RUST Update 7th May 2021

HDRP backport merged, new solar panel model | Rust Update 7th May 2021

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

Happy monthly update to all! This month’s update, the World Revamp Update, was packed with exciting fixes, additions, and upgrades. We have officially merged the HDRP backport art branch, so RUST is now permanently ‘Pretty RUST’! Most natural features of the game received a gorgeous re-texturing and new prefabs. This massive graphical update also brought with it a complete revamp of a small handful of monuments, primarily the Junkyard, the Satellite Dishes, and the Oil Dome/Globe.

The Junkyard received a re-design in order to house the new Magnetic Crane and Shredder–a lovely new big brother to the recycler, but able to crunch up old cars and vehicles that were no longer (never) needed in exchange for some scrap.  The recyclers at these monuments have been moved to new locations and the Bandit Camp received a second recycler inside the dredge!

In other news, being that this is a regular monthly update, another round of Twitch drops has gone live! Find all of the current drops that you can earn for Round 8 here and get yourself a nifty ninja suit today!

Here are some of the highlights of the update:

  • HDRP art backport has been merged with the release branch
  • Bandit Camp received performance upgrades to improve FPS and added a second recycler
  • Overhaul of the Junkyard monument in order to make way for the crane and shredder
  • The magnet crane will rapidly decay and blow up should you drive it outside the junkyard
  • Foundations will displace (remove) bushes now
  • NVidia Reflex is now available for RUST
  • Gestures now work when mounted
  • Work on gib pooling has merged
  • Hapis Island is temporarily removed until the backport art can be applied to it
  • Round 8 of Twitch drops have gone live with the monthly update
  • A handful of bug fixes for the poker minigame
  • Work on animal AI is still ongoing

And with that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends; Shadowfrax here with a recap for you of everything in this month’s big patch to Rust, and well, the TEAM have done it again, it seems. Another month and another monthly patch, which of course, unless you’ve been hiding inside Bradley during the pandemic, you’ll know this month is all about the HDRP backport. Which isn’t actually HDRP but is a backport, meaning a big visual overhaul to feast your peepers on. Just waiting for all the future comments about how much better 2020 Rust looked ree.


Now I have, of course, covered this in detail over the last couple of months, so for more information, please rewatch those vids. But to give a quick recap, there have been visual changes to virtually everything natural. Procedural generation has been tweaked to infinity, monuments have changed a lot, some more than others, and cliffs are completely new, including a free optical illusion which is quite clever, really. You may find some areas that look climbable but aren’t; this will be addressed in the next patch, I’m told, but in the meantime, Facepunch are offering free replacement spacebars, link in the description if you want to claim.


A couple of the biggest monument changes are as follows. Firstly, the bandit camp has received a bit of an initial performance boost with a number of tweaks. I went into exactly what changed last week, but as well as being less likely to peel your potato, it’s important to note that there’s now an extra recycler here.


The biggest monument change, though, has to be a total re-haul of the junkyard, which includes a crane and shredder MINIGAME. Seriously it’s just like being at the seaside, except this crane picks things up reliably, and you get to destroy the prizes.


This setup is now fully functional, so here are a few new facts you need to absorb into your brain sac. Firstly you’ll need fuel to run it, so bring some. The crane also has headlights that are bound to ‘F.’ You can drive it around, pick up and shred both junk cars that spawn here and any modular ones that you bring to the yard.. the materials you get in return depending on which modules are attached.. and which are of course all SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


Please note: you can only scrap cars, no other vehicles, not helis, nor boats nor nothing. Also, this should work but doesn’t. Although, there are plenty of opportunities for industrial accidents here if you’re not careful.


Just like in the real world, magnet cranes are very delicate; this one only has 500 hp and will automatically and rapidly receive damage if you take it beyond the great seal. See, I told you they’d nerf that. Also, cranes will respawn 5-10 mins after being destroyed.


On to other changes. Foundations now cause bush displacement, well, removal as they will be gone forever but will respawn somewhere else, meaning there will always be the same number of bushes on a server. I guess depending on how many bases there are; some areas could end up very bushy indeed.


Nvidia reflex now works with Rust, you can enable it in the options menu, and this means if you have a GTX 900 series card or newer, you could get up to a 38% reduction in input latency. Wow, pay to win.


Gestures now work while mounted–nice. Being able to see player alt-look head movement is back, rainbows have been disabled, at least until the visuals can be sorted out a bit better. And the gib pooling work I spoke about before was merged, which should help performance a bit but probably nothing noticeable.


There was a whole deck of poker fixes, a few hitch and trough improvements which I went into in a previous vid. And as mentioned last week, the Hapis island map is temporarily being removed but will be back after it’s had a facelift to bring it up to the new backport standard, this should take a few weeks, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait.


Also, this week sees the introduction of a new wave of Twitch drops, and I’ll leave a link to the page for you below. The Console edition is due to launch later this month, on May 21st. And also, later this month, details of a Community map-making contest will be announced; good to see some official encouragement for this type of thing.


In works in progress, there’s still tons of work going on with the new AI, which is also tied in with the new animal models.. so I expect these will be hitting at the same time whenever that will be. There was a fix for players keeping their eyes open and blinking while asleep, which is never not creepy.


This commit made me far more excited than it had any right to, but as I like making spaghetti junctions with the electrical system, I’m very pleased to see that we’ll be able to color-code our cables.


And lastly, a new prefab is being worked on for the solar panel to make it fit in with everything else. This is, of course, purely visual, and therefore, everything else about it is not SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


Right, well, that’s all I’ve got for you today; leave me a comment and let me know how you’re getting on, either in-game or just in general; I don’t mind. Like and subscribe, please but that goes without saying, and why not follow me on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and my Steam group because it’ll make you feel good.. also if you feel like supporting me even more directly, you can do so via Patreon or my Merch store.. all the links are down below. I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay rusty, cheerio.

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