RUST Update 3rd December 2021

RUST Update 3rd December 2021

Excavator buffs and tweaks | Rust Update 3rd December 2021

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

Happy monthly update to all! The December Update has rolled out to the masses, bringing tidings of bug fixes, AI tweaks, refactoring of the excavator, and of course, some dreaded weapon rebalancing. 

The team made several changes and upgrades to make the excavator a more-trafficked monument. The cost of diesel fuel to power the excavator has been reduced to one unit for 2 minutes of run-time, and the resource yields have increased quite substantially. While the excavator is active, a new terminal in the generator room will charge. After 10 mins / 5 diesel fuel use, the terminal will be fully charged, and players can call in a supply drop. 

Excavator resources per 2 minutes of run-time

If you weren’t interested in utilizing the excavator before, how does this sound:

In addition to the resource boost and supply drops added in, the anti-build zone radius around the excavator monument has been reduced by 30%. This reduction should provide a more playable surface to build on and make smaller maps with the excavator just a bit roomier.

A few weapons had some rebalancing work done–the most-heated of which being the MP5. The drop rate of the MP5 from NPCs was reduced, and the research cost was increased. The compound bow is now a Tier 1 weapon, and drawing the bow will cause it to lose condition. The MLRS has increased its target area with less concentration toward the center, making its rocket fire less precise and more spread out. 

Update highlights

Other highlights in this update include:

  • The excavator resource yields have been increased
  • The cost of diesel fuel to power the excavator has been reduced
  • A new terminal was added to the generator room to call in air supply drops
  • The anti-build radius of the excavator has been reduced by 30%
  • First-person spectate mode has been merged in for admins to get an accurate view of player’s POV
  • MLRS rocket cluster has been spread out more and is now less precise
  • Animals no longer attack players inside of vehicles
  • The drop rate of the MP5 has been reduced
  • The research cost of the MP5 has been increased
  • Electrical components and car parts are now in their own tech tree branches
  • Compound bows moved to the tier 1 tech tree
  • Compound bows lose durability while drawn
  • Forest density has been increased
  • RUST turns 8 years old this December 11th–happy anniversary RUST!
  • December 16th will be a mandatory server and client patch to introduce the Christmas content

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