RUST Update 5th May 2023

F15 flybys and Bradley patrols | Rust Update 5th May 2023

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

Happy Wipe Day to all! May’s RUST update went off with a bang as Facepunch dropped the R.U.S.T. update. The new Nuclear Missile Silo monument was introduced, along with a healthy helping of lore to go along with it. And the first installation of a series of DLC for building skins went live with this update, too. The Adobe building skin pack is now available for purchase in the general in-game store for those interested.

New monument: Nuclear Missile Silo

First up is the elephant in the room: the Nuclear Missile Silo monument. We’ve been watching the commits for this monument for quite a while, and now it’s been pushed to release for everyone to enjoy. It may look simplistic from the surface, but there’s quite a bit going on under the hatch that can throw players off if they aren’t properly prepared. Our team put together an extensive guide on the Nuclear Missile Silo if you want to prepare for the descent. Check it out if you think you’re ready.

Wipe Event

The addition of the Missile Silo comes arm-in-arm with the introduction of the wipe event–led by the countdown timer on the silo’s laptop. As the timer approaches zero, NPC activity on the server increases, eventually including bombing runs and infantry patrols. We aren’t sure yet if players are meant to survive these waves of NPC attacks, but it makes sense to be ready to load up a boat to GTFO the island by the time the wipe reaches this point. Only time will tell.

Twitch Rivals is back.

Twitch Rivals is back for round 3 beginning May 16th and extending until May 20th. During this time, viewers can earn Twitch Drops exclusive to the event by watching and claiming their drops while enjoying intense competition by 160 RUST content creators. 

Twitch Rivals RUST Round 3

Other changes in this RUST Update

  • Flashbangs have been updated to affect all scientists, not peacekeepers or guards
  • The recycler now animates grinding rotors and jiggles a bit when turned on 🙂
  • A menu option has been added to toggle steam nicknames
  • Players can now admire the RF transmitter view model
  • Egg suit durability has been buffed from 20 to 80
  • Fix for the elevator clipping into the world layer
  • Fix for cargo ship exploit
  • Fix for stashes sometimes disappearing on deployment
  • Fix for being kicked when dragging water out of a container
  • Players can no longer disable workshop skins in their settings
  • Green military crates no longer spawn on zipline power lines
  • Several modifications to viewing CCTV feeds on RUST+ have been made to combat 3rd party bot abuse
  • New world models added for various ammo types
  • MP5 and Thompson guns have had a buff to accuracy


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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here with a full roundup for May’s patch to Repopulation Unit Survival Test or “Rust,” as you used to know it. Of course, it could have stood for all sorts of things, and you lot came up with some great alternatives that I’ll read out a bit later, along with another round of psychoanalysis via some more Rust metrics.


But first:


May the 4th was with us yesterday, and with it arrived the R.U.S.T. update. Adding an all-new monument to reduce the build space further in return for a whole silo full of loot, some extra insights into the lore, and, just like quadruple-ply quilted bog roll, a more satisfying way to wipe.


For a more detailed look at the monument, please see my vid from last week, as not much has changed, but in short, a big hatch at the surface, when opened, will lead you down into the radioactive silo containing a huge ICBM and a lot more besides.. just remember that unless you have a man on the outside, you can’t come back this way so come prepared.


It’s a fairly linear monument, technically just one long corridor with rooms off to the side until you get to the end, but those rooms are full of loot and are guarded by a new flavor of night vision scientist who takes great exception to you disturbing their experiments and will try to kill you instantly in the name of science. They really should have better security on the way in if they’re that bothered.


These chaps have more health than normal scientists, along with better gear and loot, but they are more affected by flashbangs thanks to the night vision, and as of this patch, flashbangs now work on all scientists except peacekeepers and guards.


As previously mentioned, the main purpose of this monument involves the whole wipe mechanic thing, and here at the bottom, you’ll find a laptop with a countdown, and I’m rather disappointed that it doesn’t say “then is whip” or something similar.


When it reaches zero, it keeps going, but assuming you wipe the server on time (which is something you currently have to do manually), then the needle returns to the start of the song, and we all sing along like before. Server owners can set their own wipe schedules for the timer to run off of or even a specific UNIX timestamp, and you’ll find a link to the destructions in the description of this vid.


Although there is no actual pyrotechnics involved at the end of a wipe yet, everything concludes with a whimper rather than a bang. That’s not to say it never will. A big bang cinematic branch is being worked on, which I believe will be an in-game thing. Not sure at the moment. I guess that’s SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


As the timer enters its final 24 hours, though, NPC activity on the server will ramp up, I guess because they all want to be close to the blast for “science.” And so all three people left on the server at this point will witness a number of Bradleys starting to patrol the road and trail network and be treated to flybys from F15s, although don’t look at them too close up will you, they’re more Spud Gun than Top Gun.


This is a work-in-progress feature, and future events will also include infantry patrols, bombing runs, and “more”.. Mutant chicken attacks, hopefully.. but watch this space, and I’ll tell you when I find out.


Now I love what the TEAM has done here, and this is all fabulous for the lore, of course, but a part of me thinks the wind down isn’t going to be properly enjoyed by the majority. If I was in charge of Rust (and you should be very glad that I’m not), then I’d be tempted to put the Bradley and bombing run shenanigans, etc., at the beginning of a wipe instead, where they would be more appreciated and add to the initial challenge of trying to get a foothold on the island rather than the later challenge of just trying to stay awake. But why not let me know what you think in the comments below?


Oh, and I’d also like to see a mechanic whereby we could survive the wipe with whatever loot we have in our inventory by hiding in a fridge just before the timer runs out.

In other news, Thompsons and MP5s have been buffed as far as their accuracy is concerned, with a higher chance to land center hits during extended automatic fire and Thompsons being more predictable. Further adjustments may come in the following months.


The first new building skin is in the store now, and as I showcased last week, this adds an Adobe option for the stone tier. It was interesting to see what your expectations and hopes were for the price point, and I can see now that in the UK, it costs £10.39, which equates to about $13 US money. It is rather good, though, and a lot of work has gone into it, but let me know what you think as mentioned last week, there are more skin sets on the way, including legacy wood, brick, shipping container, and brutalist.


There are new world models for ammo because it’s just not safe to store bullets in bags, and recyclers are now animated when they’re doing their thing.


You can now admire the RF transmitter.. ooh yes.


This a reminder that skins can no longer be disabled as of this patch, so if someone wants to dress like they had a fight with a charity shop and lost, then you have to see it, and any skins with perceived visual benefits can no longer be negated by the beholder. This, of course, swings both ways, and I’m not involving myself with it apart from being the messenger, of course.


Viewing CCTV in Rust+ got nerfed somewhat. You can’t watch static cameras from it now, such as on oil rigs. You won’t see players or nametags from as far away through cameras about 30 meters instead of 100 now, and you’ll only be able to view cameras from it when not connected to the server. Additionally, crate and explosion map markers won’t be sent to Rust+.


There’s a full explanation about this and the associated convars for server owners on the devblog.


And green military crates have been removed from powerlines.


Another round of Twitch rivals and drop is coming up on May 16th, and several official hardcore servers are being retired due to low player activity, with improvements being considered for both hard and softcore game modes in the coming months.


Apart from this, there was a load of other tweaks and fixes that you’ll find the details of on the devblog.


Also worth noting on the devblog this month is another round of gameplay analytics, now one month in with pie charts showing damage per gun, top player trades, how Aks are born, and the top loot sources, also the total eyewatering amount of items across just 50 Facepunch servers.


Hopefully, all this info will enable the TEAM to identify where you’re having a bit too much fun and adjust things accordingly in the coming months.


Now you chaps had some great ideas about what RUST should actually stand for last week, and to pick a few that amused me, “Repetitively Under Stress but Thriving, “Repeat Until Sanity Tested,” “Raid Until See TC,” “Really unstable server technology,” “reeing until sore throat,” “rock usage secures treasure,” “rambunctious unsupervised stranded traitors,” “random unhinged salty teenagers,” “really unfun, see ya tomorrow,” “Remarkably unplayable since 2018” I think that’s one of my favorites, although legacy was a lot earlier than that.. and “R U subscribed to Shadowfrax.”


Well, are you? Why not now while you’re thinking about it? And leave me a like, please, if you enjoyed this vid. Don’t forget you can catch me in other places such as Twitch and various socials; all the links are below, and thank you once more to all my amazing supporters!


I shall catch you all very soon, but in the meantime, you know the drill, keep calm and stay Rusty, cheerio.

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