RUST Update 24th November 2023

As we near the end of the November wipe cycle, it’s time to start looking forward to what December’s update will contain. The Facepunch team has been working to prepare for RUST‘s 10th anniversary next month, a monumental milestone for any game.

For those of us who have been around for many seasons, it’s the time of year when we reflect on the good and the not-so-great changes we’ve seen in the game and remember a simpler time on the island with features that have been discontinued. A time when the best loot you could stumble upon was another player’s well-traveled paper map with various base locations marked with an ‘X.’

Legacy items

A handful of “legacy” items are working their way through the commits and onto the staging branch. One such item is the Legacy Furnace. This chunky furnace resembles a roughly hewn stone smelter, quite different than the present-day furnace’s smoother, river clay surface texture. However, the differences are only cosmetic, and the two furnaces function in the exact same ways: durability, cost to craft, and smelting ability.

Next up is the Legacy Bow, which isn’t quite ready for staging at the time of this writing but is rapidly taking shape in the commits. I suspect this legacy version will work similarly to the furnace: functionally the same but with the legacy skin.

The Benelli M4 Shotgun is the next new legacy item described as “A semi-automatic military issue shotgun.” This new weapon has a much greater range than the rest of the shotguns, and it is unclear yet if it will be craftable as it is currently not able to research.

Finally, we have the Legacy Shelter, which should strike up those nostalgic chords. This small, placeable shelter allows a fresh player to seek a bit of protection in the beginning game by offering a 1×1 grid of shelter and a locking door. We aren’t sure yet of the final HP amounts or the crafting cost, but we will update next week if this feature merges with staging. It will be nice to have a primitive shelter option in the early game, even if it’s just to depot resources while farming.

Twitch Rivals 4

Part of the 10th Anniversary celebration includes a special Twitch Rivals event! The Rust 10th Anniversary Team Battle IV will take place on December 11, 2023 at 11 am PST – 2 pm EST. Rust creators from North America and Europe will compete in ten teams to be the last ones with their TC intact. Viewers can earn some exclusive skins by watching the event, namely the Twitch Rivals Desk and the Twitch Rivals Hazmat Suit. Both items are only skins for the in-game items and have no additional functionality, just the option for customization. Personally, I like a purple hazzy option. 

Other changes in this RUST Update

  • The Frontier Building skin is likely to be available with December’s update.
  • If it follows the pricing pattern of the other Building Skins, expect it to be priced around $12.99 USD.
  • The Gingerbread building skin is also very likely to be released in December, but most likely during the seasonal content event.
  • Twitch Rivals 4 will kick off on December 11th and includes drops that viewers can earn by watching participating streamers on Twitch.
  • Industrial System pipes will receive additional colors: pink, purple, light blue, and orange.
  • The compass will soon be hidden when the map is open.
  • The Patrol Heli crate will be updated from the military crate model to the elite/ Bradley crate model.
  • Legacy Furnace will support the storage adapter function.
  • Bandages will soon revive downed players in the same way that syringes can revive downed players.
  • The FPS Limit setting under the Screen tab will no longer be able to go below a minimum of 20 FPS.
  • Vote RUST for the “Labor of Love” Steam Award!

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Thanks for reading, and see you in the next RUST update!

Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and Friends Shadow. Frank here with the news at Rust where new items seem to be falling out of the sky like your mom trying to fly over launch site probably, so let’s get straight into it and, FYI, everything I’m showing you is currently on the staging Branch only so won’t be in the main game until next month’s patch.

Rust has its 10-year anniversary next month, making it older than most of the player base, and to celebrate, there are some Legacy throwback items coming in.

Last week, I showed some images of the wood shelter, which is still being worked on, but when complete, will let you craft a quick one-by-one man shed with an integrated door and lock and enough room for the bare necessities to plan down somewhere and get a foothold.

Some of you will remember this if you were there in the good old days. In fact, I wonder how many of you actually were. If you ever played Rust in its original form, perhaps you could just comment # Legacy down below for me to let me know, and I’ll try to do count up.

There is no word yet on durability or cost; all I know is that originally, they were cheap to make and had about 1,000 HP, but don’t hold me to that, although I think we’ll be seeing a plague of them when they get added.

To go with this, there’s now a legacy furnace on staging, which is kind of similar looking, in a pile of old rocks with a hole in it sort of way. Cost, performance, and durability are exactly the same as the normal furnace, I believe, and here they are side to side for comparison, although it seems the Legacy one is quite a bit bulkier.

There’s a Legacy Bow model, which is still a work in progress, and I can’t show, yet, but I believe will be a similar story. And now on staging, the Legacy Benelli shotty has been added too. This is going to be a new Standalone weapon with a focus on long-range hits. Here are the stats, and at the moment how it will be acquired is to be confirmed. It’s currently uncraftable and unresearched, although this is subject to change.

Not only, but also, the Legacy Frontier building skin for wood is here. You may remember me showing this one off a few weeks back, but here it is now properly integrated and with all the frontier decor stuff we just got. It’s only a walk across the street to imagine a full Wild West Town springing up near you soon. I believe the team out of the generosity of their hearts is giving the bow, furnace, and shelter to us for free simply for being loyal players, but I think the frontier building skin will be a DLC of the month pending confirmation.

Anyway, it looks like December’s going to be a very busy month for old Rust. Twitch Rivals four is kicking off and there’s a supporter streamer thing going on at the same time with the potential for you to earn two other goodies, namely this very purple computer station along with a matching purple hazmat suit skin. I’ll put links in the description about these events if I remember. Basically, both these Skins are just that and won’t add anything unless you’re trying to camouflage yourself in a purple environment.

There’s also the gingerbread building skin now on staging, which will be a seasonal item in December and will seemingly be for the wood tier. I think that’s how it’s going to work.

In other news, a few things that you should know about. Bandages will soon be able to revive downed players in the same way as syringes. That’s quite a big change, really. There’ll be extra colors for industrial pipes soon: orange, light blue, purple, and pink.

The compass will be hidden when the map’s open, and it’ll be easier to see if the oil rig is currently irradiated as spinning siren lights are being added to the bottom of both rigs to warn you from a distance. This isn’t currently in.

Oh, and you won’t be able to set the FPS limit lower than 20 to fix a few issues and exploits. Does this mean most of you won’t be able to play the game at all, then? LOL.

There were a few small fixes, including to stop sprinklers from wasting water, for explosive ammo behavior when damaging buildings, and to stop players from accidentally falling out of hot air balloons.

To works in progress, and I’m told the metal detector won’t be showable until January, but there’s a lot of work going on with that. There’s the Nexus system. Still no date on when that game-changer will drop, and of course, there’s a Tutorial Island in the works, which is currently slated for release sometime early next year.

Now, I think that’s about it, but I’d love to know your thoughts on this upcoming stuff. So please let me know below and leave me a sub and a like if you appreciated the vid.

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