RUST Update 24th September 2021

RUST Update 24th September 2021

Lights on Supply Drops + QOL pt 2 | Rust update 24th September 2021

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

The Quality of Life updates continue this week on the staging branch. Supply drops are receiving lights that will activate during the hours of 8 pm, and 7 am to assist players in locating them in the dark. The rotating light will surely capture the attention of nearby players, so while this makes finding the supply drop easier, it definitely does not make it safer 🙂

In other quality of life updates, the recent changes to authorizing friends on turrets and sleeping bags have been modified to show team members first in the list only if they are also a Steam friend. If the teammate is not a Steam friend, they will not show up. Additionally, the Steam IDs of players on these lists will not show if streamer mode is enabled.

A possible fix for the lighting bug on the player preview inventory screen may fix the wash-out effect that sometimes occurs to the player preview. And chat input is now limited to 128 characters, which should save you the effort of retyping messages that got cut off on the server-side.

On the admin side of things, in addition to enabling or disabling the cargo ship event, a new convar has been added to trigger the event’s start.

Other highlights in this update include:

  • New lights are being added to supply drops that fall during dark hours
  • The lights will stay lit for a little while after the drop touches ground to give players time to visually locate it
  • Friend authorization on sleeping bags and turrets will now show teammates at the top of the list only if they are Steam friends
  • Steam IDs will not show on these lists if streamer mode is activated
  • Sign previews from inventory will not show up now if you’ve elected to hide signs from the game options
  • Client-side chat input is now capped at 128 characters to match the cap on the server side
  • Purchasing skulls at vending machines will now show the names of the player they once were attached to
  • New ‘cargoshipevent’ convar available to server owners to trigger the start of the cargo ship event
  • Tweaks to procgen will now do minimum distance checks to make sure roadside monuments don’t spawn too close to other monuments
  • Tweaks to cliffs
  • Item search in crafting menus will now disregard accents in character comparisons
  • More progress on the desert military monument and MLRS branches
  • More commits in the Nexus branch, although details are still hidden

And with that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here with your weekly rust thing where today we have a quick QOL part deux episode while we wait patiently for some new content, which hopefully will be worth the.. wait.


But first, please subscribe if you haven’t, it would make me happy.


And so to the staging branch, where this week in Rust: The big print version with pictures. Any Supply drops delivered between the in-game hours of 8 pm and 7 am will now have a big rotating light on top and white lights on the bottom.


These will stay on for a while after it lands to aid in locating said drops in dense foliage, although the siren light beam can only be seen once you get within a certain radius of it.


This is a fairly big change, so let me know what you think in the comments, please.


After the recent improvements to authorizing friends on turrets, the assign UI for these and sleeping bags will show TEAM members first in the list, but only if they’re a Steam friend. And Steam IDs in this context won’t be displayed if you’re in streamer mode.


Also, if you have signs hidden in the options, you won’t now see the preview for a painted one in your inventory.


Chat input is now limited to 128 characters, not a problem if you’re used to working with Twitter.. but it was trimmed to 128 characters anyway on the server, so this should save you typing more than you need to.


The name of a skull being purchased in the vending machine can be seen in the purchase panel now, and for anyone wanting to sell them, you weirdos, they will be offered in the order you put them into the machine’s inventory.


And for server owners, there’s a new convar to start the cargoship event, imaginatively called ‘cargoshipevent’.. and the admin panel I showed you a shot of last week is now live in the console.


As you can see, it’s possible to search for players on the server by their name or steam ID; when a player is selected, you can copy their IDs with buttons, ban/kick them and add reasons.


You’ve got a nice list of server info in the middle and on the right, a good number of useful convars at your fingertips. I imagine this is all still SUBJECT TO CHANGE, though, and hopefully, it’ll become ever more powerful.


Also, a few changes are being made to procedural generation, with tweaks to cliffs and a minimum distance check to make sure roadside monuments won’t spawn too close to other monuments causing terrain issues.


In works in progress, the new desert base is still rattling on, but no visuals available yet, apart from this one, of course. Still not sure exactly what the event will be that involves the YMCA or ADHD or whatever it’s called.. but it certainly sounds explosive.


There’s more work on missions. Nexus, and improvements to water, and hopefully, I’ll be in a position to fill you in with more info in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.


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