RUST Update 7th October 2022

RUST Update 7th October 2022

October roundup and DLC giveaway | Rust update 7th October 2022

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

Happy update to all! We hope your wipe is going well so far. The Lumberjack update is here and brought us a new skin DLC for the permanent item store: the Lumberjack DLC. The skins do not provide any stat or gathering bonuses (but they look really cool) and include the following 5 skins:

If this skin pack sounds like something you’d be in to, we’ve got a chance for you to win your own set.

And speaking of skins, RUST Twitch Drops is back with round 19, so friendly reminder to start earning towards those desired skins before time runs out. All 9 skins will become open to the category in the last 24 hours, but don’t wait until then if you can start now!

Furnace UI updates

Last month’s furnace UI updates garnered a lot of feedback from the community. In response to these concerns, the furnace UI has had several improvements that better communicate to players what is actually happening when their furnaces / ovens are running.

The ore/resource smelting rate is now indicated by vertical green progress bars that should give you an immediate idea of how much and how fast the production is within the furnace. In addition, all inputs now smelt simultaneously (more like the original implementation), a big transition from last month’s update which smelted only one input at a time. New icons have been added to inputs for extra clarity to indicate that a resource is currently being cooked or smelted.

Campfire and furnace effects

RUST’s iconic campfire model has been updated to reflect the current game’s graphics. The new model looks just like a little fire you might find scrapped together on a rocky beach or campsite. Additionally, new visual effects and lighting have been created for the campfire and other firelight-emitting deployables like the furnace, large furnace, cursed cauldron and fireplace. Fire effects should look better and perform better, too.

Updates for Hardcore Mode

After its initial launch last month, the Hardcore gamemode has received an update focusing on the Tech Tree research system. To keep the hardcore theme going, the Tech Tree will incur a scrap tax to make unlocking blueprints more difficult (time consuming). The cost to unlock blueprints in Hardcore mode is now the following:

  1. Tier 1: +20% additional scrap cost
  2. Tier 2: +40% additional scrap cost
  3. Tier 3: +60% additional scrap cost

Other highlights in this RUST update include:

  • The server browser search has had a large UI update
  • Search tags will now display all selected matches, rather than any match
  • Options menus now use dropdowns instead of sliders
  • The locomotive bell now makes a ding sound when you hit it
  • Option to cap frame rate when RUST is running in the background (tabbed out)
  • Fuel wagons now contain more low-grade fuel
  • Radio stations can now be added without client/server updates
  • Mandatory update on October 20th for new holiday content patch
  • Vending machine icons now cluster when in close proximity on map
  • The camper can now be looted from the outside once destroyed
  • Camper storage increased from 12 to 18 slots
  • Saddle bags increased from 6 to 12 slots
  • Modular car storage module increased from 18 to 48 slots
  • Fix for the chocolate bar item definition information

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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends; Shadowfrax here, and I know what you’re thinking. I wish I had your style, what with that traditional lumberjack welding mask and exoskeleton you’re wearing and those incredibly efficient-looking gathering tools you have there, you handsome devil you.


Well, 2 of you will ‘cos I’ve managed to secure a couple of the Lumberjack DLC packs to give away this week, and I’ll give you the details after I’ve updated you on everything new from this week’s patch.


In the meantime, if you’re enjoying my content, please leave a like and sub, as I’m trying to push to that magical half-mill now. And I appreciate your help in getting there. Also, a massive thank you to everyone who supports me on Patreon and with YouTube Memberships.


So, there are quite a few things we need to probe this week, but first, the Lumberjack DLC is here.. well I say DLC; it’s five reskins for the hazzy and some basic tools.. but they do look really nice.


There are absolutely no stat advantages to any of them this time which will make those of you who are against pay-to-win happy. And for those of you who like pay to winge, you’ll also be happy for the same reason. I dunno; when a skin gives a tangible advantage, a ton of people grumble, and when it doesn’t, there are all sorts of suggestions about why and how it should. The only winning move is not to play, I guess.


Anyway, these have all lumbered onto the store now for the paltry sum of 11 quid or whatever that is in your currency this afternoon, depending on the local bureau de change. Just wish there was a new chainsaw skin to go with it, but then I guess skins don’t grow on trees, do they? Also, why does my leg look like it’s broken in three places? Don’t know.

There were a few quality-of-life changes this month. The furnace UI is the main attraction.. with progress bars and everything smelting at once now. A number of issues relating to ores dropping out of furnaces when overfilling were fixed.


And a number of fx have now been updated for campfires (which also have a new model), furnaces, and cauldrons. These not only look more toasty but should perform better too.

And talking of toasty, getting too close to the large furnace is a bit ouchy now.


The server listing UI is greatly improved this month with checkbox (or check circle) filtering, plus there’s now a clear all filters button.. double plus, there are now drop-down boxes on options that have multiple.. options…


Fuel wagons now yield more low-grade fuel. Debris blockers are immune to explosives. There’s an option to limit FPS to 15 if Rust is in the background. That is assuming you get that much anyway; it might even give you a performance boost; who knows? And the painting screen got its first overhaul in donkey’s years, with a whole art shop’s worth of new colors. Oh yes, and the train now goes ding-ding.


After much feedback from the community regarding tech trees on Hardcore servers, even though many wanted them removed altogether from the game mode, it was decided to explore a tech tree tax first, so that’s now an extra 20% for t1, 40% for t2, and 60% for t3. But the research bench costs stay the same.


There are now bigger storage containers on cars, and campers and saddle bags have been increased to 12 slots but make the most of it because these are apparently being dialed back to 6. Because horses, but at least they won’t get their hooves stuck in ramps anymore.


Oh, that is a relief.


Zipline platform loot should be far more meaningful now, and clusters of vending machines on maps should now stand out more easily, having a green circle around them.


In other changes and fixes, camper modules can now be looted from outside after the vehicle has been knackered. There were fixes to not being able to pick up wooden signs and more work to stop those pesky trees from blocking zip lines. Maybe this is the real reason for releasing a lumberjack DLC? I’ll just walk the rest of the way, shall I?


Something that I’ll direct you to read on the devblog (or just pause here) is a section regarding EAC and Proton.. it acknowledges server performance issues since the release of the EAC EOS update on September 30th.. which is being worked on with hotfixes coming.. but it also goes into some detail regarding support for the steam deck, Linux and proton support.. and it’s worth reading if this affects you as it lays it all out pretty well.


Twitch drops for Streamer land are now active, and these are enabled for selected Spanish Twitch streamers. This will run until Oct 12th. And Charitable Rust is rolling around again for this year on November 19th and 20th, which looks to be bigger and better than ever and is this time raising money for World Central Kitchen.


In works in progress, I still don’t have any new visuals for any of those things I’ve mentioned that are being worked on yet, including the new caboose with blackjack game, pets, the nexus system, and ferry terminal, handcars, or the nuclear missile silo. I will show you when I can.

But there are some new bits of information regarding the industrial branch, which, as you may remember me mumbling about, is a new batch of work focusing on automatic crafting and allowing us to join various things together to do so. We know already there will be a workbench attachment for this, but according to the latest commits, there will be conveyors with a filtering system that can specify up to 5 items at this stage that it will allow to pass and that we’ll be able to connect vending machines and drop boxes to the system.


This is all still a long way off and SUBJECT TO CHANGE, but when it does hit, it’s going to be very interesting indeed…


Oh, and sorry, I meant to do this last week. But I was rather busy, so here are the results of the experiment. And it looks like it’s gone the other way. Which is actually good because that means more new people are seeing me. So hello! I’m not grumbling; by the way, this is actually pretty good.


Anyway, let’s celebrate, shall we, with a giveaway. You’ll find a link below to enter, and on Sunday this week, I’ll draw two winners randomly to each receive a copy of the new Lumberjack DLC.. after that, look out for an email from my official address as listed on my socials.. and check your spam folders. All the best!


You are now officially up to date, so leave a like and a comment on this month’s patch; please, down below, come and join me on Twitch and Twitter. Facebook, Discord, and my Steeeeam group, and you can support me directly on Patreon, with YouTube memberships, or via my merch store; links will all be below, and I shall catch you soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay rusty, cheerio.

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