RUST Update 24th July 2020

rust update 24th july 2020

Armored Passenger Module  | RUST Update 24th July 2020

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax.

In this RUST Update, Shadowfrax gives us a look at the newest module to be added to the Modular cars arsenal: the Armored Passenger module! Now, you can store your team in solitary confinement whilst taking a much more peaceful drive to your next monument. Also, the Wooden Barricade has now made its way onto staging branch! You can craft it for 250 wood and research for 20 scrap currently, and as always, this is likely to change as we draw closer to the wipe.

Here are some of the highlights of the update:

  • The Wooden Barricade has made its way to the staging branch
  • Adjustments to mass and collision damage for cars when hitting people and animals
  • Progress made on the new Armored Passenger module for modular cars
  • Changes to vehicle decay while on powered lifts and removing engine parts no longer prevents decay
  • Some Summer DLC items have had their vulnerabilities adjusted and are more squishy
  • HBHF sensor range is being increased to 15 meters
  • Adjustments to water pump frequency and volume
  • Locking coffins?
  • New features for mapping convars to midi devices for cool cinematic effects!
  • The RUST mixing table branch is still seeing action and there’s mention of tea recipes, yum!
  • The voice props branch is getting some activity, but still no details on this feature
  • A new boat shop is in the works, much like the Air Wolf shop–but for water!

And with that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcript

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here and welcome to another episode of the Rust update, or ‘this game’s going to be humongous by the time they’re finished with it’. And, as you may have already seen, last week a familiar strategic deployable all the way from the legacy era made its way on to the staging branch. The wooden barricade. a workbench level 1 item that costs only 20 scrap to research. That much hasn’t changed, but over the last week, its health and cost have.. it’s now 250 wood to craft instead of just 100, its hp has dropped from 135 down to 120 and it will decay even faster outside of building privilege.


Apart from that not much else to report on it except to say that this is all still SUBJECT TO CHANGE. so look out for more tweaks in the 2 weeks remaining until August’s forced wipe and patch.


In the world of cars a number of adjustments are being made to mass, and collision damage when hitting animals or humans.. But the best thing that’s being worked on is a new armored passenger module.. Soon there’ll be no more fighting over steering wheels as a better option will be available. Each module is its own separate section, but comes with flaps not just between passengers and the outside world, but also between each section.. So if you want to completely ignore your TEAM, you can.


There were also some changes to vehicle decay, with none being applied when one’s on a powered vehicle lift, but it will no longer be possible to prevent decay of stationary cars by removing their engine parts.


Boogie boards and inner tubes, being the cheap seaside treat they are, are now much more vulnerable to bullet and slash damage, and paddling pools are no longer invulnerable to thrown weapons. Such a game breaking bug that one.


On the staging branch, HBHF sensor range was increased to 15 metres, and their description was changed accordingly.


Water pumps will be faster, with pumps yielding more water per pump. Hostile markers should only show when within 200 metres of a safe zone. And in a stunning move, coffins can now finally be locked. because zombies or something I don’t know.


There were a ton of small quality of life tweaks apart from this, but something really cool for cinematographers, is going to be the ability to map convars to midi devices, whether that’s with a controller as shown here, or even a midi controller app, with this all being done over wifi. I’m sure if you’re into this sort of thing then you’re already salivating. And you should be able to find a full write up of how to get started with it on the Rust wiki sometime next week.


To works in progress now, and it appears that things with the mixing table are heating up, a lot of commits lately about that one. Still no visuals or exact details from the TEAM about what to expect with it apart from some tea recipes. The voice props branch has also started receiving more commits lately, and again this one is shrouded in mystery. Is it related to leaving each other voice mails? Or something to do with the lore? Time will tell.


And it appears that there’ll be a new boat shop and fishing village at some point soon. Presumably a separate monument and not something attached to the harbor. Although, there are no visuals or details to give yet. I’m guessing it’ll work something like the Air Wolf vendor, but what will this one be called. Sea cow? I’ll keep you updated when I know more.


And finally, sharpen your crayons and dust off MS paint.. Facepunch are having a merch design competition. I’ll leave a link down below for you to check it out. Make sure you’re subscribed for updates and more. Leave a like if you enjoyed this vid and join me on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Discord and my steeeeam group. Links are below. I’ll catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty. Cheerio.


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