RUST Update 29th January 2021

rust update 29th january 2021

Drone shop, Card games | Rust update 29th January 2021

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

Now that we are all recovering from the Twitch binge-fest for RUST drops, it’s time to dive into the upcoming mysteries that have been showing up in the commits. The headlining development branch this week has undoubtedly been the drone/shop branch, which has fed us several juicy bits of info surrounding drones. It’s not directly clear if we may be seeing drones for purchase, or if drones may be used as a purchase-delivery method. What does seem fairly certain is that this shop will contain terminals for making purchases and delivery.  Hopefully we get more info in the coming days.

In other news, a possibly unintentional public commit has revealed the ‘CardGames’ branch, which had been previously hidden.  We definitely have very little to go off of, but this branch might suggest a sort of mini-game feature that will allow players to play multiple types of card games, probably at the Bandit Camp casino. This should get interesting.

Here are some of the highlights of the update:

  • New work under the drone branch has sprung up with commits related to drone shops and ordering terminals
  • Lots of activity in the viewmodel_fix branch to presumably clean up jittering with view models
  • A crazy amount of hidden commits are still being made
  • Hapis is still being rescued
  • HDRP is still being backported
  • The jackhammer is becoming skinnable and has admire animations
  • Shotgun trap placement has been tightened up
  • A few procedural map fixes to fix an instance death spot in a cave and bypassing a green card puzzle at trainyard
  • The previously hidden CardGames branch leaked an unhidden commit about the player dismounting to leave game

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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends, I’m Shadowfrax, and well, here we are again with some more Rust news. If you’d like to be here next week too, then please subscribe and leave me a like ‘cos that makes me feel nice.


As we head inexorably towards the next forced wipe on February the fourth, a few interestingly shaped things are twitching behind the Rusty curtain. And I’m mostly relying on the commits log to give me an idea of what they are.


First of all, as I mentioned last week, a lot of work seems to be going on to implement drones. Something that has been repeatedly teased over the years, but which seems to be flying very close by now. There was always a bit of a question mark hovering around whether we’d actually be able to use them ourselves and, if so, how we’d get hold of them. Would they be used mainly by scientists, for instance, and would we be able to somehow hijack them for our own use?


We saw a couple of months ago that it would be possible to deploy them and pick them up. But over the last few days, a new branch called drone/shop came into being.


The basic functionality of this seems to include ordering and delivery. So does this mean that they’ll be delivered to us? Perhaps by other drones? I heard you liked drones. Or am I reading too much into that? And where exactly will this shop be? The drone model, which has been spawnable for quite some time, definitely smacks of a Cobalt origin, so could it be that the shop will reside at the compound? There is mention of terminals and vending machines, though.


A couple of other interesting commits mention following a player and the hiding of something called Pee Pee 9000 on the map. Pee Pee denied!


Anyway, I’m sure all will become clear as mud very soon, especially if the intention is to include these in the next patch, something which I’m not entirely sure about at the moment.


Another feature which we definitely need is card games at the Bandit camp.


Yeah, I don’t know about you, but I can’t deal with those static cards and poker chips.


They’re such a tease.


So I’m not sure if this was a slip-up, the TEAM have obviously been keeping their deck close to their chests, but there’s apparently a branch called card games.. where pretty much every commit bar one has been hidden. This doesn’t tell us much, but it doesn’t take a Pokemon master to figure out what’s going on, and that is card games plural, so perhaps we can expect a few choices such as happy clans, raid your neighbor, or 52 frag pickup. Who knows? Leave your suggestions below.


There have been a number of small tweaks and fixes over the last week on the Staging branch.


There was a Bradley Loot nerf, which has lowered the high-end weapons drop rate; some fixes for clipping deployables on the watchtower and being able to clip Large wooden boxes into the world layer.


Some stricter shotgun trap placement and Standardization of the floor triangle twig collider to prevent some upgrading issues. Also, a few procedural map fixes, such as one for an instant death spot in one of the caves and a trainyard green card puzzle bypass.


In works in progress, we’ve got a lot of work on fixing view models; I believe aimed at rectifying the Jitterbug. And you can see a before, and after comparison here, so it looks like it worked.


AI continues to be reworked. The Hapis rescue attempt is getting to the point where it will hopefully be playable to some degree in the next patch.


There’s progress on the HDRP backport, Game modes, whatever that turns out to be.

More on the Camper module for vehicles, which I’m predicting will be some kind of mobile spawn point.


A LOT of hidden commits still, and it looks like the jackhammer has been made skinnable and given an admire animation. There are no accepted skins yet, but quite a few have already worked their way onto the workshop. So go and vote for them, I guess.


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