RUST Update 30th July 2021

Sharks! And Underwater Update on Staging | Rust Update 30th July 2021

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

If you’re looking for me, better check under the sea–because underwater sealabs are finally playable on staging! These dark, depressing underwater work-places are the first procedurally-generated monuments in RUST. From now until the next forced update, you’ll be able to join any staging server to test, try to break, and just generally run amok inside of the new undersea labs.

As of this post, the cost of purchasing a submarine, which can be purchased from the large and small fishing village merchants are as follows:

Fishing Village Sub purchase costs:

  • The solo sub can be purchased for 200 scrap
  • The duo sub can be purchased for 300 scrap

As we are still a week away from the update, the Facepunch developers may adjust the above scrap costs as feedback is received. Both subs will come with a small amount of fuel in their tanks to facilitate a safe get-away, much like the aircraft for purchase at the Air Wolf shop in Bandit Camp. 

We now know that torpedoes will be researched and craftable at a Tier 2 Workbench. Get hyped for underwater warfare! There are two kinds of torpedoes; one torpedo will fire straight ahead in the direction it is pointed, and the other will rise to the surface. So with a bit of practice, underwater attackers will be able to launch a nice sneak attack on those surface dwellers. Expect some new oil rig encounter methods to pop up soon.

Torpedo Crafting Cost

Research cost: 75 scrap

It appears that they aren’t available in the tech tree yet, so it’s not yet clear how players will be able to acquire them during regular gameplay.

The fishing system looks to be shaping up as well. The fishing rod is currently a default blueprint, which could change between now and the update.

Fishing Rod crafting cost:

An exciting development from last week is that fishing bait can be a large variety of items, which all have varying success rates for catching rare fish. Fish traps will also receive a chance at catching the new fish, albeit at a much lower chance than the fishing system. The commits also mention that higher-quality bait affects the speed at which you hook a fish, so if you don’t have the will or patience to fish, splurge on some high-quality baits to speed up the process!

Items that can be used as fishing bait:

The fishing mini-game is likely similar to fishing styles you’ve experienced in other survival-genre games. Once you’ve crafted a rod and gathered some bait, the mechanics are as follows.

The basics of fishing:

  • Hold right-mouse to select a spot on the water to cast and click the left mouse to cast.
  • When a fish bites, use the A key and D key to pull your line left and right to keep the fish from snapping off your line.
  • Press the S key to reel your line in, but be mindful of the strain you put on your fishing line, or it might break, and your hard work will swim away with a free meal.

The previous update post mentioned that players could also receive a handful of different items for their fishing efforts in addition to the newly-added fish. What’s more, now there is a fishing vendor to whom you can sell your catch in exchange for Scrap. High-quality bait might just become the new scrap farm meta…

As for Twitch drops, Facepunch has opted for a bi-monthly (every two months) schedule for streamer drops rounds. In addition to this time spread, all streamer-specific drops will move to the general category for the last 24-hour period of the round, which means you can watch any RUST streamer you want and earn towards your missing drops.

And with that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here, and just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, all that aquatic stuff I’ve been rambling on about just splashed down on staging, and so today we’re going to take a good deep dive into what it entails.


All of this will be going live on the release branch with the forced whip on August 5th. Just remember, because it’s still being developed, every figure, number, cost, amount, and detail I mention in this vid is–you know what–I don’t need to say it anymore, I think you get the idea. But first, subscribe to the channel for the up-to-dateiest-updates and other stuff.


So water looks different now; the visibility has been upped; it’s more turquoise, which is nice. Plus, there are actual visible fishy fish swimming about in it, not interactable, mind you.


The visibility has been increased so you can actually see the new underwater labs from more than 3 feet away; in fact, you can see them from the surface now in some places, not that their locations are a secret, they’re plastered all over the shop, and I’m counting 12 on a 3.5k map at the moment. Although, you know the drill.

As mentioned previously, these are Rust’s first procedurally generated monuments, as opposed to being static and just procedurally ‘placed’ like the others, so every visit to one of these will be like the first. Some are large, and some are small, but all are made up of a randomized collection of rooms and tunnels and with multiple floors to explore. “Oh my goodness, they’re just copying Subnautica!” hah, well, to be fair, these do look a lot more depressing, which is great.


Just imagine a large second-hand modular hamster hotel, but with better loot and even angrier inhabitants. There’s a lot to unpack here, but you can expect to find keycard puzzles, keycards themselves, a wide variety of loot, with new visuals for ammo, food & medical crates, etc. (not sure if this’ll become standard elsewhere).


Computer stations through which you can monitor various cameras in the lab in question, and MOUNTABLE TOILETS! Some labs even have bar areas with a kitchen, arcade machine, boombox, and poker table, along with a few of them containing vending machines that sell clothing items at the moment, it’s not exactly super-dry, but if you’re ever stuck underwater without a coat, it’s handy.


Oh yes, and you might be welcomed by one or two ‘Dwellers’ hanging out here, who at the moment are the same as the ones you meet in the train tunnels. And they’re naturally pleased to see you as always.


Each lab has a moonpool point of entry, which you can swim into if you want; you don’t necessarily have to be in a sub, but it could well be a good idea, and we’ll get to that in a minute. Regular viewers will know there are two subs, and these will be available from the guardians of the sacred boat spawner at all good fishing villages.


Where do they keep all this stuff? We don’t know. The Solo costs 200 scrap, and the Duo costs 300 at the moment, but this, along with everything else, is, of course, you-know-what. The solo sub has a fuel tank on the outside and room for one person, surprise surprise. The Duo has two seats that can be swapped between with X if you need to pilot it alone, with the fuel kept behind the rear one and gauges at the front for depth, fuel, and speed.


There’s also a sonar panel that isn’t working yet. But it might burst into life next month instead and should help you align yourself with moonpool entrances.


The controls for both subs are very simple; ‘W, A, S, D” to steer, go forward and reverse. Hold Control to dive and Shift to surface. And F is the light switch. They can be stood on while stationary or moving at the surface, and thanks to the rocket launchers glued to their undercarriages, they can be weaponized with torpedoes!


There are two available; Laurel and Hardy. And we now know the difference. Laurel is direct and will fire straight in front of you. Hardy is a ‘surface’ boi and will fire up and out, perfect for surprising the odd sailor. They’re both workbench level 2 items and can be researched for 75 scrap each. They currently cost 1 metal pipe and 30 powder each to craft.


They’re not in the tech trees yet, and I’m not sure where you’ll be finding them either. You can see the stats for both here, with the only difference at the moment being the range. All of this is, of course. Go on, say it on your head.


Right so, what’s worse than sharks? Yep, Flying sharks, with laser beams attached to their heads. Ok, two out of three ain’t bad.


They’re not supposed to fly, though, right? Right? I’m going to say ‘no.’ It’ll probably be ‘fixed’ soon, maybe even by the time you’re watching this.. and I also wouldn’t get too hung up about them being everywhere and ready to nibble your bum as soon as you breathe near the water.

They probably will have their limits, but this is all yet to be confirmed by the TEAM. And they are highly work in progress right now, as you can see. I’m just waiting for someone to make a Sharknado plugin.


They do appear to have only 20 health right now, and although yes, they can be murdered with a torpedo if you hit them right in the swim bladder, it’s probably better and more cost-effective to use the new speargun. This is basically a moist crossbow with lower range and without attachments, and the ammo is the same as wooden arrows but with lower velocity.


You can’t research them right now either, which might mean you’ll be just be finding or buying them, but we’ll have to wait and see. As a side note, if you want to witness the process of creating a speargun, the artist Tom posted a timelapse on His Channel, and I’ll pop a link to that in the description for you.


It may be that fishing villages will be added to, I think, there is an extra as yet unstaffed shop, and I’m hazarding that this could be where you’ll generally speaking acquire things for murdering fish and associated paraphernalia. Or I could be wrong.


As you should have seen last week, fishing rods work now. They’re currently a default blueprint for 10 rope and 200 wood, although this may change.


That ‘I’ in the first fish shouldn’t be capitalized, should it?


Oh, hi grammar horse. Yes, I think you’re right, probably just a slip of the finger, though.


A fish finger?


You’d better believe it!


Oh, and does the Rustige egg still say it’s ‘offstore’ instead of ‘offshore’?


Oh, for shore! But then technically, you could get it ‘off the store,’ I guess.


That’s true; maybe that’s what they meant. What about the champagne boomer description?


Yep, that’s still totally scuffed.




Anyway, enough of the seahorse, back to fishing. It’s pretty much as I showed you last week, except now there’s no progress bar when reeling in.


Load up your rod with up to 20 bait, and this could be all sorts of things, including fish, raw meats, fruit, berries, veg, and also new worms and grubs, although I’m not sure where you’ll be getting these yet, all have their own bait rating, and this determines the rarity of fish you’re likely to catch.


To begin, hold right click on the water to select a spot and left click to cast. When you get a nibble, you use ‘A’ and ‘D’ to pull left and right and ‘S’ to reel in, the trick is not to strain your rod too much, or your string will snap; you’ve just got to tease it in; real gentle like.


There are a number of things to hook, including Anchovy, Herring, Sardine, Small trout, Yellow perch, Salmon, Orange roughy, and Small sharks. But you ask, ‘Why me catch fish if they just for food? Why use food to get food?’


Because the last three I mentioned will also give you some random loot they swallowed when you gut them, and you can also get scrap for them at the fish exchange, or bureau de fish as I call it, a vending machine that has shown up at the fishing villages. You also stand a chance when fishing to catch tarp, fins, bottles, buckets, and even human skulls; yum.


According to the commits today, fish traps also now stand a chance of catching anchovy, herring, and sardine, with trout being much rarer.


All in all, this is going to be a very fishy update; indeed, I’m sure there will be more adjustments, and I’ll be able to give you greater detail in next week’s vid so stay tuna’d.


In other news, Twitch drops are moving to bi-monthly, with the next round in September, and all streamer drops will switch to general drops for the last 24 hours of the campaign, just in case, you know, so there are no complaints about not being able to complete your gamer girl garage door collection, etc.


Also, if you didn’t see, the winner of the map-making competition was announced this week, and I made a video about it, so go and watch that straight after this one for the full tour. Gravis Island will be getting used on a few official small servers, including EU smalls 1, 3 & 6, and the US smalls 1 & 3, although there may be others, and I’ll let you know when I know correctly.


The number one question was, of course, can I run this map on my own server? And the answer is “that’s up to Facepunch to decide, and they haven’t said yet,” so you’ll just have to wait to find out, sorry.


I’ll be streaming from a staging branch server tonight on Twitch and trying to break everything you see here, so if you want to tune in and suggest things, then please follow me there, link in the description.


You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and my Steeeam group to stay up to date with my content and support the channel directly via Patreon or by buying a subject to change mug.


I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty, cheerio.

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