RUST Update 5th April 2024

New flamethrowers and April patch roundup RUST Update 5th April 2024

Happy Wipe Day to all! April’s patch is here and there’s so much to talk about in this patch that we’ll skip the chit chat and get straight to it.

Harbor rework and Cargo Ship event

This month’s update is well-named the Waves of Change update, given the many major changes we received to several systems and events that are at the core of the game. But also, there are many water-based changes.

The biggest surprise (if we hadn’t been buzzing about it the past couple of weeks!) is the evolution of the Cargo Ship event. For better or worse, the cargo ship has done its thing for over five years since it was released back in 2018. With this update, cargo finally comes in for a rest at one of the harbors where new containers can be loaded, and the crew can get a much-needed restroom break.

To accommodate the cargo ship, both large and small harbors have been overhauled to create a loading dock complete with a working crane. Part of this harbor update has forced the relocation of the tugboat spawns; check out the Pier Area sections in our Large Harbor and Small Harbor guides for visuals on their spawn points.

Once the cargo ship is docked at a harbor, working cranes will begin loading containers onto the ship’s deck. During this time, players can board the ship in various ways, including hiding in the containers while loading. But be weary, the ships horn will go off one minute before it departs, so unless you’re keen on heading out to sea, you may want to hurry and disembark.

Bradley gets passengers

The Bradley tank will now start carrying scientists. Once players get Bradley’s health to around half, scientists will exit the tank and defend it from the attacking players, adding a bit more variety to the event. This goes for the Launch site Bradley and the patrolling Bradley at the end of the wipe.

Oilrigs get a lift

As mentioned in the last update, both oil rigs have been given some consideration to change up their gameplay. A new moonpool entrance has been added to give players another option for getting inside the rig. Players would enter the underwater moonpool and ascend a long saturation tube to enter inside the belly of the rig. New CCTV desks have been added so players can determine whether to enter the deck or scuttle back to the moonpool.

Some new items have found their way into the game

Rust gets a Minigun

RUST Minigun

This beastly gun is the latest addition to the extensive arsenal available to players. Although it is a small one, players can get their sticky hands on one of these high-damage weapons by dispatching Heavy Scientists and looting one or finding one in elite crates. Miniguns pack a high rate of fire, but players will be slowed while firing, so keep that in mind when jumping out of the bushes to break up a party.

Military Flame Thrower

RUST Military Flamethrower

Like the original Flame Thrower but with more oomph. This upgraded version only drops from Heavy Scientists on rare occasions but is well worth the effort to acquire. The Military Flame Thrower dishes out twice the damage up to 12 meters away, just the thing for creating a comfortable, safe zone bubble around you.

Retro Tool Cupboard

Retro Tool cupboard for RUST

It’s a monumental time for the TC as it becomes a skinnable item and receives its first-ever skin. The Retro Tool Cupboard is a premium skin for the tool cupboard that players can find in the Permanent RUST Item store. In addition to looking amazing, the old-school CRT screens provide data readouts about various features of the tool cupboard and its building influence. But don’t worry; only authorized players can see this data.

Patrol Heli learns some new tricks

One of the oldest events in the game, the Patrol Helicopter, was due for some upgrades. Various fixes and upgrades have been made to improve the challenge and fun of taking Heli down. Some long-standing bugs have been fixed like getting stuck on things, exploding over water, and disappearing mid-flight.

  • Aggro Zones: Heli is now a bit like Santa: it’s making a list of all the players that damaged it and prioritizing them for deletion. Invisible aggro zones will be generated or updated when Heli takes damage from players. When a player damages it, Heli adjusts the score of that zone, meaning the more players hitting it from the same zone, the higher the score Heli tallies against that zone. The higher the score a zone has, the more likely Heli will target it.
  • No-Go Zones: Heli does not like too much damage too fast, and if a player or group damages it too quickly, Heli will fly off and mark that area as a No-Go zone. The intent is to prevent Heli’s monopolization and encourage map movement and PvP play.
  • Strafing Changes: Heli’s attack patterns are now more dynamic vs the predictable attack patterns we’ve known for so long. A new attack phase has been implemented for extra fun! So enjoy that 🙂

Electrical system upgrades

Many electrical components have been updated to eliminate power draw from the electrical system when they are in use. All logic gates have eliminated their power requirements to encourage creative circuits without incurring expensive electrical costs.

The power savings were improved further by bug fixes that addressed unintended power drains including:

  • Unpowered components can no longer drain power.
  • Electrical Branches will no longer drain power if nothing is connected to its power out.
  • Auxiliary inputs/outputs will no longer drain power without reason.
  • OR Switch will no longer set Active Usage to both connected power sources, just the source with the highest power.

Components will now lock their orientation with the wall instead of how the player is facing. Holding the Left Shift key will allow you to snap components with other wall components. The intent is to clean up complex circuits and make the electrical deployment process a bit easier on the circuit designer.

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Thanks for reading, and see you in the next RUST update!

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here with your regular datablast of all things PC master race Rust related, and today we have a new toy and remote barbequeing solution.. And I’ll tell you how you get hold of it..

But first! A catch-up of everything you need to know about the latest patch which dropped yesterday as of speaking these words, and there’s quite a bit of new info to go through so pin your ears back and listen up.

As mentioned in the last couple of vids, the cargo ship now docks at the freshly reworked harbors. It’ll dock at the closest one to wherever it spawns and only that one. Staying there for roughly 10 minutes whilst some fresh cargo is loaded.. cargo which, if you’re on time, can include you as it’s possible to open and hide inside the containers.

That’s one way aboard, but you’ll also notice some other methods, such as jumping directly on or from the 4 new doors that have been added on each side of the ship above the water line. A couple of extra things to note: Once the ship starts to dock, the bridge swings out the way, and the far side of the harbor becomes cut off, so get there in plenty of time. The ship will sound its horn 60 seconds before departing to give you a cue on when to get a move on.

By default, the Cargo Ship replenishes it’s loot every 10 minutes – up to 3 times. Aqnd when the ship docks at the harbour, it will attempt to trigger one of those loot refreshes – although if all three have already happened, it will be unable to spawn any more loot.

All in all, this should turn what was traditionally a fairly sedate monument into one typified by long periods of sedateness interspersed with short bursts of extreme violence. A bit like cricket.

Cargo ships aren’t the only thing getting new entrances.. as mentioned before, both oil rigs now have new ways to counter with moonpools on both connected to sat tubes that can be climbed to level 3 and an extra lower entrance on the large one. Not only but also, both rigs now have brand new dedicated CCTV station models here, which, despite the signs, seem to be working OK, and I’m told the intention is to add these stations to other monuments in the future.

In last week’s video, I showed off the new minigun, and this was met with mixed reviews. But as I said, it was SUBJECT TO CHANGE, so listen up, and I will reveal all, not like that… This now is a weapon you’ll see in the hands of thicc scientists and can be obtained as a VERY rare drop from said thicc scientists and in elite and hackable crates. I don’t have all the % chance stats, but I’m told it’s about an 8-10% chance to find one in a hackable.

They can hold 300 rounds of 5.56, which equates to about 30 seconds of continuous fire. But to reload and unload one, you need to be close to a tier 2 workbench.

Considering the rate of fire, I’d say the accuracy at range is still really good.. but they do now have a fair amount of recoil, and here’s how that looks. Also to note is that you need to hold down the right mouse button for a couple of seconds first to spin it up and keep it held down whilst firing; there’s no ADS, of course, and your movement is slowed when firing, so no running and.. minigunning.. and that just having it spinning without firing will also degrade it.

You’ll notice it comes with an ammo backpack.. but this is purely cosmetic, only shows when the weapon is equipped, doesn’t take up your backpack slot, and if you’re wearing a backpack or chute then that will show on you instead. Interestingly though, unlike other weapons, it won’t show on your body if you have it in your inventory but not equipped, even if it’s the only weapon you have.. I imagine this will change, so make the most of it.

Also to be experienced in this patch are Thicc scientists with new military flamethrowers. I’m told you’ll only get these as a drop from these scientists, and the chance is about 10%. These are, in all respects, an upgrade to the basic model, with 50 more capacity, a longer range, and greater damage, as demonstrated on these bears. NPCs were harmed in this experiment.

Flamethrowers are also now more effective in general.

There’s a new tool cupboard skin in town, actually the first of its kind.. costing 8 quid or about 10 dollars.. it doesn’t just look pretty but also as long as you are authed on it, shows you info on screens about upkeep, tool cupboard inventory and the number of blocks and doors in the base. Oh and despite looks it doesn’t require power.

The patrol heli has had a whole range of improvements to its behavior. You can read all the details in the blog or pause here.. but to summarise, its attack pattern has been randomized.. including rocket amount, drop-off distance, and turn speed. There’s a new FUN attack phase where it pummels you from all directions with rockets.

And a new zones feature has been introduced which will determine where the heli sticks around or moves on from and it will also prioritise people who are attacking it, which should prevent your house randomly being blasted.. In addition probably the biggest change is that of no-go zones…

And to quote: When a zone performs enough damage to a heli too quickly, then that zone is marked as a no-go zone. The Heli will flee the area and attempt to avoid it as best as it can. This is to encourage it to get out of areas that are going to kill it too quickly. Encouraging bigger groups to chase, build defenses as they go and bring more PVP to the whole map.

Let me know what you think to this change down below please! Oh and there are a couple of new convars to take note of for server owners here.

A big QOL update for electricians is here.. And to recap: All logic gates, switches, buttons.. and any intermediate components really have had their power requirements stripped.. It’s only active things like lights, sensors, turrets etc that have power needs now and this comes with a lot of bug fixes that should bring an end to unnecessary battery drainage too.

Also, the deployment guides should match the location of all deployed electrical components now. They won’t rotate on walls based on your view angle, and you can align them to others by holding the left shift when deploying. More improvements are coming down the wire, and in the future, there will be reworks and extended functionality for some components.

I know how you all love anti-cheat! I mentioned this in last week’s video, but there’s a more detailed write-up on the blog, which you might want to read. The TL;DR of it is that more is being done lately. More TEAM resources are being put into combating the issue, and one highlight is that some info leaks have been plugged such as tool cupboard and turret auth lists and the locations of buried stashes. I mean, someone has probably already found a way around this, but such is the eternal struggle. Anyway, read the blog for more info.

Bradley now has 4 scientists on board that will spill out in a cloud of smoke to defend it when it gets below a certain amount of health.. This applies to launch site and roaming versions..

In other changes, seeds now have proper world models in the form of burlap sacks with the contents written on the outside. And finally, mushrooms have their own world models; what a time to be alive.

Server DNS support was added for server owners.. pause here to read..

And an experimental option has been added to the server browser for ping estimation, and this is to provide some clarity when it comes to fake pings, which can come from certain forms of DDoS protection.. it takes a few seconds to estimate things when checked, and this is subject to tweaking to make sure these are accurate, but every little helps eh.

Right, that’s the main news sorted out.. please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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