RUST Update 6th October 2023

Rail link and tutorial first look! | Rust Update 6th October 2023

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Happy wipe day! I hope everyone’s October wipe is off to a great start. The Solid Foundations update for RUST is a bit low-key as far as content updates are concerned, but this is quite okay after the deluge of features we got from September’s update. Let’s look at some of the changes and key quality-of-life improvements that made it into this month’s patch.

Auto turrets get a nerf?

Whether you call it a nerf or an improvement, “Turret Interference” will change players’ approach to setting up their base’s turret defense system. With this new system, players will not be limited by the number of deployed turrets they can have but by the number of active turrets at any given time within a radius. Vanilla default settings limit this radius to 40m and limit the active turrets within this radius to 12. Server owners can change these settings for their own servers using the following convars:

Turret Interference convars

  • sentry.maxinterference – This sets the maximum number of turrets allowed to be active in a radius.
  • sentry.interferenceradius – This variable changes the size of the turret interference radius.

Homing Missile Launcher now has ADS

The Homing Missile Launcher and its accompanying Homing Missile ammo type launched with last month’s update. As cool as this new weapon was, aiming the thing was extremely difficult, and keeping the missile locked onto the target after firing was even more challenging. With this month’s update, the attached scoping system is now operational and improves targeting.

Tugboat respawn changes

Tugboats allow players to have mobile respawn points thanks to the ability to deploy beds and sleeping bags. However, this meant that players could also respawn in areas that weren’t meant for respawning, such as monument radiuses. With this month’s patch, Tugboats will now determine if they are in a no-spawn area and prevent players from respawning on deployed bags.

Charitable RUST is coming

Every year, the team at Rustafied works tirelessly to put together the Charitable RUST event to benefit charity. This year, the community will be supporting Charity Water, an organization committed to providing clean, safe drinking water for those without access to it. You can help support this life-saving charity by making a donation, or buying limited time Charitable RUST skins from the item store when they become available. Proceeds from the skin sales will also go to Charity Water.

logo for the Charity Water non-profit organization

October dates to remember

October is a busy month for the community! Keep these dates on your radar:

  • Charitable Rust 2023 event – October 14-15, the main event
  • Twitch Drops – October 12th – 19th; watch any drops-enabled RUST streamer to earn drops.
  • Charity Store Items – October 12th – 19th; these limited-time skins are account-bound, and proceeds go to charity.
  • RUST’s Halloween Event – October 23rd @ 2pm EST / 11am PST; a mandatory server and client update will be released to enable this year’s Halloween content.

Other changes in this week’s RUST Update

  • The Brutalist Stone skin is now available on the permanent item store
  • SMGs have had a reduction in aim cone size, allowing more shots to be centered during sustained fire.
  • MP5s had a buff to damage and a slight reduction in bullet drop.
  • Slight brightness increase to the underwater environment
  • The crafting radius of workbenches has been increased
  • Small batteries got a buff with a higher capacity and more power output
  • Tool cupboard UI layout improvements
  • Vending machine locations can now be toggled on the map
  • There is now a higher chance of bad weather occurring
  • Water catchers now fill faster with rain, even faster with storms
  • Global Networked Bases are back for another go after bugs have been addressed
  • Global Networked Bases are still disabled by default, but can be enabled via the Global Rendering option under the Graphics tab in Settings.
  • ‘Use Cache’ option now available for fast server resolution on the Server Browser
  • First glimpses of Tutorial Island depict a series of tasks and missions to help new players get a feel for the game


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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends; this is going to be a short roundup video today as I have a couple of special missions to do. But I do have some exclusive images and footage of the new rail network link-up and tutorial island.. so stay tuned for that!


But first, a lightning roundup of what’s new in this month’s patch to Rust.


The Brutalist building skin, as shown in depth last week, and that’s now a stone skin, is in the store; it costs the same as the brick and is perfect for those looking for that post-war Britain slash Eastern Bloc aesthetic.


Turrets got a surprise change this month, mainly to prevent players from having too much fun– I mean to mitigate their abuse by limiting you to only having 12 active at any one time within a 40-meter radius. You can still place more than this; you’ll just have to rig up some electrics to turn them on and off as needed. Also, you can still manually take control of a turret that’s disabled. And server owners, please take note of these two convars for adjusting the numbers.


SMGs were SUBJECT TO CHANGE and have been buffed, namely, aim cone reduced, more damage, less bullet drop, burst mode improved, more accurate, less recoil, wow.


Also, a surprise change: the weather is getting worse in Rust. So realistic! Rain, storms, and thick fog are going to be happening more frequently, but as a bonus, water catchers will fill up much quicker in rainy weather.


As mentioned before, the homing missile launcher now has ADS with a scope to help stay on target.


The TC has a new layout with space for more tools, and it’s all on the same screen.


You can toggle vending machines on the map.. small batteries have a higher capacity and output more power. It’s slightly brighter underwater; you can’t respawn on a tug if you are too close to a water monument like the oil rigs.. and workbenches can now be crafted with from slightly farther away.


The global networked bases setting has been re-activated after the bugs were squashed, hopefully, but it’s still experimental, so it will be off by default for now.


Also off by default is the cached browser setting, which, if you don’t like waiting for server lists to load, you can turn on now…


And in this week’s Rust insights on the devblog, you can see a lot of vital info, such as that 80% of players are in a TEAM.. not surprising, really.. and the least repaired item was a snow machine, closely followed by beds, cooked chicken and a couple of sardines.


Oh yes, and charitable Rust + associated Twitch drops are coming up next week.


For a full list of other small changes and tweaks, you can pause here or visit the devblog.


On to works in progress now, and as promised, here are two upcoming things to look forward to. First, the rail network link, which, as you can see, is coming along nicely.. the idea is to finally allow you to take trains to and from both the above and below-ground networks and go wherever you please.. this should allow for all sorts of fun.. and as you can see here, there are going to be new tunnel entrances to link both up.


Also, as mentioned lots of times recently, an optional tutorial to gently break new players into the horrors, I mean, wonders of Rust, is being worked on, and here is a little bit of extremely placeholdery and rough footage to give you an idea of how this is going to work. It should be broken up into a number of missions that will guide noobs through the basics and allow them to hit the ground running, as it were.. most likely running AWAY from something.. but they’ll be running at least.


Both of these are extremely work-in-progress and subject to, you know what.. so don’t take anything here as final; as for eta.. rail networks should be coming in sometime this month for testing, and the tutorial is probably going to be later, but hopefully, still this year.


Right, that’s it, must dash! Let me know your thoughts, like and subscribe, follow me on all my other socials links below, and if you appreciate my work here, then you can support me with super thanks, YouTube memberships, and on Patreon.. in the meantime, keep calm and stay rusty, cheerio!



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