RUST Update 26th November 2021

RUST Update 26th November 2021

First look at barge and server transitions | Rust Update 26th November 2021

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

In this week’s update, we’re learning more information about server transitions and how players will soon be able to travel from one server to the next. Sailing a water vehicle toward a transition point (currently designated as a cardboard cut-out silhouette in the distance) will eventually trigger a UI message, alerting players that they are approaching a transition point to <server name> in x number of meters. If players continue in this direction, they will load into the next server.

At this time, it looks like there aren’t restrictions on the player’s inventory, but expect that to be modified in the future.

Another surprise revealed this week is the barge! It seems the barge is intended to transport player vehicles to connected servers as players will be able to drive their modular cars onto the barge and ferry over the ocean. Whether or not the barge is a safe zone during transport or what restrictions are placed on the vehicle storage is not yet known. 

In other news, the November balancing updates will bring some changes to crafting and researching and some quality-of-life tweaks. Most notable among the current balancing efforts is a reconfiguring of the tech trees.

Electrical and car components will split into separate branches in the Tier 2 tech tree. On the Tier 3 tech tree, the MP5 will see adjustments to the research cost and position in the tree. MP5s will receive a deduction in NPC drop rates as well. The excavator is getting a breath of new life with increased production rates and a new supply call feature. 

Please note: the December 2nd monthly update will force a blueprint wipe across all servers, as mentioned in the November update’s devblog.

Other highlights in this update include:

  • The barge looks to be a ferry system for server transitioning land vehicles
  • Players can drive their vehicles onto the barge and be ferried to the next server
  • Player-purchased watercraft may also transition to another server
  • As the player approaches a transition point, a UI message will appear with how much further you must travel in order to transition
  • Continue traveling toward a transition point and you will load into the destination server
  • Vehicle transitions do not seem to have inventory restrictions at this time, but expect some type of limitations in the future
  • It is unsure if barges will be a ‘safe zone’ while players and their vehicles are onboard
  • The giant excavator is getting a 2.5x boost to production rate
  • An additional feature for the excavator will soon allow players to call in supply drops to the monument
  • The spawn priority has been raised on procedural maps for the excavator
  • Fish will soon be worth more scrap when exchanged at the fishing village
  • Tweaks to forest tree spawn density are being tested
  • The red, green and white industrial wall lights now have more vivid colors
  • Animals no longer attack players inside modular vehicles
  • More work on admin spectate mode, including support for ALT-look
  • The F1 admin panel is getting a button to spectate a player
  • The Tier 2 tech tree is getting modified–car parts and electrical are being split into their own tech branches
  • The MP5 is getting a research cost adjustment and a change in tree position in the Tier 3 tech tree
  • The chance for the MP5 to drop from NPCs is also being reduced
  • Health and decay rates for the watchtower are being adjusted
  • The missions tab will no longer auto-open when you open your inventory
  • Due to copious tech tree updates, a forced BP wipe will have to occur on the monthly update

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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors, and friends, Shadowfrax here once again with ya news. Where today, I’m excited to show you some actual server transitioning. Yes, me boldly going between servers, along with details of how it might work.


Along with this, news of what you can expect to see in the next patch on December 2nd, including some important tweaks and ‘requesting supplies’??


But first! Slap my buttons, leave a like, and join the ring-a-ding-ding club if you’re not in it already because it helps me out massively; thank you very much.


So, you have heard me muttering in recent weeks hopefully about a thing called Nexus redirect, which is part of the drive to allow players to travel between certain servers. I explained the general plan along with the kind of restrictions you might expect in relation to this in a previous video, so watch that if you haven’t.


Today though, I’m pleased to say that FacePunch actually let yours truly test it, albeit on a very limited scale, and I can show you how it currently works, although I must stress there are a couple of month’s worth of development still ahead. It needs a lot of improvement, and everything is truly, deeply SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


Here’s how it works right now. There are two servers linked in this example, called red and blue, and you can see a very placeholdery cardboard cut-out island in the distance. It’s only a model.


If you hop in a boat and travel out towards the edge of the map, you’ll eventually get a message telling you how far you need to go to initiate transit, and if you keep going, that’s exactly what will happen.


It appears that right now, there’s no restriction on what you can take with you in your inventory, but it is only boats that you can do this in.


However, remember this? Yes, it’s that spawn barge from CONCEPT LIMBO.. and it looks like we finally might know what it’s for.. well, at least one thing. This isn’t a definite yet, but it looks like it could well be one way for players to move between servers without needing their own boat, along with allowing you to take a car onboard, which could be a very nice feature.


Not sure where these will be located in the final iteration or any other details for that matter, although if they do come in, it does look like they will be mobile safe zones at least. And stay tuned to this channel as I will, of course, be bringing you all the latest as I get it.


It looks like there is a push at the moment to make the excavator a bit more attractive; if you can call a giant metal rock muncher attractive, and so as well as the spawn priority on procedural maps having been bumped up, its production rate has been increased 2.5 times, and it has gained a new function.


Now, after powering up the genny, you’ll also be able to request supplies from a nearby terminal; this then calls in a supply drop to the monument, although good luck getting some of them, haha. Oh, it’s ok. I managed to dislodge it.


There are a number of other tweaks and QOL changes coming in the next patch, and I’ll run through them now. A forest density increase is being tested. I don’t have a figure to quantify by how much exactly, but just know that whatever you lose in Framerate, you will gain in vood.


Fish will be worth more in scrap at the fishing village exchange; here are the new prices.


The bulbs in the new industrial wall lights have been changed and are now proper vivid colors instead of pastels; animals can no longer attack players in modular vehicles. And in the new admin spectate mode, support for alt look is being added along with a button to spectate a player in the player info panel of the server admin F1 tab.


Electrical items and car parts are being split off on their own in the T2 tech tree now. In the T3 tree, the MP5 is getting a research cost and position change, and its drop chance from NPCs has been lowered.


Watchtower decay and health are being tweaked, along with crafting cost, and the mission tab won’t be automagically open anymore when you go into your inventory.


One other big thing to mention is, of course, that for the first time in months and months and months, there will be a forced BP wipe with the patch next week, so everyone, regardless of the server, will be back on the same level. Enjoy!


In works in progress…


A number of AI improvements are being made.. and these, I believe, will be included in December’s patch, too.. I’ll try to get more info on exactly what these entail next week.


Work by the TEAM continues on the snowmobile, arctic bases, and rework to Hapis. No visuals yet, but worth mentioning is that if you need that Hapis fix before FacePunch releases their official revamp, a new community-made version has just been put out there. For a full low down on it, I made a video a couple of days ago.


Right, there you go! Please leave me a like and sub to the channel, follow me on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and my Steeeam group; links are below. Also, you can support me directly through Patreon, Channel memberships, or indeed my merch store. I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty, cheerio.

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