RUST Update 25th August 2023

Parachutes! | Rust Update 25th August 2023

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

It’s finally happened: RUST will have Parachutes! This form of air travel is the latest feature to land on the staging branch and is now available for playtesting.

We do not yet know how players will acquire the Parachute during regular gameplay, but we expect to know more as we draw closer to September’s update. We know that Parachutes will be craftable, but we expect crafting materials and quantities to change before the next update. We’ll keep you updated.

To use a Parachute, first, you’ll need to equip one in the new clothing slot added to the inventory screen. Right-clicking the Parachute from your inventory will equip it to the correct clothing slot. Next, you’ll need to ensure you are at a reasonable height to jump from, as there is a bit of a delay when deploying. Once you are airborne, pressing the spacebar will deploy the chute.

You can steer the Parachute by using ‘A’ and ‘D’ to lean left and right. Pressing ‘W’ will speed you up, while pressing ‘S’ will slow you. You can equip a weapon while gliding with a Parachute, but you won’t be able to steer (not surprising), and your aim range is really limited currently. Parachutes begin to fall faster as they take damage and become more difficult to steer.

Should you collide with something or actually land with any kind of success, the Parachute will detach from you, and you’ll need to repack it before using it again. If you can’t wait the 8 seconds to repack the chute, it will eventually begin to decay.

Other changes in this week’s RUST Update

  • Equipped Parachutes will show up on the player’s back and play well with Hazmat Suits
  • Damaging a Parachute in flight will cause it to fall faster, eventually ejecting the owner when destroyed
  • Parachutes currently have 100 health and will lose 20 health with each use
  • Parachutes can be repaired at the moment using Metal Fragments
  • SAM sites will target Parachutes, so keep this in mind
  • Lockers will have increased slots to accommodate the added backpack slot
  • The Attack Helicopter gunner screen has improved to show ammo counts and totals
  • Hot Air Balloon Armor is going to be equip-able to the Hot Air Balloon and can be removed
  • The Tool Cupboard may see another layout update to better accommodate various tools
  • Weapon Racks are reported to be a paid DLC addition
  • The Nexus System branch shows commits about a clan scoring system

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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends. Shadowfrax here, and did you hear about the player who crashed his parachute into the wheel of misfortune? He’s slowly coming around.

Talking of which, tadaaa.. look what’s on the staging branch! After only 30 years of being in CONCEPT LIMBO, we’ve only gone and got a parachute now, innit?

There are some strings attached, but I’m here to take a deep dive with you into what we know right now. So strap in and follow me.

At the moment, the exact method of acquiring a parachute is SUBJECT TO CHANGE.. but currently, on the staging branch, they can be found in basic crates; they’ll eventually be researchable, I’m told, and at the moment, show a crafting requirement of 15 seconds and 30 metal frags NOT TARP.. heavy.

Anyway, don’t get too caught up on these details, please; a lot of this is being figured out on the fly before it lands in next month’s patch on September 7th.

The parachute takes the form of a backpack, textures are placeholder, I hope, which will be worn in its own new separate clothing slot just here; right-click to equip, and as you can see, it’s compatible with all good hazzys, too, as it visually replaces the tanks, etc. on the back.

To use one, once equipped, simply make sure you are in mid-air and at least above the height of your average pylon, and press the space bar to pull the cord. There seems to be a very slight delay here, so just take that into account.

You can steer the thing left and right with A and D; W leans you forward to travel faster, and S leans back for the opposite effect. You can also equip and shoot a weapon, but you won’t be able to steer whilst you do so because that needs hands. Plus, you don’t seem to be able to aim down very far. Hopefully, they fix that.

You can shoot a chute in the air to destroy it and eject the owner, which, in tests, currently takes about 15 AK shots. Also, when a parachute loses health, it becomes harder to steer and falls faster, thanks to the extra ventilation.

Apart from that, if you collide with something, dismount – not advisable, or hopefully manage to land, whichever happens, soonest, the parachute will drop off a little way in front of you and need to be repacked before being picked up again, which takes about the longest 8 seconds of your life. If you just leave them be, though, they will currently take an hour to start decaying and an extra hour to die fully.

They have 100 health and will lose about 20 per use, so that’s 5 jumps’ worth, although you can repair them to an extent using metal frags and NOT TARP naturally.. oh and they will also be targeted by Sam sites. Just so you understand the gravity of the situation when trying to get on top of launch.

If, for any reason, your parachute fails to open, though, don’t worry; you have the rest of your life to fix it.

In a related change, lockers, both deployed and camper versions, will be getting extra slots for parachutes, taking them up to 42 each.

The exact details are still up in the air, but next month’s patch does look like it will be heavily air-related. The attack chopper – also on staging – is shaping up nicely, although it is still SUBJECT TO CHANGE at this stage. The Gunner UI has had a couple more tweaks to its looks and how it shows current and total ammo.

Other air-related things being worked on that I don’t have an ETA on yet are a homing missile launcher, which I now know will be surface to air, require you to maintain a lock on the target to hit it, and can be misdirected with flares. No visuals yet, sadly.

And there’s Hot Air Balloon armor coming, which I believe will be something you’ll need to buy, probably from the Airwolf vendor. Again, there are no visuals yet, but I’ll bring you these when they become available.

In other works in progress this week, there’s a potential tool cupboard UI re-layout, removing the need to switch to the tool category, adding an extra slot, and allowing the spray can in tools.. although this might not even happen.

Weapon racks have been tweaked a bit more by the TEAM; I believe there are some slight size adjustments. They have proper icons now, you can reload weapons whilst they are on the racks, and the lights can all be hooked up, although only one of them actually illuminates as it should right now tut tut tut. I also have it on good authority that weapon racks will indeed be paid DLC in the next patch.. what a time to be alive.

Global networked bases, the thing I showed in detail last week, and which lets you see bases across the map in a performance-friendly way, will be coming in next month as well, and for those that would like to limit or turn it off, there is a new building distance slider in the options which controls this.

Further out, the Nexus system is taking more shape, and this week’s news of clan scores, which I believe will go towards some kind of clan reputation system somehow. What about solo scores? That’s what I want to know. Maybe they’re just too low.

Oh yes, and next month, after the patch, there will be some new Twitch drops. So that’s nice.

Erm, I think that’s about it this week. Yes. So you’re now up to date, and if you enjoyed the experience, please let me know with a sub, a like, and an insightful comment down below, which I may or may not reply to; who knows?

You can watch me play stuff on Twitch, follow me on a few socials to get updates on my content, and support me if you wish through YouTube memberships, super thanks, and Patreon; links are all below; I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty, cheerio.

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