RUST Update 4th March 2022

March update roundup | Rust update 4th March 2022

Happy update to all! The March 2022 RUST Update brought us many changes, fixes, and upgrades to enjoy this month.

Improvements to monument lighting

First off, monument lighting has had a makeover to improve the visuals and add a more profound atmosphere to older monuments’ interiors. These improvements include darkening some of the interiors to prevent them from becoming too bright during the day, resulting in more dramatic, darker night time exploration. New lights and lighting effects were also added.

These changes should help the monument scenes feel more realistic and updated with more-recent monument art styles. Plus, players will have more reason to explore at night now that the night vision goggles have been fixed after a bug specific to procgen maps was discovered and fixed.

Missing world models added

A handful of world models using the default burlap sack have newly-created assets. All tiers of teas, potatoes, apples, medkits, cactus flesh, beans, and tuna now have world model assets instead of the burlap sack model. The burlap sack itself was even remodeled, so enjoy the new details as these new models are all live in-game.

Magnet Crane makeover

The junkyard magnet crane has undergone a series of bug fixes and improvements that will, hopefully, make this feature more appealing to players. Various buggy animations have been fixed and smoothed out to make the crane’s movements look more natural and function more smoothly. 

Fuel consumption was rebalanced to make crane operation much cheaper and more realistic to its performing tasks. This way, players can practice their crane operation skills without going fuel-broke so quickly on vanilla servers.

Other highlights in this RUST update include:

  • Monument lighting has been upgraded with realistic darkness and lighting effects
  • A new RUST Official Soundtrack has been released with this update; get it on Steam and other streaming platforms
  • Improvements to player mesh visuals when using vehicles like cars and Snowmobiles
  • Lots of magnet crane cleanup and fuel consumption rate changes
  • Snowmobile clean up, including animation and sound improvements
  • Lots of missing world models have newly added assets
  • The phantom footstep bug may finally be fixed!
  • Alt look now restricts how far up a player can look with alt look when facing downward
  • Large furnaces now provide comfort and heat when they are running
  • Monument loot will no longer spawn when a player is within 2 meters of the respawn point
  • Cars now decay 4x slower when left outside
  • Water catchers and water barrels now have decay, along with a collection of other IO entities
  • An erroneous volume added to moonpools was discovered to cause night vision goggle blow out on procgen maps and is now fixed
  • The loading screen has had an overhaul and shows more server stats and details
  • Server browser tag filtering has been added to help players search for their intended server type
  • Always Sprint option has been added to the game options. Enabling will make your player always sprint
  • Polar bears should now stay in their zone
  • Horses now trigger pressure pads
  • Fixes for pure ore tea to give consistent ore returns
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