RUST Update 22nd July 2022

New trainyard event and locomotive! | Rust Update 22nd July 2022

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

The suspense over the new trainyard update has come to a close because the new trainyard event is now available on the aux02 staging branch! Players can opt into the aux02 branch using the following steps:

How to opt-in to a RUST Beta Branch

  1. Right-click on the game in your Steam library and choose ‘Properties’ from the context menu.
  2. Click on the Betas tab to bring up a dropdown that will show which betas you’ve opted in to (default setting to ‘none’.)
  3. From this list, select ‘aux02 – Trainyard update’ and this will queue your staging branch with the update for the auxiliary branch.
  4. Install the update and run the game to search for servers that are running the desired update. If you are feeling especially adventurous, you could even setup your own staging branch server.

Trainyard changes and event

The biggest changes of note to the Trainyard include the addition of the coaling tower and the integration of the monument with the rail network main line. Linking the Trainyard with the rail network is especially important to allow players to shunt two new train wagons into the yard for the coaling tower event.  

A loot wagon and a fuel wagon will spawn at currently unknown locations, in which players can opt to shunt them into the Trainyard to have the coaling tower assist in harvesting the loot from the wagons. Players will need a green card and fuse to access the coaling tower control room to initiate the event that will either reveal loot crates in the loot wagon or process fuel from the fuel wagon. Loot tables and amounts are still likely to change before release on the August update.

Other highlights in this RUST update include:

  • The coaling tower has been named “Cobalt Logistics”
  • Two types of lootable wagons will be available to use at the coaling tower event
  • Players will need to pull these wagons into the coaling tower siding using a workcart or locomotive
  • Once the wagon is in place, players will need to use a green card and fuse to access the coaling tower control room
  • New light switches on monuments
  • A new locomotive model
  • Workcarts and the locomotive now have horns
  • Basic wagons are receiving new models
  • Work continues on the ‘molotov_cocktail’ branch with commits about flashbangs
  • Nexus branch work continues with initial implementation of a queueing system for ferries

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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends; Shadowfrax here again, and today do I have a treat for you! It’s only an exclusive first look around the new trainyard monument rework. And what am I asking in return? Only a quick press of the subscribe and like buttons.


Anyway, I was a bit concerned there wouldn’t be much news this week. But then, like Gandalf popping his head over the hill on the fifth day, I was suddenly able to give this little beauty a try for you, and the good news is you’ll be able to test it soon, too—details in the description.


So, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that the trainyard is getting reworked slightly, with a new section that includes an event, and it’s finally linking up to the rest of the rail network. Oh, the realism! Also, on this branch, there are new light switches on monuments and new locomotives.


First, you’ll notice the layout of the trainyard is almost identical to before, as this side-by-side shows. But there are two very important changes, here and here. Firstly, the main line running through will now be linked up to the rail network, as you can see on the map.


Other monuments will eventually link up in the same way, but one thing at a time, eh? There’s also a new locomotive in town, but I’ll get to that in a moment.


A new “Cobalt Logistics” coaling tower is the main addition to the trainyard (remember there was a naming competition? Well done if this was yours), and this straddles the main line. Everything I’m showing you is, of course, deeply SUBJECT TO CHANGE.. so don’t jump to final conclusions, but here’s a rough summary of how it works at the moment.


It appears two types of lootable wagons will be spawning in the world; not sure where yet. One that contains loot and one that has fuel. You won’t be able to get at the contents, though, unless you bring them here.


You’ll need to use a workcart, or one of these – a new locomotive model, and as far as I’m aware, the difference in the future will be that the workcart will be a lot slower at pulling laden wagons and will be less powerful in general I think.


Also, the loco has twice the health right now; not sure yet where these will spawn. Oh yes, and both workcarts and locos have horns now. Left click.


Anyway, simply pull up with your loot wagon or wagons from either direction until you are in position as indicated on the dash. Then you’ll need a green keycard and a fuse to unload. At the console in the tower, you can automagically switch between multiple wagons and remove the contents.


In the case of a loot wagon, the vacuum will suck out all the coal (which just disappears into the aether, sadly), and this will reveal the lovely, lovely loot. For you to loot. Shame we haven’t worked out how to use coal yet; we are rather undersubscribed on it.


And in the case of the fuel one, you’ll find said fuel deposited in the tank inside the tower. Loot tables and quantities are, of course, all SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


Also, on this branch, you’ll find lighting! First, on workcarts and locomotives on the front and back to show if one is traveling towards you, away, or is just stationary.


Then there’s monument lighting which the TEAM has been working on quite a bit over the last few weeks. So now you’ll find that most monuments have a few switches around which you can use to illuminate and unilluminate them.


Or even just leave them on constantly if you want a reminder of the days when you didn’t need to worry about such things. Although actually, I just checked, and they will turn themselves off after a while; how energy conscious.


Oh, and there are also some new basic wagon models now. Nice. Although these might not be merged in for a while, so I’m told. Everything else I’ve shown you here can be tested right now on the Aux02 branch, which can be opted into on the staging client. Of course, you’ll need a corresponding server to join that branch. But one or two should pop up soon. I’ll put the destructions in the description.


After that, these changes are planned to merge onto the normal staging branch on the 28th of July, and then all being well, it’ll be accessible for everyone on the release branch when the next patch rolls around on August 4th.


Now I want to know what you think of these changes, so please leave me your best comment down below, and I’ll try to read them all. Don’t forget to thumbs up and sub, and ring the notification bell.


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