RUST Update 29th July 2022

Hardcore mode, Flashbangs | Rust Update 29th July 2022

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

With a week to go until the monthly update drops, it’s time to take a look at the features we expect to see roll out in the next RUST update.

Trainyard event is on staging

The new Trainyard content has shuffled its way onto the staging branch, sans auxs, so if you held off on testing the latest content, perhaps now you’ll consider trying it out. Three different types of loot wagons will be available to test out and marvel at their loot tables.

The loot crate wagon has had its loot table improved a bit, while the low-grade fuel wagon has been nerfed a bit. And the resource wagon…exists! No high-quality metal ore can be found in the wagon as of yet, but there’s always the potential for it to show up later. Expect types of loot and amounts will change before the update drops next week.

Molotovs and Flashbangs

Early versions of the new molotov and flashbang items can now be tested on the staging branch. Flashbangs are experiencing some technical difficulty currently, but should be sorted out soon. They aren’t craftable in game yet, so we don’t have crafting values to report yet. If these items are added into the release branch on the monthly update, we’ll have their crafting data posted on their accompanying item page.

Hardcore mode is announced

It’s been over a year since the first game mode was introduced into RUST; softcore game mode. Alistair announced earlier this week that the next game mode to be available for RUST will be the hardcore game mode. This game mode should hark back to 2016 / 2017 era play where luxuries such as a full map with points of interest, the compass, safe zones, contact system, RUST+, and the team system to name a few were not present in the vanilla game. The branch is only a few days old, so a full list of disabled features is not yet known.

Other highlights in this RUST update include:

  • There are currently 3 types of loot wagons to use with the new Trainyard event
  • The third type not mentioned last week is loaded with sulfur, metal ore and charcoal
  • The new train engine model should be arriving with the update
  • The train will have headlight controls and horn controls
  • The new hardcore game mode announcement
  • Molotov and flashbang weapons added to staging branch for testing
  • A branch for trophies has opened up in the commit history
  • New branch to enable plant clone genetics to show up on vending machine UI
  • Bug fixes for the boom box and synching improvements
  • Work continues on the pets branch
  • Work continues on the nexus branch

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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends; Shadowfrax here once again, pushing an awkwardly shaped development update through your letterbox, whether you like it or not. And there’s some interesting stuff in this package, but first, oops, sorry, last week I forgot to mention that there was a third type of loot wagon for the new trainyard event. But I swear blind it wasn’t there when I was making the vid, honestly guvnor. Still, here it is, and it’ll give you Sulphur, Metal ore, and Charcoal in varying combinations, and those will all end up in the skip here. No high qual ore yet, but that might change.


Despite me saying that everything was and still is SUBJECT TO CHANGE last week and telling you not to jump to conclusions about the loot tables and amounts you’ll get from all these wagons, that’s exactly what hundreds of you did in the comments, it seems. Never mind, eh?


Already I have word that the crate loot will be buffed, and the lowgrade wagon is being nerfed a bit. It’ll probably all get nerfed into oblivion in August like most other things and then buffed a few months later when not enough people are using it, but hey. Just remember we live in a state of flux, and everything is, well, your brain can fill that in.

All this Train stuff is now on the normal staging branch if you want to test it, and the chance of a trainyard spawning on a map is also now higher.


Something you’ll have to wait a bit longer to test, but that will hopefully be worth it is actually – spookily enough – something from my own wishlist. I made a vid a while back randomly talking about all the things I’d personally like to see, and at the time, I said some stuff like.


Well, wouldn’t you know it? Others agree that Rust is too easy, and so a hardcore game mode is now on the way. It probably won’t arrive until September, but this will be an optional stripped-back version of the game that server owners can enable.


This is what we know will be removed so far.


The TEAM system, contacts, the compass, the map in any form and including anything that goes with it, crawling, global chat, and Rust+. BPs will wipe on a server map wipe, and safe zones are also being removed; this means no safe zone trigger or defensive NPCs and turrets. So the bandit camp and outpost will just be normal monuments with vendors. There will also be a Hardcore server tag so you can find these in the browser.


I’m sure you’ll have questions as to other things being left in or taken out, do leave them below in the comments and let me know what you think. For instance, I know that map rendering commands are also being disabled in this mode to stop you from printing off an image of the map. But will it still be possible to go to map sites and get one there? This might be something that is also addressed. But stay tuned, and I’ll keep you posted.


Alright, so now on staging, you can also play around with early versions of the new Molotov and flashbang. These work pretty much as you would imagine, with the molly creating a splash of flames wherever you throw it and the flashbang. Well, the flashbang actually completely borks the game at the moment, so yes, super effective! Right now, they can’t be researched, so I can’t say how much they’ll be to craft, but again, this is all a work in progress.


Other things being worked on still include pets, traveling between servers, and an electric furnace?? Ok, no details yet, but do stay tuned, won’t you? The best way is, of course, to sub to the channel. Also, leave me a like for the sake of the algorithm, and note that you can join me on Twitch for streams, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and my Steam group to stay up to date with my content and support the channel via Patreon, youtube memberships or my merch store. I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty, cheerio.

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