RUST Update 27th March 2020

Dung, Sprinklers, Compost, etc – RUST Update 27th March 2020

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadow Frax.

In this update, Shadow Frax rounds up the latest changes to make an appearance on RUST staging servers. RUST players finally get to play with some of the new Farming 2.0 update items and begin to experiment with the new menu systems, horse dung and more. Here’s a round-up of what to look for in this March RUST video update.

  • New item horse dung & server variable  dungtimescale
  • New item composter maker for biodegradables & fertilizer stacks for planters
  • Harvestable plants & plant fiber
  • New food item potato
  • New information panel for food with in-depth details
  • New items sprinkler, fluid switch, fluid splitter, hose tool
  • Water barrels and catchers can now connect to sprinkler systems
  • Heavy modifications to the old way of planting crops
  • New shops at bandit camp for selling components and exchanging produce
  • Crafting costs changed for rugs

We jumped into our staging server to get a first-hand look at these changes and we’re very excited about the changes underway. We’re now left wondering, what else will be in this next big release?

With that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcript

Never look a gift horse in the mouth, because now the gifts come from the other end.


Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here with your latest update, and in what will probably be imaginatively titled ‘the farming update’, next month it’ll be time for you to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in with some good honest gardening.


In preparation for this, a whole potting shed full of new items are sprouting on the staging branch, and here’s a quick look at them.


Soon horses will have finally beaten their chronic constipation issues and will dutifully produce a bounteous harvest of rich, nutrient imparting dung every 1 to 2 hours. Although I think dungtimescale 0.00001 has to be my new favorite admin command.


Now, as everyone knows, if horses are fed on a stable diet of pies, then you can usually put their manure straight on the garden, however, as we still don’t have those, you’ll need to put it in one of these first.


Introducing the composter.. which as you can no doubt tell is made from wood and tarp, must be some kind of composite material I guess. It’s a default blueprint, which costs 2 tarps and 200 wood to craft and can be placed on the ground or in your base.


Simply pop the dung in the top and wait. Eventually, it should turn into fertilizer. Not only but also, you can compost a new resource, plant fiber, which you’ll get from harvesting dead plants. Nothing is wasted! Also also, many other biodegradable items can be put inside with varying yields.


To use the resulting fertilizer, you can open planters – for they now have inventories – and dig it in. Each plant seems to use 1 fertilizer.


Also, for those of you with a chip on your shoulder about such things, we now finally have potatoes. They appear to be more calorific but less healing and hydrating than pumpkins or corn. The real question, of course, is when we’ll get tier 2 cooking and access to that’s shepherd’s pie recipe.


You’ll notice now that crops you’ve planted have a new info panel which tells you all the things you never really knew about your food and couldn’t be bothered to ask. This should all be self-explanatory, which lets me off the hook from doing it myself. Just pause and have a look if you want.


Something that may not be quite so intuitive is the genetics panel at the top and this is the info you’ll need when you’re able to clone plants in order to cultivate improved crops although this functionality is currently on a separate branch.


In short, though, W is water, G is growth, H is hardiness, Y is yield and X is nothing. Just ignore X. Red is bad, Green is good.


As well as fertilizer, one of their other main needs indeed remains water.. and although you can sort this out yourself manually with the time-honored bucket method, next month to help you out you’ll be able to hook up sprinkler systems!


Disconcertingly located in the electrical tab.. the system consists of 4 new items. A sprinkler, a fluid switch, a fluid splitter and a hose tool to connect them all together. They’re all workbench level 1 items and require various amounts of high quality to craft.


Working in the same way as electrical parts, you can now connect water barrels and catchers up to your sprinklers, although these need to be higher than them, because gravity… unless you provide power to the switch, which can then double up as a pump.


Gardening, of course, is its own reward, but you say, why on earth (or even in the earth) would I want to go to all this trouble when I can just throw seeds at the ground outside? Well because it appears that’s going to change soon and you’ll have a lot less success at growing things in the wild, and some places just won’t grow anything.. otherwise yes, what would be the point.


I’m sure we’ll know much more about this whole farming thing next week in the patch to main though so if you can hang on until then I’m sure all your burning questions will be answered. In the meantime tell me down below if you like the idea of farming more than just nodes or whether you think it’s all just mulch ado about nothing.


To support this new habit, there will also be two new shops at the bandit camp, a farm shop selling composters, sprinklers, planters, and water barrels, and a produce exchange dealing in corn, cloth, and fertilizer.


In other news, Rugs now cost 25 cloth to craft instead of 100 and there’s, of course, lots still going on that I don’t have a date for yet including cars, and the new building blocks such as triangle ladder hatches and spiral stairs. Should have a lot more info for you next week though, so stay tuned, won’t you.

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Please take care of yourselves and others, and I hope you can all stay safe and well. I shall catch you all very soon but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty. Cheerio.


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