RUST Update 23rd September 2022

More furnace changes, industrial crafters!? | Rust update 23rd September 2022

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

It’s been a bit since our last update, so let’s catch up on what’s been happening in RUST development since the Hardcore Gamemode update went live.

Furnace UI reworked, again

Furnaces are getting changed up–again! The current implementation cooks down the left-most stack before moving on to the second, third, etc. Recent commits show that this functionality is changing to allow all inputs to cook simultaneously (like they did initially). Icons will be added to slots where materials are cooking to indicate that the item is processing. Additionally, a new visual indicator is being added to show each material’s cook/burn rates in the input slots. Only fuel inputs will continue to burn one stack at a time.

These changes will be applied to all oven types: furnaces, refineries, BBQs, and so on. It is uncertain whether these changes will be included in the October 6th update, but we should know more when changes get pushed to staging next week.

Server browser and menu UIs

Updates to the server browser continue with some major UI rework. These changes should be easier to use than the current server browser tag filter by organizing options into categories rather than listing the lot altogether. Other menu options will receive a new treatment for selecting by drop-downs rather than a pagination method.

The new campfire model is now on staging in all of its cozy warmth and goodness. And the new painting UI provides RUST artists with a larger palette of colors to paint their masterpieces.

RUST campfire model comparison
A before and after comparison of the campfire models

Other highlights in this RUST update include:

  • Furnace UI is getting more modifications
  • The UI will now allow all inputs to cook simultaneously and show consumption rates with a visual
  • Tech tree scrap prices will be increased for hardcore game mode
  • New campfire world model is now on staging for you to cozy up to
  • Underground workcarts will receive couplings to build subterranean train systems
  • A handcart is in the works so players can self-propel themselves along rail systems
  • An “industrial” branch has cropped up with details on a blueprint input, material inputs and an output
  • This “industrial crafter” will automatically craft items as soon as it receives the proper materials to craft the blueprinted item
  • Fuel wagons have new min yields of 100-400 and a new max yield of 300-900 low grade fuel
  • More progress on the nuclear missile silo, new commits showing texture, prefab and mesh progress
  • Fix for spawning trees on rails
  • A new DLC has been teased with reskins for tools and a new hazzy

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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends; Shadowfrax here with your latest node of update ore, and this week, I think instead of shooting the messenger, you might just be wanting to give him a crate full of pies. But first! What the, but over half of you aren’t even subscribed! What’s going on? Ok, let’s do a fun experiment; I’m going to say to you now if you watch my vids, but you’re not subbed, sub now, and then next week, we’ll see how much this has changed. Oh, and leave me a like and join the ring-a-ding-ding club while you’re at it.


Ok, now to the meat and two vegs of this update vid as it were, which I’d be surprised if you didn’t like. A couple of days ago, a commit popped up about the Furnace UI rework.. thusly. “Cook all slots at once rather than the 1st slot, then the 2nd slot, etc.”.. Now, this is currently still on an internal branch, but I managed to get my greasy hooves on some footage of how this will work in practice. Just remember, of course, as with everything always, this is SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


As you can see here, both sulfur and metal ore will start cooking simultaneously once more in a furnace; not only but also you’ll get a nice visualization of the cooking speed.

Next, a look at how the large furnace handles it as well, and basically, all stacks of ore will cook at the same time at their own rates. And it’s only the fuel that will continue to use up a stack at a time, but that’s not really an issue.


This is a blanket change coming to all ovens, so the same logic applies to BBQs, refineries, etc., and I imagine this will be included in the next patch on the 6th of October.


Not only but also some other quality-of-life changes are coming in hot, with the server browser UI getting a rework; this will let you filter by tags in a much more pleasurable check boxy way. Plus, options are getting changed to use drop-down boxes instead of selecting between them with left and right, but that’s not merged yet as of writing.


And for the first time since 2015, the Jackson Pollocks among us will finally have access to more colors in the painting palette! Hey, paint is expensive! Talking of which, you should check out the vid I posted a couple of days ago that only about 10% of you have seen. It’s a moving documentary about one man’s quest to make Rust Grey-t again. Go and watch it after this; it needs some love!


In other adjustments, fuel wagon yields will be a max 300->900 Low grade and a min 100->400, and tech tree prices on hardcore servers are going to inflate because it is hardcore, after all. And although it’s still very much SUBJECT TO CHANGE.. it’ll probably settle somewhere around T1 being 25% more expensive, T2 being 50% more, and T3 being double the current cost.


Plus, that new campfire model is on staging now and looking rather inviting.


Something that popped up in the commits last week, but of course, there wasn’t enough other news to make a vid, was that underground work carts will now have couplers, which would imply that they will be couplable to other things, things which at the moment obviously don’t spawn underground. But I checked into this, and indeed it looks like in the future, we’ll be able to do the same sort of thing with trains underground that we currently do on the surface. There may even be an event involved, and possibly in the far future, both above and below-ground circuits will ideally link up. What a time to be alive.


Talking of which, the TEAM snuck this commit in this week too .. so it looks like we’ll be able to get around the tracks under our own steam as well soon. No low grade is needed; just jump on and start pumping.


One of the most exciting changes coming up is what has started happening in the “industrial” branch. Now, this is an internal branch; it’s likely that we won’t see the results of this for quite a while. But it has started with the mention of an industrial crafter, which needs to be attached to a workbench and will auto-craft things for you.


Apparently, this is all a plan to eventually create a system for piping together various things, such as workbenches, furnaces, containers, etc., etc. with inputs and outputs to create automated crafting systems. An electric furnace will also be included in this, I believe, and details are sketchy, of course, so I can only speculate, but it puts me in mind of a plugin I showed a few vids back that lets you do a similar thing. Although not as elegantly and tidily as an official system will be able to do it, I’m sure.


This is also, I’m told, a LONG way off.. with a ton of work to do to get everything playing nicely and make all the pipes line up. I just hope it looks something like this, with visible items whizzing along pneumatic tubes. Ah, we can dream.


There were a number of small fixes and tweaks this week, including some to sort out issues involving ragdolls and collisions, trees spawning on rails, and debris blockers getting destroyed by rockets.


In works in progress, there’s so much happening, and so little I can actually show you at the moment, but there are, of course, pets, the new caboose with a blackjack game, the ferry terminal for server hopping, and the nuclear missile silo.


However, finally, you may be wondering what the thumbnail is all about; well, these are not new items per se, although they do look amazing. I’m told that a new paid DLC is on the way.. which will include reskins for tools and, I believe, also a new Hazzy. Not sure exactly when these will hit or the finer points of what will be included, but I’ll keep you informed as and when I get the scoop.


Let me know what you think about these and, indeed, all the changes in the comments below, please.

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