RUST Update 2nd February 2024

Detectors, Backpacks, Optimisations | Rust Update 2nd February 2024

Happy Wipe Day to all! This month’s content update, the Bags to Riches update, hit the ground running yesterday. No longer are backpacks a luxury of the modded server community alone–now, every Rust player can tote around extra stuff and get the most out of their recycling runs!

Backpacks are finally here!

It feels a bit more like survival now; crafting a backpack to hold your things and increase your resource gathering is one of those things you do whence surviving the wilds. Players can craft a makeshift Small Backpack at a Tier 1 Workbench for a mere 50 cloth and 5 Sewing Kits. If a large backpack is what you’re after, you’ll need to find one in military-grade crates as they are non-craftable.

Craft a Small Backpack

  • Cloth x 50
  • Sewing Kit x 5

Backpacks are equipped by adding one to the player’s gear inventory screen. If you’ve been using the parachute, backpacks utilize the same slot that parachutes use–meaning you can only equip one or the other at any given time. Take note that you can’t swap a full backpack for your parachute–you have to unload the backpack to put it back in your inventory.

Players who die while wearing a backpack will drop the backpack on the ground beside their corpse. Another player can then pick up the backpack and auto-equip it if the appropriate inventory slot is available. You’ll notice that player inventories have taken on a new bag model to help differentiate between inventory loot and backpacks. This bag cannot be picked up and must be looted the same as any container.

A new mini-game

Also new in this month’s update is the addition of a new resource mini-game via the introduction of the Metal Detector! Metal detectors allow players to search the landscape for metallic items buried under the ground! It’s important to note that the metal detector doesn’t assist a player in locating stashes–it only generates loot that is specific to the player until they’ve identified a treasure site.

It’s worth mentioning that the shovel is not a requirement for digging up loot at the treasure site. Any melee item will do for this task. The shovel itself is not yet ready for prime time, and players cannot use/find one yet.

Our team has compiled a comprehensive guide to the new metal detection system to help answer all your questions about the Metal Detector, where to search for metals, how to harvest a loot site, an ongoing list of potential loot you can uncover, and more. Get yourself and your team up to speed and take advantage of this new farming technique.

Other changes in this RUST Update

  • Tutorial Island is now available to test on the AUX2 staging branch.
  • The default server value for Legacy Shelters is now one per player.
  • The ripening stage for plants has been bumped up from 4 hours to 14 hours.
  • Repair costs for select items have been reduced.
  • A new safe zone warning will now display for players attempting to log out in a safe zone.
  • Your death marker now appears on the compass!
  • Doors of all kinds can now be rotated while trying to place, using R.
  • A new option to toggle the map instead of holding the bound key.
  • Instruments can now be hung on weapon racks.
  • Memory optimizations for textures, meshes, and shaders. This is the first pass of many future improvements to resource usage.
  • Optimizations for the Industrial system bring some fixes for conveyor performance.
  • A reduction in unused server entities should lead to improved memory usage.
  • Updates to SAP and SAR animations and recoil.

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Video transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends! Shadowfrax here with a roundup from the ground up of everything new in this month’s patch, plus works in progress, including this week’s optimizations and a first look at Tutorial Island.

I know you’ve all been excited about that one, but first, this week saw the Bags to Riches update, which, in short, added backpacks to the game. Finally, a survival game that’s done without them for 10 years is doing okay, I guess, but the time has now come, especially as every month there’s more and more junk to hoard and transport.

There’s a default craftable 12-slot jobby for 50 cloth and five sewing kits that does now require a Tier 1 workbench and a 28-slot professional version that can only be found in military loot. They’ll both drop off of you upon death and can be looted from the ground or picked up in 3 seconds.

The decay time depends on what’s inside them, up to a maximum of 2 hours. Currently, there are no negative effects from wearing one, but as previously stated, this is subject to change and may one day make you consume more calories or something else—chafing, maybe.

To avoid confusion, there are some new player remains. Instead of a tidy-looking backpack, we now have this, and its visual state will change depending on whether there are more than three items in it or not, and also, if it’s already been looted, it will appear open in that case to save you time.

The metal detector has now been added, as shown last week. It’s a Tier 1 BP, now 75 scrap to research, and costs two rope, 200 frags, and five high qual. The beeping noise has been toned down somewhat, and you can find different basic loot in different places, including scrap, metal frags, cans, tools, and bullets. Here’s a full loot table if you’d find that useful.

Further to a question I was asked: no, it doesn’t find stashes. You also won’t find anything in the snow. To save you from trying, check last week’s vid for a full tutorial on how it works. But once an item’s been located, it can now be dug up with any melee weapon. The shovel shown last week isn’t needed now because it hasn’t been implemented yet but hopefully will be in the future.

Over on staging, the yearly Chinese stuff’s being added with a new Dragon-themed rocket launcher and a spear with some fluff hanging off of it. Both of these seem to be just reskins and will most likely be in the shop sometime soon.

And there were quite a few changes and quality of life improvements this month, which I’m going to data blast you with now. So, pin your ears back and think of England. The animations for the SAP and SAR are snappier when reloading and aiming, plus the additional recoil when moving and using the SAP has been reduced. According to Helk, over the coming months, all weapons will get a balance pass, but not as drastic as at other times.

There’s now a default Legacy Shelter limit of one, but this can be adjusted by server owners. See the description for the convar, and a mapped marker will appear for your shelter if the value is kept at default. There’s now an option to make the map button a toggle. There’s a new safe zone warning popup when logging out in a safe zone. Death markers will show up on the compass. Certain items have had a repair cost fix to stop them from costing more than they should, including ladder hatches not needing ladders for repair.

Now you can rotate doors, hatches, and embrasures when deploying with ‘R.’ The ripe stage duration on plants has been increased from 4 to 14 hours. SAM sites at launch now won’t target MLRS rockets. I must clarify from last week that this is just applied to Launch [Site]; player SAMs are unchanged. Sorry to panic you.

Team markers with night vision goggles on are now not misaligned or floaty. There’s improved door and gate behavior so that crashing into them with the vehicle won’t interrupt the animation and cause all sorts of problems.

Visuals on loot barrels and some background props have been updated. There’s a convar to disable the fade in the death screen. Now, again, see the description for that.

The Eoka is more likely to shoot after every failed strike now. Weapon racks can now hold instruments. There are milder screen post-processing effects for cold, injured, etc. statuses, and you can see the before and afters here. And default nudity has been changed to pixelated. What a time to be alive and naked.

Okay, so Tutorial Island is now open for testing on the AUX2 branch of the staging client, and this has now been opened up for all to try. So here is a quick bit of me checking it out. This is all still subject to change and a bit placeholdery.

It is completely optional, and as you can see, you can restart the tutorial from the menu at any time. If you want, it starts off with you and another survivor with a conveniently busted leg having crashed your helicopter on a small island. With guidance from the slacker, I mean injured survivor, you’ll get guided through all the basics of harvesting, crafting tools, building a starter base, cooking food, attacking bears, etc., etc. Basically, Tier 1 stuff, but not beyond. Not sure if the plan is to add more beyond that though. So stay tuned. If all goes well, they should go live for all in next month’s patch.

Onto some other changes on the back end. As mentioned at the start of your blog, optimization was going to be a focus this year, and true to their word, the team is already making some efforts. Firstly, server-side entity counts were reduced a lot, with a bunch of planners being culled. A planner is basically the blue outline of an item that shows when it’s being positioned for deployment. However, they were taking up space even when not shown and thus were a waste of resources. This has now been fixed, and you can read more about it here.

Secondly, Industrial Systems performance was given some attention. I’d recommend reading this if you’re interested in the nitty-gritty, but there were some extremely complex Conveyor Systems moving large amounts of syringes, apparently. Suspicious. And there were some fixes to mitigate the impact of this and other things.

There were some memory optimizations made, too, with three gigs nuked so far and more to come. Again, pause and read if you are interested. Client performance was also improved when excessive amounts of laser lights were deployed when the player was getting shot and in the main menu. There were some improvements to texture qualities, which you can read about here, and anti-cheat has apparently been improved too, but with no specifics to share because secret sauce.

Over to works in progress quickly, and in the commits, there’s the compound redesign chugging along nicely, changes to harbors to accommodate cargo ship docking, which is coming in the future, and a range finder’s being added to the binoculars.

That’s about your lot for this week, but hopefully, there’ll be some interesting stuff to share soon, as I believe another hack week is imminent. So sub and stay tuned for that.

You can find me on Twitch and lots of other places, including my Steam group, and also support my work here via Patreon, YouTube memberships, and Super Thanks.

I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay rusty.


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