RUST Update 26th March 2021

Texas Hold ’em & Gesture wheel on staging | Rust update 26th March 2021

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

Just a week to go before the monthly update and some exciting changes have rolled out onto the staging branch. First off, the Dredge within Bandit Camp has had a make over to accommodate the new card table that will allow players to play card games and lose their hard-earned scrap in new ways! A minimum of two players can now saddle up to the card table to play Texas Hold’em for a 100 scrap minimum buy in.

Next up, the updates and additions to the Gestures system have been pushed to the staging branch. Players can test out the new gestures menu by pressing ‘B’ to bring up a pie-wheel with the current gesture options. Exciting stuff!

In other news, a few commits have popped up in the ‘easter_2021’ branch to change some of the UI assets to reflect the current year, as well as some updates to the faberge eggs.

Here are some of the highlights of the update:

  • The Texas Hold ’em card game is up on staging now for your testing pleasure
  • The card game requires at least 2 people to play and requires a 100 scrap buy in
  • Slot machine payouts are being reworked a bit and simplified
  • Changes to gestures are now on staging
  • Gestures UI is now accessible via pressing ‘B’ to bring up a pie-wheel of available gestures
  • Single-handed gestures are done with the left hand by default, but can be inverted using the ‘graphics.vm_horizontal_flip’ convar
  • RUST Console beta testing is still underway
  • More work going on in the AI, HDRP and Hapis Island branches
  • Some fixes for description and naming typos
  • New option under ‘censorship’ to disable blood effects
  • Mentions of ‘mugshots’ in the contacts branch makes for interesting theories

And with that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcript

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here with your weekly update, pointing you in the direction of what’s new in Rust if that’s OK? This week there are some new features for you to test on the staging branch, but first, please harvest the subscribe button to support the channel. It’s free, and you can always dump me later.


Over on staging right now, and then on all servers once the forced wipe happens on April 1st. And yes, it is actually happening on that day; you can play card games in Rust, well one, currently, Texas Hold ’em, second only in popularity to top trumps, so the TEAM are obviously playing it safe here.. but I believe there will be more in future, one day, maybe. Actually, Rust top trumps sounds fun. Or raid your neighbor.


As you can see, there’s been a bit of a feng shui effort in the dredge; gone are the messy tables in the main room, and in their place is one large table that can hold up to 4 cardsharps. Next door, you’ll find another that seats 6, a 3-seater at the building supplies vendor, and lastly, a more intimate 2 person table at the product exchange.


These are the only places to officially get your poker fix, although admins can technically spawn working tables with the commands shown on the screen right now.

So how do they work? Well, as far as the rules go, you can look those up; a tutorial on how to play poker is beyond the remit of this video. Just make sure you’ve got a poker face like me.


You must have 2 players to start; this isn’t solitaire. Punters can join and leave partway through a game, though, but must wait for the next hand to actually take part. When you sit down, you have to open the small stash in front of you, which brings up the UI.. something that I’m sure is a placeholder and thus SUBJECT TO CHANGE.. it’ll probably get replaced with a stack of chips or a bottle of whiskey and a packet of biscuits or something.. and you must insert at least 100 scrap to buy-in.


After that, you should be able to figure the rest out. As I say, poker skills are yours to acquire. Once you leave a game, whatever scrap you still have is put back in your pockets. There are also a number of keybinds for common actions such as F for fold, R for Raise, and A for all in.


You also get your own chat channel when playing; just try not to pay attention to the phantom cards floating under the chairs or the fact that yours might be back to front; nothing to see here!


Now, if you have a thought like ‘but what about if?…’ then it’s probably that the TEAM have already thought of it and put a safeguard in place. But you never know. You’ve got a week to try and break it. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the card designs, though, and hope that one day these are offered as merch.


Talking of scrap, the slot machine payouts are also being simplified and re-ordered. And knowing casinos, this probably isn’t in your favor.


In the other big news this week, gestures are now much easier to use on staging thanks to the B key now bringing up a gesture pie menu, mmm! Not the usual type of pie menu I like, but it’ll do.


With this, you can quickly choose to wave, clap, point out your friends’ inadequacies or try to convince people that you’re not a threat, lol.


And some of you are probably thinking, where’s that favorite gesture of mine that I like to do at people? Well, this is what you’ve got, kiddo.


Also, you may notice that by default, all single-handed gestures are made with the left hand, but there’s a reason for this, and it’s not because the animator is a southpaw; it’s basically because you’ve usually got a tool or weapon in your right hand. Not that it’ll show when you’re gesturing, but if you do prefer being sinister in-game, you can always flip the ViewModel over with graphics.vm_horizontal_flip, then your gestures will be done with the right hand instead.


In other news, there’s been an update from Double Eleven regarding the console Beta, how the stress test has been going and what their intentions are leading up to the release, worth a read, so I’ll leave a link in the description for you.


There’s plenty more work going on with AI, the HDRP backport, and more tweaks to Hapis island.


Also, they’ve done a pass to fix some typos.


Ooh, does this mean they’ve fixed ‘RECHARGABLE’ batteries?..


Well, kind of; they got the large one, but the others are still totally ‘rechargable.’


Oh, that’s good to know.


Also, also, did you notice that roadsigns weren’t casting shadows? Well, they are again now.


And you’ll notice that in the options menu under censorship, you can now turn off blood. Lovely.


Lastly, the mysterious contacts system has been getting more commits, including a lot of talk about mugshots. And now I’m hungry—more news on exactly what this entails when I have it.


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