RUST Update 3rd March 2023

CCTV on Rust+! Remote detonated C4! | Rust Update 3rd March 2023

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

Happy monthly update to all! RUST’s Eye In The Sky Update went live yesterday. It unlocked player-controlled drones and turrets, PTZ CCTV cameras, remote-exploding C4, and some bug fixes and optimizations to the industrial system. 

Remote detonated C4

How have you been enjoying the RF-detonated C4? The possibilities for traps and ambushes are endless as long as you place the C4 strategically. Players can pick up deployed C4, which means you could arm an enemy if you aren’t careful. Also, remember that deployed C4 will begin to decay after 24 hours of being placed without building priv, so you’ll need to ensure that your plans for mass destruction are carried out soon.

Drones and turrets with cameras

Now craftable at a tier-2 workbench near you is the player-controlled Drone. This chipper little buddy is deployable almost anywhere, and you can control it via a nearby computer station. Remember the 500m cap on transmission distance; the signal isn’t the greatest. Use it to spy on your friends and your neighbors but remember the drone takes damage from impacts and may not make it back to base if you aren’t careful.

Auto turrets got an upgrade with the update that allows players to control them via the computer station. Use them to get a 360-degree view of the turret’s surroundings, if you like, and even shoot at nearby enemies. This mode does not apply to auto-turrets set to peace keeper, so plan your settings accordingly if you intend to go into spy mode.

Pan-tilt-zoom security system

Finally, now you can figure out who’s been stealing your pumpkins at night with the new PTZ CCTV camera. This new camera type adds a new security element to your compound when deployed to the bottom of a floor or roofing piece. Hook up a computer station, provide 3 power, and you’ve got a real-time security system that grants you greater visibility than a static CCTV camera could. Unlock the PTZ CCTV camera at the tier-2 workbench.

Other changes in this week’s RUST Update

  • 3 additional blueprint slots added to the Industrial Crafter
  • Reduced overall volume of sounds created by industrial items
  • Improvements to pipe performance and a new green pipe color added
  • Min and max filter behavior reworked for the conveyor
  • Industrial Conveyors now retain state when power resumes
  • Performance improvements for the storage adapter and electric  furnace
  • Fixes and improvements for multithreaded networking


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Video Transcript

Ah, another month, another plugin that I’ve featured gets poached. I mean, another great feature gets added to the game.


March’s monthly patch to Rust just landed, and with it, all sorts of new fidget toys with a surprise entry that was added late on. RF detonation! Seriously, looking through the item menu is becoming more and more like browsing the RS catalog these days. I’ve also got news regarding finally being able to spy on people with CCTV via the Rust+ app!


More on that in a moment, but first, a quick rundown on what else was added to the primitive survival game known as Rust this month.


As you quite possibly know by now, drones can be crafted as of this patch; they are a tier 2 workbench item, and here are the costs. You can place them almost anywhere, set a unique ID and then connect to them with a computer terminal.


They’re not the most robust devices in the world, and you have to watch where you’re driving, especially near water, plus they are SUBJECT TO RANGE as predicted, and this is about how far they will go from your position, about 500 meters as of writing, which is rather generous if you ask me, but this can be adjusted by server owners. They are perfect for general reconnaissance, and I think the only improvement I’d suggest at the moment would be being able to deliver items with them ourselves.


Cough, cough, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.


If you like that you’ll like this. Turrets can now be paired and controlled in the same way. You can use them to look at things and shoot them, although these, too, are SUBJECT TO RANGE, so you won’t be sniping from afar.


But as for this being OP, well. If you insist that you’re a better aim than the turret itself, fine, but I don’t see that this is an advantage in that way apart from perhaps being able to rotate them 360 degrees in this mode which I agree is a distinct bonus. You can’t control them in peacekeeper mode, so there’s no lulling into false senses of security going on. But there is something just nice I think about being in control. Let me know what you think.


Talking of which, another craftable CCTV camera, as shown in the previous vid and now available alongside the existing one, is this a pan tilt and zoom jobby that can only be placed on a ceiling, available at all good tier 2 workbenches. Pretty self-explanatory. Left click to switch between its three zoom levels as per binoculars. And it’s worth noting that all CCTV cameras now only need three power instead of 5, praise be.


Now something that the “community” has been foaming at the touch screen for many moons is being able to log into your CCTV feeds via the Rust+ app.. and the good news is that finally, the technology has caught up with us.. kind of.. and an alpha release of the feature is now available on the app. Although be warned, the feed isn’t going to be in glorious 4K raytraced Rustyvision. It’s more like Doom trying to run on a Tamagotchi right now.


There’s a lot of info trying to go a long way from your CCTVs to your phone, and I imagine this may especially be an issue in countries where the string between the cups needs regular tightening. You know who you are.


As I say, it’s an alpha feature, and the TEAM will be attempting to improve it over time. But if you’ve managed to try it please let me know in the comments how the experience went for you! What a time to be alive. Just remember. Big Brother is always watching you.


As I mentioned at the start, a late entry to this month’s development was the ability to now detonate C4 remotely, and this is how it works.. select your C4 and click enable RF, then set a frequency.. incidentally, this can be done on a stack of them or individually. You can then deploy that C4; it’ll have a green light instead of red, and after a 10-second delay, the bleeping will stop, and you can detonate it from anywhere at your leisure. Useful for controlled demolitions, traps, or even self-destruct systems. And you can detonate multiple at the same time. I’m sure there are already a few cogs whirring in your minds.


Just a few things to note. Anyone can pick up a deployed C4 that is set in this way with a 5-second delay… But this is only possible after the initial 10-second setup. Any that are placed outside of your building zone will decay within 24 hours, and changing the frequency on detonators and RF broadcasters now damage them very slightly.. because knobs.


If that wasn’t enough, in other news, some “satisfactory” improvements to the industrial system were made. There are some more advanced filtering options for conveyors, such as being able to make the filter require all, any, or none of the listed items. Along with three other modifiers to control how much gets passed through and under what circumstances. Please pause here to read the details.


Pipe placement has been refined, so it should be possible to make neater runs as the distance between pipe points has been reduced a lot plus, you can now have green pipes, and holding shift whilst placing a pipe will make it collide with deployables, so you can route the pipes around them better. I just wish we could hold shift while using the wire tool to snap wires to angle increments nudge, nudge, wink, wink, cough, cough.


The crafter also now has four slots for blueprints, so you can craft more than one thing depending on what components are available to it.


And in a slight amendment to what I said in the last vid, the maximum depth that a conveyor can manipulate items along a network has been increased to 32 containers.


Plus, a big change to vending machines is that now when one is destroyed, instead of no loot being dropped, 50% of it will. An explanation of the reasoning behind this can be found on the blog or here, so pause and read if you like; this will be monitored to see what happens, but feel free to discuss this in the comments.


Elsewhere multithreaded networking is coming along well, it seems to be running ok and should be something that will be made available to all servers and clients sometime this month. And we shall then see what kind of performance gains, if any, we get from it!


Ziplines should be less likely to kill you if you collide with the terrain, and their placement has been improved again to avoid terrain obstacles.


Oh, and it looks like a double horse saddle is in development.


Oh great, thanks!


Those are all the major news stories this week, there are of course many other things in the works such as new monuments, and a new player Attack Helicopter, as previously mentioned, and I’ll bring you any new news as I get it!


So sub to the channel and stay tuned; let me know your thoughts on this week’s stuff down below, and leave me a like if you feel up to it! You can find links below to all my socials, Twitch, Patreon, etc. I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty. Cheerio!

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