RUST Update 31st March 2023

Double Saddles, Pings, New map markers! | Rust Update 31st March 2023

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

We’re nearing the end of a long wipe, looking forward to the promises of April’s update and wondering, “what fresh hell is coming next week?” Glad you asked! Let’s have a look at some of the major features coming with next week’s regular update.

Double the saddles, double the fun.

Horses are receiving an upgrade (or downgrade, depending on who you ask) to a two-saddle capacity. You can now pony up some scrap to purchase a double saddle at a stable or, if you like, research one at a tier 2 workbench. Once you’ve got a saddle in your inventory, you can use the pie-wheel menu while gazing upon your horse to place the saddle on its back. Nothing stops you now from galloping off into the sunset with your duo in tow.

At present, horses carrying two players do not incur a speed or stamina penalty, but we should always assume that this may change by the time the update drops. The Saddle Bag capacity does not change when using a double saddle, so it’s safe to assume that your other rider must pick up the slack in the storage department.

Custom map markers and pings

Players can soon add up to 5 custom markers to their maps, with various options to add style and data. Players can choose a color, set a label, and select an icon to help convey quick information about useful locations. Team leaders can share their markers with teammates as well.

In addition to custom markers, pings are also on the way. Alert your teammates of exciting things with a temporary contextual ping marker while using binoculars, PTZ cameras, drones, or CCTV cameras

Community Hapis map to release

As mentioned in previous updates, the community-driven Hapis project will debut with April’s regular content update on select official servers. Interested players can join Rustafied’s US and EU Zenlabs servers on April 6th. 

Hapis Community logo
Hapis Community Project

Important Hapis Community information

Other changes in the next RUST Update


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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors, and friends; Shadowfrax here once more, emerging from the pie factory to bring you another Rust update. This one being as it is, mainly what is coming in April’s patch on Thursday the 6th, where we’re getting map markers, pinging, more world models, and doors on top of deployables, and I’ll have something to say about Hapis later.


But first!


Over on the staging branch right now, you can saddle up and then saddle up again. Duos rejoice because double horse saddles are on their way!


Oh brilliant! Now I have to put up with two of your lardy arses?


Well, yes, you’ve had it far too easy for far too long if you ask me.


For less than double the cost of a single saddle, you can now squeeze double the fun out of a horse, with one person doing the reigns and the other doing the pedals? Actually, the pillion is free to do whatever they want, really.


There’s currently no nerf to horse speed or stamina if two people are mounted, although, as always, this is.




But on the flip side, double the saddle doesn’t equate to double the baggage capacity, and you still only get the same number of slots, which doesn’t make any sense, really, so it will probably not be subject to change.


You can craft them at a level 2 bench once researched, or they can be purchased for 90 scrap at all good stables, and it’s easy to swap in a double via the horse menu as long as you have one in your inventory, expect these to drop in April’s patch.


Next up, and also available for testing on staging, are new map markers. Your max marker count is going up to 5, with a new set of controls to help you store more info.


Placing and deleting markers remains the same, and if you have five already active, you’ll have to delete one in order to place another. To edit a marker, simply click on it with the left mouse button to bring up a box where you can apply a new icon, color, and label. The latter is slimmed down to three characters when displayed on the compass. Plus, if you are the leader of a TEAM.. all of your teammates will see all of your markers as well as their own.


Expect this also to drop onto the main game on April 6th, and I’d love to know your thoughts, so leave me a comment below on this, please!


Not only but also, pings are coming! And these can be made whilst using a pair of bins, CCTV, or a drone.. simply look at what you want to ping and single tap the ping button, which will by default be the middle mouse, I believe, but this can be rebound.. to place a temporary contextual ping for your teammates where possible which will appear on both compass and map.


So that’s a node ping when looking at a node, a loot ping when looking at loot, etc., etc., plus you can double-tap the ping button to place a hostile red ping to indicate danger, and holding down the ping button will bring up a pie menu with all the ping options, double plus, single tapping the ping button whilst looking at a ping will remove it, otherwise, it will disappear in 10 seconds.


I’ve now said the word ping too much, and it sounds weird.


More world models are being added for things that we didn’t have world models for, and these are. HV Rockets, Incendiary Rockets, Shotgun Ammo, Roadsign Gloves, Snap Traps, and PTZ Security Cameras.


And finally, after having been teased a couple of months ago and then withdrawn because it needed some fixes, placing doors on top of deployables is going to be a thing again in this next patch, and here is video proof!


In other news, there’s going to be a fix for an exploit on garage doors that uses reflections to detect players on the other side.


There are a few improvements to the computer station UI coming this month.


You can now use arrow keys or the mouse wheel to switch between selected entities. The UI will also now show the health of the entity you’re currently controlling.


Also, if you’ve ever accidentally pressed space whilst flying a drone and crashed it, you’ll be glad to know the vehicle dismount hold time option will now apply to drones as well.


In works in progress, plenty going on, even if we’ll have to wait a bit longer for it; there’s more work on the nuclear missile silo monument, the new player attack chopper, procedural dungeons, weapon racks, and building skins, not sure on a date when any of these are coming yet though.


Plus, Helk is working on a little side project that I can give you a sneak peek at. This is on the HTX branch and is aimed at adding an option to give a global illumination solution, which will be more catered to those looking for a cinematic experience, or indeed will help with creating cinematics.. *happy horse noises, and although this is only a prototype at the moment, and performance impact is unknown.. it will have options for various levels of quality.. and I think you’ll agree it already looks rather good.


When it eventually arrives, of course, it’ll all be entirely optional, and you can carry on playing in super potato mode if you like. But please let me know in the comments what you think about this one.


And lastly. Hapis is now officially gone, but is it really gone? Yes, but is it really gone? Well, today is a double upload day, and later on, I’m posting a vid about the future of Hapis island, so I’ll shamelessly plug that here and I’d also love your feedback on that.


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