RUST Update 25th November 2022

Code locks on cars! | Rust update 25th November 2022

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

It’s hard to believe we’re already a week away from December’s update. In fact, we’ve somehow snuck up to the end of the year! So much has happened in RUST development this past year, which may be the motivation behind this month’s Quality of Life theme in the commits. Plus, it’s always a good thing to pause and tidy up now and then.

Speaking of the end of the year, a great deal of effort has gone into preparing for this year’s winter holiday event! Lots of commits in the xmas_monuments branch hint at dressing up monuments to be more festive, and a handful of mentions about a Xmas tunnel lead us to wonder if the Halloween portals event the team experimented with will be back for a round #2. We should know more once the feature becomes available on staging.

Finally, we wish to extend a huge congratulations to the Charitable Rust team for their estimated $120,000 in raised funds for World Central Kitchen. What a phenomenal outcome for a great cause! 

Quality of Life updates in this RUST update include:

  • Now on staging, code locks can be added to cars
  • Similar to the current locking system, cars must be lifted to set or replace locks and codes
  • A handful of new wire colors are being added to the electrical system
  • Several electrical items will soon stack up to five items
  • SAM sites will be getting a pass-through.
  • As mentioned last week, eating food straight from the ground will be possible by pressing and holding E
  • Garage Doors will soon be removable without the use of a hammer to be consistent with other doors
  • Armored Single and Double Doors will get a HP buff from 800 to 1000
  • The cost to craft stone spears will be reduced as well as the time to craft them
  • Quarries and pumpjacks will soon be converted to running on diesel fuel
  • Diesel Fuel will soon show up in a variety of monuments in response to the increased need
  • Air ballons, subs and boats will receive an increase to storage capacity of 6 additional slots
  • Underwater labs will soon be reduced to one random lab per map
  • The cargo ship event will soon trigger less frequently
  • Oilrig reset timers will soon be longer
  • A static caboose has been added to the outpost
  • A reduction in crafting times for a variety of items

Other highlights from this week’s development

  • Lots of commits to the Xmas event branches to dress monuments up for the season
  • The weapon racks branch has been plugging away with mentions of different rack versions
  • Talk of gingerbread people and their own AI system.

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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here once more to dump a steaming informational mound firmly in the center of your driveway. And do I have a mound for you. Most of my time writing this one up’s been spent trying to decide exactly what to mention and what to leave for later.


As the team has been on a quality-of-life crusade over the last week, it seems, I think I’ll concentrate on what I most fancy mentioning first and work backward from there, if that’s okay with you. And in the meantime, if you’re enjoying the ride, please leave a like and sub to the channel if you aren’t already on board.


Talking of rides, one of the most interesting new things on the staging Branch, I think, is work to add code locks to cars that you’ll be able to attach via a lift. At the moment, the car will also need to be on a lift to set or change the code. This will completely replace the existing key lock method with only one lock per vehicle needed to rule them all, and I know that this has been a hot request for the longest time. So tell me what you think of this one. And what else you’d like to be able to put code locks on if you could?


Over in the electrical department, some new wire colors are being added; light blue, orange, pink, purple, and white. If you look at a wire’s input or output nodes and press r with your wire tool out, you’ll be able to change that wire’s color to the currently selected one.


A number of small electrical items, like switches, splitters, etc., will also be soon stackable to five, and Sam sites are getting a pass-through, which means you could change multiple together but, of course, at your own risk. That way, if the first, one’s destroyed the hillgrove line, it’ll probably be more useful just to use this to link them to rust plus to know when one loses power.


Also, something I think is really cool that I’ve been asking about for a few years now is the ability to eat food, such as corn, pumpkins and mushrooms Etc, straight off the ground without having to pick them up first. This is a method horses have known about for donkey’s years, of course and it is a fresher way to eat, after all.


Now, apart from still being able to pick them up in the usual way, you’ll also be able to hold ‘e’ whilst looking at one to open a new pie menu, which lets you choose what you want to do, of course, all pro-seeds will still go to your inventory.


Over the building now, and quite a few things here are subject to change. You’ll soon be able to rotate roof blocks manually before placement, and you’ll be able to rotate external gates and walls in 90-degree increments instead of 180. There’s also a plan to add a debris blocker for these to stop players from spamming down new ones during a raid.


Garage doors will be pickupable without needing a hammer out; they’ll just be the same as other doors now. Both armored doors are being buffed from 800 to 1000 HP each. I’d really like to know what you think of this one. Oh, and upkeep time will now display days remaining as well, instead of just more than 72 hours.


Stone Spears are going to be 30 stone cheaper now, don’t take only 10 seconds to craft. I guess you learned how to be less wasteful finally. They’re also being removed from Elite and hackable crates, and the miners’ hats had all its protection values increased.


It looks like pump jacks and quarries are being switched over to using diesel instead of low-grade production rates are also being adjusted, but these are subject to change too at the moment. And as part of this barrels of the black stuff are being added as spawns to water treatment power plant Mill tunnels, Junkyard, and Airfield.


Storage on a few Vehicles is being upped. Balloons, boats, and subs are all getting an extra six slots. Heli crate loot tables are being tweaked to make them more rewarding such as reducing the chance of lower-tier weapons and just getting single laptops, CCTVs, and MLRS Rockets. Only a single underwater lab will spawn now instead of three, but this is more likely to be a larger one with more puzzles. Cargo ship events will be less frequent, and oil rig reset timers being increased. However, I’m not sure what two at the moment.


Oh yes, Rowboats will now Auto magically Dismount you if they get flipped, and you won’t be able to mount them upside down underwater either, spoil Sports. And a static Caboose has been added to the Outpost pretty much exactly where I thought it was going to be; not there was much choice.


Now look, there are quite a few other things being tweaked and a lot of miscellaneous small fixes that I won’t bore you with, but I’m sure they’ll all contribute to a general overall feeling of quality in your life when this stuff all gets added in the next batch on December the 1st. And there will probably be a lot more to talk about in next week’s news too, so join me then.


Of course, a lot of other things are being worked on that are more long-term, which we shall get to when more info and visuals arrive. I’m really looking forward to seeing how industrial crafting pans out for one. Oh, and Charitable Rust last week apparently raised over a hundred and twenty thousand dollars, with more to come once skin sales are factored in; so well done, chaps.


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