RUST Update 23rd June 2023

First look at the Ferry Terminal, Diver Suit, Tugboat, and more RUST Update 23rd June 2023

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

We’re roughly two weeks away from July’s force-wipe for the Abyss Update, and what joys have arrived on the Aux02 staging branch for us to check out! 

As we learned in last week’s RUST update, the Tugboat is the largest of the player-driven water vehicles. In the current state of Aux02, Tugboats are confirmed to spawn at both Small and Large Harbors, but this may change with the official update. There is still no confirmation on whether players can place sleeping bags, furnaces, or any other devices on the deck or inside the suspiciously roomy lower deck interior. At present, no items can be deployed in the interior room or on the main deck. 

The Tugboat runs on low-grade fuel like the other water vehicles, but this could change, given that the wipe is still two weeks away. We do not know how much health the Tugboat has since it currently does not take damage from rocket fire, nor can it be repaired yet. 

Diver suit

The diver suit is also available on Aux02 for players to try out. This dashing hazmat reskin helps you realize your dream of underwater exploration in style. To complete the set, a handful of new item skins are also available:

Abyssal item skins

The diver torch gives off the same amount of light as the regular torch. However, this torch will stay lit when you take it underwater. You can also light the diver torch while underwater, making this a handy addition to have. 

Other changes in this RUST Update

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Video Transcript

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here, and today’s update vid is going to be all about what’s going on over on the Aux02 staging branch, which has just opened for the public to check out, along with a few new things that – all being well – we should be getting in the next patch on 6th July. And if you want to take it for a test run yourself, destructions will be in the description below.


Just remember – and I will say this only once – that everything you see here is still fluid and therefore SUBJECT TO CHANGE, right up until the next patch and most likely beyond.


Please give me a thumbs up and sub to the channel if you aren’t already, and let’s dive in.


I’m smashing this video together with my fists in a hurry as I’m really short on time today, so apologies if It’s a bit short and rough and I miss anything, but first up, a new small monument, the Ferry Terminal, which appears like it’ll be spawning as its own separate thing, and here’s a view of it from the air.


There are several buildings, a mini lighthouse, various abandoned vehicles and containers, and a boarding gate, but although it looks quite busy, at the moment, you can only enter the one building, which contains the departure lounge and ticket office. There are some new posters to gawp at, a phone and an entrance to the underground network which it will be integrated with. There’s also a vehicle lift outside in the drop-off zone in case you want to do any last-minute mechanics.


But at the moment, and for a while after it gets added, there will be no real function to this monument apart from stopping you from building around it. That will all come in with the nexus system, which will let you catch a ferry from here, presumably, and travel to another linked server with whatever gear you have on you. There is what looks like it’ll be a readout for the destination on the sign here, too, so you’ll be able to see at a glance what the current destination is.


For the time being, it seems there will be some loot spawning here, though, and there is a jump puzzle on the boarding gate, so I’m sure the best stuff will be up there. Also, I’m told there might be some NPCs here at some point, but that’s not confirmed.


Next up is a bigger boat, which we obviously need, and this one is officially the biggest thing you can drive, sail, or pilot in Rust so far. *slaps hull; this bad boy can fit so many Zergs in it. The tugboat is basically the model you’ve seen in a static state in the harbors etc., for years, but this one can be entered, sailed, and walked around on.

It runs on low grade as per other vehicles, and I can’t tell you what health it’ll have as that hasn’t been added yet, but it won’t be indestructible. It’s also unsure yet as to what else apart from Zerg transportation it will be useful for. I’ve heard rumors of placing down sleeping bags etc., in the hold, but that is very much an idea that is yet to be floated; it certainly seems you could have a lot of fun in here, so it probably won’t happen, but that’s all up to the TEAM to decide.


On to the blue whale in the room now, of course, and you can currently see me modeling the latest in diving fashion and accessories, and so it seems what we have here is a new DLC which, like the lumberjack one, will not only include a hazzy reskin, but some new tool reskins too.


First, the hazzy, which, although being a diving suit, doesn’t have any additional functionality as far as I can see and has the exact same stats as a normal one. Good for camouflaging yourself in brown environments, though, I guess, and it will also come with four items reskins, a seaweed and barnacle-encrusted AK with an anchor instead of a shovel handle. There’s a pick that is made out of another anchor, a hatchet, which drips menacingly at you, but my favorite has to be the torch reskin, which is absolutely fantastic and, unlike a normal torch, doesn’t go out underwater, did someone say pay to swim?.. I’m assuming it’ll make some kind of sound when it’s on, but it doesn’t right now, being subject to change and all that.


So yeah, I really like the look of this high-quality stuff, as expected, but what do you think? Are you tempted?


Something else finally that seems to be coming in next month is the new water update that I showed you ages ago, but that has been held back until now. This should bring all sorts of improvements to shorelines and waves, and hopefully, performance will be better too. Time will tell.


That’s about it for this vid. I’m expecting to have a better idea of all this stuff and whatever else is coming in next month’s patch next week, so tune in there for a more “in-depth” look and tell me your thoughts, please, on all you’ve seen today.


You are now officially up to date. Leave a like and sub, join me in all the places I hang out; links are below, and come say hi to me on Twitch if you get a chance. Thanks to my amazing supporters once more who keep me going and motivated, and if you made it this far, then I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, you know the drill.


Keep calm and stay Rusty. Cheerio.

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