RUST Update 4th August 2023

Clan tables and homing missiles Rust Update 4th August 2023

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

Happy Wipe Day to all! RUST’s Wounded Update is live (not to be confused with the Wounding Update), and players are no longer prisoners to the agonizing question of whether or not they will recover after getting knocked down. Well, they are better informed now, at least. 

Wounded Screen UI

Additional UI has been added to the wounded screen to give players a bit more insight into their chances of recovery once they are brought to the wounded status. Factors including hydration and calories will increase the probability of recovery, same as before, but now players will have a number to indicate what their chances are. 

Additionally, a timer will now show players how long they have until recovery or death. Now you can tell your teammates exactly how long they have to pick you up. Or not!

Chat Emoji System

Chat emojis are here! Many players seem pretty excited to see what they can do with them, and as such, we’ve put together a guide to help server owners and players manage emojis. Players can disable emojis in their client via the User Interface menu, regardless of server settings. For more information, check out our emoji system guide!

The RUST Clan Table

The upcoming Zerg management system, aka the clan system, is managed via the Clan Table. This is how clan leaders and officers can manage the goings on within their organization, including adding or removing members, managing and assigning permissions, and updating clan information. 

The clan system is likely to release alongside the nexus system, as this feature goes hand-in-hand with helping players stay in contact across linked servers.

Highlights of August’s RUST Update

  • Players will no longer be pulled down with sinking tugboats
  • Players can now swim through sunken tugboat doors when the tug sinks at a steep angle
  • The Burst Module has been buffed with reduced shot delay and recoil felt by the player
  • The Chat Emoji system has officially released
  • The Brick building skin is now available on the permanent item store
  • Players now have more information about their chances of survival when wounded
  • World models now reflect stack sizes when ammo items are dropped
  • Crafting queues will no longer poof when a server shuts down unexpectedly
  • The Abyss Torch will no longer stay lit when dropped
  • The Laser Detector has a new world model


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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here, and in the last video, I did a mistake which I’ll sort out shortly; plus, I’ll also make it up to you with a small Rust giveaway ‘cos I’m nice like that. Also-also this week, rumblings of a homing missile launcher?


But first! August’s patch dropped yesterday (as of saying these words), as it is August already my word. And with it arrived a few new things plus a couple of last-minute inclusions.

The first is that there is now a bit more info for you to look at whilst you’re lounging around in a wounded state, namely what your probability of recovery is and how long you have to wait until you find out which side the coin lands. (It would be handy to have that sort of thing on the NHS..)


Speaking of which, shouldn’t this say, “You might die unless you get help soon,” Instead of “you will”? Literally unplayable.


As a friendly reminder, you should aim to stay hydrated, well-fed, unbothered, moisturized, and focused, too, probably as this increases your chances. Plus, having a large medkit in your belt makes it a certainty if there is such a thing.


Chat emoji are here. I’d wager you’ve probably already had the pleasure of being exposed to their wonders. And the Vulcans among you have probably also already found the new options in the menu to turn them off. Or at least make them stay still or just get rid of server-specific ones.


Talking of which, yes, server owners can make their own. They need to be no bigger than 256 pixels square, under 250kb, must be png or jpg, and popped into the ‘serveremoji’ folder, which you’ll find in your server’s directory. See the Rust wiki for more info, and please note the warning about “offensive” emoji. And all the best in finding something that absolutely nobody will be offended by.


The emoji system isn’t currently supported in Rust+, but compatibility is SUBJECT TO CHANGE, and the TEAM is investigating it.. so you can look forward to that in 2025.


This month’s DLC, as highlighted previously, is another new building skin, this time allowing you to steal the look of every new housing estate in Britain. Brick skin for the stone tier is here and costs the same as Adobe in the store. You’ll notice the roofline has changed somewhat compared to the previous iteration no parapets now.


However, this week courtesy of Facepunch, I have a copy of this DLC to give away to one of you. You’ll find the link in the description and pinned comment, and I’ll draw a winner at random this Sunday; all the best.


As for other building skins, there are two more coming that I know of, namely Brutalist, which I think is going to be for the top tier and should be arriving either next month or in October, and Frontier – which aims to emulate the old Legacy Rust look for wood and should be arriving in December. Not sure if there are any more planned for next year, but I’ll let you know. If there were, what sort of thing would you like to see? How about some interior décor next? Who remembers this concept for wallpaper from 2015 that was meant to empower you to decorate the inside of your base? Ah. CONCEPT LIMBO… Let me know what you think.


In other changes in this patch, there were several improvements to the burst module, adding up to quite a buff; the time between shots was reduced, recoil was decreased, and the aim cone was reduced. So that should help solos.


As well as this, C4 and satchel charges can be placed on all vehicles again. You can no longer place towels under foundations. There’s finally a new model for the laser detector; powerlines don’t look like they’re sponsored by Sharpie anymore.


And world models for ammo are now conditional, meaning that they will reflect stack sizes visually, which is a very nice little QOL change.


There were a number of bug fixes relating to industrial pipework, and 57 counts them art bug fixes which you can see a full list of in the change log on the devblog. Also, if the server you are on unexpectedly shuts down whilst you are crafting, the crafting queue items will no longer be lost to you. Jolly handy.


Ok, so in the vid before this one, I showed the new weapon racks, and I have to admit, I did a mistake. Not like me, I know. It’s just the pressure gets to me sometimes. I said you couldn’t rotate items on the racks when placing them. But I was wrong; you just have to press shift. There.


These are only on the aux01 staging branch right now, but they should be coming in next month’s patch on the 7th of September. As yet, nobody has either denied or confirmed that they will be a pay-to-wi, I mean, a store item or not. I have a suspicion they will be, as they weren’t released this month because I assume two DLCs in one go might be a bit much, lol, but I might be wrong, and I’ll try to find out and let you know when I do.


Now onto works in progress, and the Nexus system is looming large on the horizon. The ferry terminal is installed, as you should know now, and static clan tables have appeared on the main branch in the outpost here and at the bandit camp inside the dredge. This is also planned to be a deployable item, so you won’t have to go out to use it. Clans and the Nexus are something that will go hand in glove when they arrive properly, possibly in about two month’s time, as you’ll need a way to organize your thousand man zerg across all those linked servers, and I’ll keep you up to date with more details as they come in.


There’s quite a lot of work being put into a branch called Tutorial Island because every game should have one; I guess assuming this will ease new players into the harrowing Rust experience by immediately throwing roof campers, hackers, and hordes of screaming naturists with rocks at them as soon as they start.


As well as this, other confirmed works in progress are a visual and fx refresh to Bradley and globally networked bases to improve the performance and visibility of distant bases across the server.


There was a commit relating to an extra small single planter, which isn’t confirmed to actually be getting added yet; it might just be shelved, although I think houseplants would glam things up, IMO, so I hope it does get put in.


A rail network link is coming at some point which will connect the above and below-ground rail networks into one huge glorious circuit! Can’t wait for that. There’s a new player-piloted Attack Helichopper and Parachutes on the way, and intriguingly, these commits relate to a homing missile launcher which, as far as I can ascertain, will be a new weapon and have something to do with the upcoming air update, of which aforementioned chopper and chutes will no doubt be a part perhaps this will be some kind of countermeasure? Time and staying tuned to this channel will tell, so make sure to leave a like and sub if you’re not already, and I’ll do my best!


You are now up to date, so please let me know what you think about this week’s stuff, what you like and what you don’t; there are no right or wrong answers. Come and join me on Twitch for streams, you’ll find links to all my socials below, including my Steeeam group, where you can stay updated on my content, and if you’d like to support me, you can do so with super thanks, youtube memberships and on Patreon. I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty. Cheerio.

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