RUST Update 28th April 2023

Server Wipe Timer, Adobe building skins | Rust Update 28th April 2023

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

Time is quickly ticking toward May’s RUST Update, and there’s much to count down to. A handful of interesting things have made their way to the staging branch this week and we’ll take a look at the most notable. As always, we should expect that details may change before next week’s update officially drops.

Nuclear Missile Silo

As we mentioned in last week’s update, the Nuclear Missile Silo is available now for players to playtest. Since last week, the dev team has added loot to the monument’s surface and underground portions. Scientists have been added, too, with four blue scientists roaming the surface and many NVGM scientists within the monument’s levels. Radiation has been added as well, so don’t forget your hazy before heading in.

Keycards can now be found within the monument and unlock access to various areas, including the hatch door–which now requires a blue keycard. The security office now has a working computer station with a handful of new CCTV camera codes to monitor the missile silo’s goings on. And speaking of computers doing things, the laptop at the bottom of the silo now displays an ominous countdown timer! The end is nigh!

Building skins

The Adobe-style building skin is now available on staging for preview. When enabled, the skin appears to change the appearance of every building piece, with beautiful detail but no additional benefits. Players can opt to set their preferred building skin while placing building pieces or, for extra material costs, reskin existing building pieces after they’ve been placed. A handful of skin types are expected to be added to the DLC.

Twitch Rivals

Another round of Twitch Rivals competition is coming to RUST next month. Tune in to the event on Twitch on May 16-20th to watch some intense competitive play and earn some exclusive Twitch drops. Check out the Twitch Rivals schedule page for more information on when the event starts and competing teams.

Other changes in the next RUST Update

  • Nuclear Missile Silo monument is now on staging
  • The Missile Silo now has loot, scientists, puzzles and radiation for players to test out
  • Additional CCTV camera codes will be added to the list to support the missile silo
  • The Bigbang branch mentions a cinematic is in the works
  • The Adobe building skin is now available on staging for testing
  • The current confirmed building skin sets include: Adobe, Brick, Brutalist and Shipping container and Legacy style wood
  • The building skins are purely cosmetic and the price is currently unknown
  • The humble recycler machine has been updated with jiggle animation and working grinder!
  • Another round of Twitch Rivals is coming mid May


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Video Transcript

Greeting survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here with more development news for the game where the only winning move is not to play. Where the clock is ticking down to a nice soothing game of Rust Monopoly, except all the properties are radioactive, the board is on fire, and when you pass ‘Glow,’ you collect a new set of mutations.


But circling back for one moment. Unless you’ve been living in a bunker for the last few weeks, you’ll know that Rust is getting a new monument next month, and this time not just your normal waste of building space. This one seems like it’ll be providing the ultimate ctrl+alt and, indeed, delete that, sooner or later, everyone needs.


It’s live on the staging branch right now and still SUBJECT TO CHANGE for another few days before May’s big patch.. plus the first new building skins are on the way, along with animated recyclers! Which I’ll cover in a moment.


But first! a quick rundown of the latest nuclear missile silo developments.


Above ground, you can now enter all but two of the buildings; loot has been added throughout. I counted four “normal” scientists up here. And there are a couple of CCTVs watching the exit.


The hatch button now requires a blue keycard to activate, and lighting has been added to the fence openings to help in navigating your way in at night. Oh yes, and radiation is now present throughout the monument and more intense at the bottom, like most things.


Inside there is now a lot of loot scattered around the base, and to go with it, about 23 from my count of the new NVGM scientists who are convinced that there’s no chemistry between you and will try to reduce your carbon footprint with terminal intensity.


These are a bit more than just a cosmetic variation; they have nicer loot in their pockets and are generally packing better weapons, but in addition to this, their night vision gear makes them a little bit more susceptible to flash bangs which, incidentally, there is now a blinded animation for.


PS. Flashes don’t work against guards and peacekeepers, just in case you were thinking about it.


At the bottom of the monument, you will now find an elite crate, some diesel, and a red keycard next to the laptop, which now displays a countdown for anyone who is pondering the eternal question of “When is whip?”


And did you know RUST was an acronym? Well, you do now! Repopulation Unit Survival Test. Because we all love a bit of repopulation, don’t we? And yes. I am working on a new back-story, although this isn’t exactly a new idea if you’ve been a viewer for a while. I mean, look at this concept art from a few years back. Tell you what, if you can think of a better acronym for Rust, chuck it into the comments below, and I’ll read out the best ones in the next vid.


There are also a lot of commits relating to a big bang which I’m sure you can put two and two together on and come up with five. We’ll just have to wait for the pyrotechnic display on that one, though, because no amount of hitting laptops and warheads will help here, sadly. Actually, hold on, I haven’t tested that lately.


There’s a new page on the wiki which I’ll link below, and this confirms that the purpose of the monument, as we’ve all guessed by now, is to count down to the next server wipe and then blow everything up in the most thorough way possible.


It also gives full instructions on how to set the timer to work with whatever your wipe schedule is, so don’t worry your little frog boots about that.


All I want to know is whether we’ll be able to attach a saddle to the missile.


Anyway, continuing on, once you’ve battled your way to the end of the monument, you’ll notice that the exit now just works on a button, no keycard needed, and the security office contains a computer station where you’ll find all the local CCTVs linked namely three giving views of the exit and one looking down the missile shaft.


This is all on staging now for testing, and as I say, doomsday should be on Thursday 4th of May. Oh, and when you’re exploring, see if you can find this chap. He was so close.


Something else on staging right now is the first of a few new building skins DLCs! Adobe will be an option to apply to the Stone tier only and gives a complete visual overhaul for those of you who are into mud-ifications. I can’t say I’m a massive fan of the aesthetic myself, but it’s very well done and is a role-player’s dream in the desert plus, the flooring is especially nice.


As mentioned, this will be a purely cosmetic store item in the next patch. I don’t know what the price will be yet, but we should know soon, and when you own it, you’ll need to enable skins in the hammer menu first before applying it. That’ll let you upgrade straight to Adobe in this case, but do note that changing existing stone into Adobe currently costs you extra, and there’s no way of going back. However, this is still subject to change.


More skins are also on the way and will be released over time, with confirmed ones being Brick (also for stone tier), Brutalist (To be decided), Shipping container (for metal), and Legacy style wood (presumably for wood).


Let me know what you think below. Would you pay for this? If so, how much? What other building skins would you like to see? Apart from camo, frog boot, and invisible, I mean.

In other news, recyclers on staging are now animated! They do a little jiggle, and the teeth go round and round. This was something that always bothered me, so I’m happy to see the game will now finally be playable.


There are also going to be a lot fewer burlap sacks around soon, as ammos are getting proper distinctive world models.


And as well as all the other cool stuff the TEAM is working on, such as the nexus system, pets, and personal attack choppers. There has also been more work on weapon racks with a makeshift standing version on a separate branch, and Twitch Rivals is coming up soon with some new id tags having been added, it seems.


That’s about it for this week; join me next week for a look at the full patch and anything else that’s new.


Thank you once again to all who supported me and enabled me to keep going. If you like what I do, please leave me one and sub to the channel, and don’t forget you can also find me on Twitch and socials; all the links are below. I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, you know the drill, keep calm and stay Rusty. Cheerio.

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