RUST Update 22nd October 2021

Frankenstein table?? | Rust update 22nd October 2021

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

Halloween is around the corner so that means the beloved Halloween events will be unlocking any day now. In addition to all of your Halloween favorites like Murderers and candy hunts brought to you by CandyVision, a new surprise has been scrapped together behind the walls of hidden commits.

A Frankenstein Table, which will be player crafted at a Tier 1 workbench for 200 metal frags, will allow players to combine monster parts into an NPC Frankenstein monster / zombie big boy. It seems you can issue commands / give him commands via a pie wheel interaction to wake him up, put him to sleep, or give him things to hold, as one of the options implies that he is a storage container! The details on what this large, walking purse will do for us are not yet known, nor if this will be a feature available only via the store.

In other update news, the MLRS is now textured and more polished. The cockpit area is looking more refined and the display system is now working. You’ll be able to view the island map on the system display to choose the location you wish to attack. Any location is reachable, however the strike itself seems to be a bit spread out in a radius of the selected target.

To add to this, not all rockets loaded into the tubes are guaranteed to fire with the launch, and we don’t yet know if these unspent rockets will be retrievable or if they are consumed. It makes sense that you should load all the rockets you’ve got with you to adjust for the fact that some rockets will not fire as well as the spread of the rocket strike on the target. Once you’ve launched your strike, the MLRS will break down for 60 minutes preventing any further fire. Good to know!

Other highlights in this update include:

  • The MLRS has proper textures added
  • The MLRS cockpit is now more detailed and contains a working display of the game map
  • Currently, rockets fired will take the same amount of time to hit their target anywhere on the map
  • It seems not all rockets loaded into the cannon are guaranteed to fire, but are they still being consumed?
  • After firing, the MLRS breaks down for 60 minutes, so you’d better plan your strike carefully..
  • The desert military bases are getting preliminary textures and placeholder dwellers
  • New Halloween item “Frankenstein table” added to staging
  • The new Frankenstein Table can be crafted at a level 1 workbench for 200 metal frags
  • It seems you will be able to place a monster head, torso and legs into the table to craft your own monster NPC
  • It is currently unknown how you will be acquiring these monster parts, we’ll update when we have more info
  • We should be seeing the return of the Halloween Hunt candy hunt for tasty prizes

And with that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors, and friends; Shadowfrax here with another weekly effort to bring you the latest from Rust development.


Before I go on, do subscribe if you’re not already and join the ring-a-ding-ding club. Oh, and I’ve got a giveaway at the end of the video for my UK followers, sorry rest of the world! But stay tuned for that if that’s where you live!


Right so over on the staging branch Rockety McRocketFace or the ‘RMRF’ as I will be calling him from now on has finally been textured, and although the exact functionality is still rather fuzzy around the edges.. a bit like me.. it is all starting to come together with a proper cockpit and an upgraded display.


You’ll notice now that you can reach anywhere on the island except a circle directly around you and that the rockets basically will take the same amount of time to reach their target regardless of where it is; they just go faster the farther they have to go.


Also worth noting is that not all the rockets you load it with are guaranteed to launch, and the actual strike is quite spread out and random. So still not sure how much use it’ll be as a raiding tool. Also–also a commit today mentions how it will break down for 60 minutes after firing, so it looks like it might be nerfed from the start.


Apart from that, the associated abandoned military bases are still without any loot and only contain a couple of disgruntled lab dwellers, who are probably placeholders. Still, there’s plenty enough time for the desert bases to be beaten into shape for next month’s patch on the 4th of November.


No video last week because apart from a lot of suspiciously shaped lumps moving around behind the curtain, the TEAM were keeping their secrets rather well, and I think maybe it was something to do with this. A Frankenstein table. Totally not an RP item that needs a level 1 workbench, costs 200 frags, and into which you insert a mix and match set of legs, heads, and torsos and then flip a switch to turn him from a Frankenstein into a Frankenfine.


Yes, I know that’s not what the monster was called; I just like that quote. You can also send him to sleep again.


I think the result of your experiment is meant to follow you around like some kind of personal ‘body’ guard, although he just stands there at the moment.. and it looks like you might only be able to have one at a time.. so banish thoughts of developing a Frankenzerg from your mind.


It’s not fully implemented yet and SUBJECT TO CHANGE, but being that time again, as well as all the other usual stuff, this should splash down properly sometime in the next few days.


There were a few other QOL tweaks that slid in over the last week or so, though including a fix for ore node sparkly spots sometimes floating in the air and a change to the hurt trigger on elevators to stop players standing in them from taking damage when someone else is stupid enough to get crushed underneath. That was quite annoying.


Berry descriptions were updated to mention their use in mixing table recipes. And an admin command: ‘entity.downloadsign’ was added, which downloads the sign the player is currently looking at to the game folder with a given filename. This also downloads all frames of neon signs and numbers them.


“Apart from that, have you got anything grammar horse?”


“Well, I did notice that the water pump says it can be connected to other water ‘entities. I’m not sure what one of those is?”


“Well, I think you’re at least ‘entite’-led to ask.”


“And what about you prefab wolf?”


“Well, one fing I was wondering. Why is the laser detector still a placeholder weapon laser sight nearly free years after it was added? All the uvver electrical stuff has its own models.”


“Hmm, good question. Maybe someone could shine a light on that for us.”


“‘Ere, if you’re looking for a bit of extra content this week, I think my mate texture chicken wanted a word with you.”


“Oh, hello.”


“Yes, I was wondering why the handprints on the glass of the skull trophies are so small? I mean, were they made by children? Or monkeys?”


Hmm, now that IS scary.


Right well, I have scraped the news barrel this week and scooped it into the update bowl for you once again.


But now, as promised, a giveaway for my UK followers from the smashing chaps at who power my content.. they are giving away a DeepCool Castle 360RGB V2 AIO liquid cooler. It’s a very sexy-looking unit with anti-leak technology, which is a good thing, and it could be yours if you live in the UK (or know someone who does) and enter the giveaway with the link in the description.


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