RUST Update 2nd June 2023

First pics of the Ferry Terminal and June roundup | Rust Update 2nd June 2023

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

Happy wipe day to all! We hope you’re enjoying June’s update, the Bags to Battles update. You’re probably already in the thick of the changes this month, so let’s dive in and get to it.

Changes to sleeping bags and respawning

With this update, the RUST devs have decided to limit the number of active respawn options a player can have. As of this update, players can have a maximum of 15 active respawns. You may recall in a previous update that the proposed limit had been 10, so it could be worse, right? In the end, limiting the number of respawns was the healthiest and most fair way to prevent large-group advantage while improving the meaningfulness of death. 

While at it, the devs improved respawn management by adding UI components to the map that players can use while alive rather than just on the death screen. This feature can be toggled off using the map UI controls, as can Bag Gifting by choosing a setting under the Options menu in the client. 

For more information about using sleeping bags and respawning, check out our guide to how sleeping bags work in RUST.

Shipping container skins and building animation

Part 2 of the RUST prettification process is now live with the release of the Shipping Container skin for sheet metal buildings. Getting this skin pack is currently the best way to transform your sheet-metal base into a tribute to LEGOs. You can change the color of the shipping container skin to any of the 16 available colors using the spray can‘s alternate click. If this speaks to you, grab yours from the RUST item store today.

Along with the new building skin release, a new animation effect for building upgrades has arrived. Players will now see a fun animation effect of an upgraded building piece being improved brick by brick (or board by board) as it is upgraded. This effect is purely client-based and can be toggled off under the options menu under the physics section. Upgrades are still instant on the server side, so no worries there.

Other changes in this RUST Update

  • RUST Horses now have greater variety in their idle animations
  • Sign resolutions have doubled
  • No more than 15 respawn options can be active
  • Server owners can change this maximum by setting the max_sleeping_bags convar to a value of their choosing
  • Server owners can also disable the maximum sleeping bag limit by setting max_sleeping_bags to -1
  • Players can now join a server via query port or game port
  • Server owners wishing to use Steam connect links on their websites should use the query port
  • Improvements to wipe timers support timezone differences and can be customized via the wipeTimezone convar
  • Server owners can now set a custom cron expression for their server wipe timers via the wipeCronOverride convar
  • The upgrade hammer pie wheel now includes options for cycling through active building skins
  • Handmade shotgun ammo has achieved a custom-world model
  • When harvesting skulls in streamer mode, skulls now display their streamer mode names
  • Several improvements to the map markers feature have been added after player feedback
  • Player compasses will now briefly flash to indicate a ping notification and general direction of the ping outside of your current field of view
  • Round 23 of Twitch Drops will begin on June 11th and run through the 17th


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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors, and friends; Shadowfrax here with a roundup of the latest patch to the PC master race version of Rust. What’s that? June already? Blimey, time flies. And so here is a flying roundup for you of the latest new things in the “Bags to Battles” update.


Plus I have something to show finally on the new Ferry Terminal.


But First, talking of terminals, as revealed in my previous update vid, a second new building skin has now landed on the docks, namely a shipping container for sheet metal tier.

Just like its rustic cousin Adobe, this is a purely visual upgrade if you so choose to buy the DLC.. available for a paltry £11.19 on the store.. which I’m sure makes more sense in dollars… slightly more than Adobe for some reason, possibly because you can re-shade it with the spray can in a choice of 16 riveting colors… including high contrast green which is guaranteed to pop in your local coppice.


There were some mixed feelings expressed regarding the exciting grey plywood interior initially shown, so you’ll now be pleased to see that it was indeed SUBJECT TO CHANGE as predicted, and the exterior coloring now bleeds through to frame the ply nicely, which is also a bit more interesting to look at. Plus, as mentioned, you can now easily switch between owned building skins with Q and E on the hammer menu. The floors are still upside down, though, if you ask me, especially if the ply is meant to be the soft side.


Talking of upgrades, the building upgrade effect has finally been upgraded. This reminds me of something, but I can’t think what it is anyway. It now looks a lot more betterer than the basic effect that we’ve had for years, but before you say, “I don’t like this; it takes too long; I’m used to instant gratification!”.. it’s important to note the effect is purely client side, and the upgrade takes effect immediately on the server as before. If you’re still struggling to come to terms with this change, then you can disable the effect entirely in the options like so.


The prize for the biggest change and talking point this month has to go to new horse idle animations. No, I mean, actually, the change to sleeping bags more on horses in a moment because the TEAM has made the radical decision to limit the number of active respawn options to 15 per player as default. This is more than the ten that was originally planned, so be happy about that; although they are aware this may be upsetting to some so they have explained their thinking on the devblog, and I’ll just read it out to you to save you using your eyes.


While this is an inconvenience to certain playstyles, we believe adapting to this change will lead to a healthier and more interesting game. Back in October 2020, we revised the death screen, unintentionally making it trivial to manage a large number of bags. This led to situations where players could respawn rapidly and rejoin fights in ways that work against the goal of death being meaningful in Rust. Ultimately, we want the placing of new respawn points to be an interesting decision rather than something done as often as possible.


We explored alternatives such as adjusting the respawn radius on bags or grid-based approaches. Unfortunately, this was simple to bypass and too complicated to communicate to players. Increasing the cost of bags/beds wouldn’t have solved the issue, as large groups could easily overcome any additional resource requirements.


To help manage respawn options, we have made them visible on the map while alive. We also added the ability to unclaim bags you aren’t using anymore. There is a new toggle on the right side of the map (below the layer controls) to hide bags while alive.


There’s also an option in the menu to limit who can gift you bags just in case somebody decides to do so to fill up your quota, not that anyone would be so cheeky, I’m sure.

And if all else fails, there is a convar for server owners to increase the bag limit for their players or remove it altogether.


Please let me know your thoughts on these changes below. Did the team pull it out of the bag on this one, or should they get the sack?


Map markers and pings were “improved” in this patch also, thanks to your feedback; yes, you. Among other things, there is now a list of current markers on the left of the map screen; you can click them to move straight to them on the map and clear them easily without having to move the camera.


To pings, and there will now be a notification on the compass by way of a flash and sound effect when a teammate places a ping out of your view. You can also place pings immediately when bins are equipped without having to zoom in first, and they also now have a crosshair, well dot, to help with accuracy.


Some things for server owners; please pause here to read them if this interests you. First of all, some improvements to wipe timers after last month’s missile silo update. Some memory pool thread safety improvements, with a request to let them know if you notice any performance decreases from this and a note to say that Players can now connect to a server using both the game port and the query port.


Some more interesting changes this month, though, were that horses have a lot more variety in their idles now to make them appear more natural.


Well, it’s important to keep people guessing.


Wooden signs and banners now have the same resolutions as paintings. Harvested player skulls in streamer mode now use the streamer names list. Vending machines drop debris when destroyed to prevent immediate replacement.


Bradleys shouldn’t target players in safe zones anymore. There are three new convars for admins only, shown here which will give infinite ammo, repair, and reload weapons. Such are the perks of being an admin!


And there’s a new world model for handmade shotty ammo, pushing burlap sacks still further into the endangered species list.


A new round of Twitch drops will be taking place between June 11th and 17th to support the Bellum, which you can see in full on the devblog, along with a list of all the changes, fixes, and tweaks this month that I may not have bothered to mention.


Works in progress are plenty, too, with such stuff as weapon racks, updates to bear animations, and chat emojis being the focus as far as I can see.


And lastly, here finally is an image of the new ferry terminal monument that has been hovering in the background for many months. This one does have a purpose, and if you’ve been keeping up to date with me, you’ll know that it’s all related to the Nexus system, which is planned to allow players to migrate between certain linked servers.


You can’t see the whole thing from these shots, sadly, but it seems the monument will comprise a loading area and a couple of structures that look like a service station of sorts. The good news is that it looks like we’ll be able to test it for ourselves in quite the near future, so stay tuned, and I’ll let you know more when I do!


Well, that’s it for this week; you are now officially up to date. Leave a like and sub, join me in all the places I hang out; links are below, and come say hi to me on Twitch if you get a chance. Thanks to my amazing supporters once more who keep me going and motivated, and if you made it this far, then I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, you know the drill. Keep calm and stay Rusty. Cheerio.


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