunately, they decay in 24 hours if the door remains unused, and they only have 500 health. Also, further to last week’s look around, you can’t remove the lock from the door anymore, and the feature of being able to loot stuff through the walls has been fixed.

The Legacy furnace will be a reward for anyone logging three-plus hours of play on Rust this month and should appear in your Steam inventory when you meet the criterion. It’s a bit bulkier than your standard furnace, but apart from that, it should cost and perform exactly the same.

Also, now a very rare drop, apparently the Legacy M4 shotty, should be available for you to find somewhere in the world in high-end loot crates. Then there’s the Legacy bow, which is not free and instead is £279 on the item store, only available this month, I believe, so grab it while you can.

The frontier building skin, now known as the Legacy Wood building skin, is in the store for £10.39, the same as most of the others, and will be available after this month, so don’t worry. Don’t ask me what those prices are in dollars; I only work in pounds.

So at the end of 2023, a particularly DLC Rich year, I must say—cough, cough—we are now standing at one wood-building skin, one metal, three stone, and no top tier. So, presumably, we’ll be getting one of those next year, depending on how much money can be made out of it.

But what will it be? Any ideas? Also, will we see some interior building skins eventually? Probably, the DLC wagon must keep rolling. Even more new items in a mote, Hapis is back, and a nightlight question mark?

So, in addition to everything else new this month, you can now craft a couple of other new items. First, a pinata for 500 wood, which is basically a craftable loot box, as destroying it will give you some random goodies. Here’s what I found in this one.

And a confetti cannon, which can be crafted and set off. And I must say, this is reminding me quite a bit of that mortar cannon still in concept limbo, which we may or may not ever see.

Quite a few changes and fixes this month also. And if you like to whip out your brushes, you’ll notice the painting UI has been upgraded and given a few new features, as you can see here, such as two new airbrush types, a Color Picker, brush-spacing, lighting toggle, and the ability to chat whilst painting. Plus, lots of other features, including convars, for those who want to streamline things even further. And you can pause here to read them if you like.

A quick roundup of all the other most important changes and fixes of note: Contact Shadows, i.e., grass and foliage stuff, has been improved if you ever used that option. You can see how and why here if you’re interested.

There are three new industrial pipe colors to choose from. Sprinklers will waste less water now, up to 40% saving…by Thor’s Hammer. Car lifts can now be picked up, or collecting tools have a slightly longer range, meaning you shouldn’t have to duck or crouch to harvest now. Hopefully.

You can revive players with bandages, and explosive ammo splash damage should work properly now. The oil rig radiation will now kick in half an hour after the hacked crate unlocks to stop players hanging around there. And the crate’s map marker will disappear when any item is removed from it because some of you were leaving a single item inside. Tut, tut.

The hardcore game mode is being retired on official servers this month, although it will still be on community. And the Baron map option is going completely. For more info, please see the dev blog.

And you can’t keep a good Hapis down, apparently. Not a million years after Hapis Island was retired, it is officially back on two official servers. Although, this is a community-made version based on the 2018 map and will only be officially hosted until March 2024. At least, that’s the current plan.

Supporter stream is on Twitch now, and you can earn a computer station skin for a measly two subscriptions. Details on the dev blog. You’ve also got Twitch Rivals from the 11th to the 15th of this month with an absolute ton of drops, all of which can be seen on the dev blog, too.

Player ragdolls have been completely overhauled this month. You can read all about it on the death blog. But the TL;DR of it is that they’ll no longer turn into Stretch Armstrong and will collide with vehicles properly instead of falling through.

Works in progress. And although the next big content drop won’t be happening until February now, there are a few things to look forward to.

The team is still working hard on Tutorial Island. There’s a metal detector in the works, as mentioned previously. There’s a backpack. And then there’s this single commit that popped up from Helk without much context this week. Although we’re told not to get too excited, I think seeing the words night and light in the same place is intriguing, though. We’ll try to find out more.

For everything else, please see the change log on the dev blog and watch out for a recap video from me looking at the past year and what may be to come in the near future. Also, what would you like to see in the game next year? Let me know below.

But from that, you are now officially up to date. Leave a comment, like, and sub if you enjoyed, and consider following me on Twitch, my socials, and my steam group, and support me on Patreon or via YouTube memberships. And super thanks; all links can be found below. I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty. Cheerio.

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