RUST Update 26th January 2024

Metal detector and shovel, Dragon rocket launcher | Rust Update 26th January 2024

With less than a week to go until February’s patch, it’s time to look at the features and items we hope to see make the cut for the update. A variety of features are available now on staging to give us a preview of what we can expect the next official update for RUST to contain when it drops on February 1, 2024. Let’s have a gander, shall we?

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Backpacks for everyone

After a quiet start to the year, February is shaping up to bring some interesting changes to the game loop. First, backpacks, which were promised at the beginning of January, will merge into the game. Backpacks come in two varieties: a Large Backpack and a Small Backpack. As of this writing, the small backpack provides 12 storage slots, while the large backpack provides 28 storage slots. 

Recent commits have tidied up the display of equipped weapons, thankfully. Now, your weapon will display neatly attached to the side of the backpack, which makes sense and looks a lot better. Despawn times have also been modified, depending on the size of the backpack and the contents, yielding a range of 20 minutes up to 2 hours. 

Metal Detectors and Shovels

A unique new way to find your next meal is using Metal Detectors. Players can slap together 2 Ropes and 200 pieces of wood (the crafting recipe is subject to change by the update) and begin searching for hidden treasures under the ground.

Follow the frequency of the detector’s beeps–increasing frequency means you’re getting closer, decreasing means you’re moving the wrong way–or monitor the lights on the display to see if you’re getting closer or moving further from a metal object. Once you’ve found something and honed in on it, you can dig it up using a shovel. Prizes include Tuna, Beans, a few bits of Metal Fragments, and maybe an AK for your troubles.

We expect the devs to update the loot table before the patch. We’re also unsure if loot tables vary by biome or if certain areas are off-limits to detectors. More on this as we get closer to the update.

Other news in this RUST Update

  • Wood shelters will be limited to one active shelter per player.
  • Server owners can change this limit using server.max_shelters convar set to a numeric value.
  • Eokas will soon become more likely to fire successfully after a failed fire.
  • SAM Sites inside the Launch Site will soon stop firing at MLRS rockets.
  • Ladder hatches will become repairable without requiring ladder components.
  • A new option to have the map toggle instead of hold is in the works.
  • A Dragon Launcher, possibly a reskin of the Rocket Launcher, is a suspected Lunar New Year item for 2024.
  • A spear weapon is also suspected as a Lunar New Year item for 2024.
  • A Frontier Hatchet branch has just surfaced, potentially indicating more DLC items.
  • An M939 truck model is in the works.

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Thanks for reading, and see you in the next RUST update!

Video transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends. Shadowfrax here, and as we head screaming for February’s patch next week, here’s all the stuff you need to know in Rust development. Of course, most of this is currently on the staging branch, where you can test it out.

I’ve got all the latest changes to backpacks coming up as they are going to be a big part of next week’s patch, along with a few other things that are being worked on, including some details on the nightlight Helk has been working on.

But first of all, beeped beep beep, the metal detector, and shovel have been merged to staging and are ready for action. Here’s how they work, and remember this is all still SUBJECT TO CHANGE for another week at least.

The Metal detector is a default blueprint “at the moment.” It costs 2 rope and 200 wood to craft because naturally, that’s what they’re all made of, don’t you know? And the shovel doesn’t appear to be craftable just yet, so I’m not sure about that one at the moment.

To use a detector, simply whip it out and start moving around, and as soon as you get fairly near to something metal in the ground, it will start beeping. You’ll also notice some LED lights, which will give you a visual indication of how warm you’re getting, and that replaces the on-screen UI that I showed in the last video.

Once you’ve filled up the bar and got close enough to something, it’s time to hone in on it by holding the right mouse button. This will then allow you to start filling up the second bar of LEDs, pinpointing the exact spot of the treasure, and placing down a small flag.

At this point, you can deploy the shovel and start digging, and once thrice thwacked, the buried booty will pop straight up out of the ground.

As the shovel is a separate tool, it’d probably make things a lot more efficient if you had a buddy to dig up what you find. I don’t know another thing that benefits clans. tut tut.

As far as I can see, it works in most areas, but I don’t know whether the things you’ll find will vary from one locale to another.

And don’t worry, there’s nothing to see here. You won’t be finding AKs. This is an aberration and will be fixed by management in due time.

The loot table isn’t finalized yet, you see, so the things you’re seeing me womble for here aren’t indicative of the final hoards you’ll be able to uncover, although I won’t turn my nose up at cans of beans. Anything that gets us closer to that elusive tier-two cooking, eh?

Back to the news. And now, to the latest tweaks and changes to BACKPACKS. As you’ll recall from the last vid are going to come in two sizes. And I’m sorry, but it appears that there may be one or two tiny visual bugs at the moment with them, but I’m sure management will have these fixed very soon.. I guess this adds a new meaning to “bum bag.”

The first thing you’ll notice is that now weapons are being displayed on the sides of backpacks instead of them just poking out the top, and this is all nice and tidy and makes much more sense.

Also, you’ll notice that when opening a backpack in your inventory, your character model will rotate and move over instead of disappearing, which is a nice little touch. As well as this the large backpack capacity has been reduced slightly to 28.

There were some tweaks to despawn times in addition, and these will depend on what’s in them.

For instance, an empty small backpack will despawn in 20 minutes, and an empty large one in 40 but this will increase with the amount and types of items inside them up to a maximum of 2 hours.

All of this backpack stuff is, of course, also SUBJECT TO CHANGE, so don’t take anything here as final yet.

Something that happened earlier in the month that I should really cover again is that shelters are being limited down to one per player at a time, although I have found out that there is a convar that server owners can set to adjust this, which is Server.max_shelters with the default being 1.

There are some other tweaks being made that you need to know about.

Eokas will be more likely to shoot after every failed strike. SAM sites won’t shoot down MLRS rockets. Ladder hatches will no longer require ladders to repair. Embrasures and shutters will be rotatable using R when being deployed, and an option is being added to have the map button as a toggle instead of having to hold it.

To works in progress and some new items are in the works. Probably later today, a couple of Lunar New Year bits and pieces should be added to staging, but here’s an image of a dragon launcher, which looks like a reskin for the rocket launcher, and along with this, there’s also mention of a spear.

As well as this, there are commits relating to a Frontier hatchet, so we’re not quite done with the Frontier stuff, it seems, and of course, there’s still ongoing work for an M939 American truck.

The compound redesign is in full swing, with commits showing it will have a city hall and helipad, rooftop rope bridges, a graveyard fence, zip lines, a cobalt brutalist statue, and a church, among other things. Looking forward to seeing how that turns out.

There’s more work on an improved skin viewer and, of course, Tutorial Island, which hopefully I will be able to show you something more about next week. Stay tuned and sub to keep in the loop on that one.

Lastly, Helk has been working on a nightlight, which details have been sparse on, but I did manage to find out something about this, although I must stress it’s all very experimental, and I wouldn’t get your little hopes up about it just yet.

This is in an effort to make nights slightly more pleasant, and the idea is that there will be a dim light in a small radius surrounding the player to help them navigate in the dark and will simulate their eyes adjusting and don’t worry; this is only meant to be visible to the player himself and doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to see glowing players in the distance. I mean, I know we’re radioactive, but that would be taking it a bit too far.

Still not sure if this will be a definite thing yet, but I will let you know when I get my hands on it to show, so stay tuned!

That’s about all there is to show and tell at the moment but come back next week, and I’m sure I’ll have much more. In the meantime, please leave a like, sub, and comment below and tell me what you think.

You can find me on Twitch and lots of other places, including my Steam group, and I also support my work here via Patreon, Youtube memberships, and super thanks. I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty.


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