RUST Update 21st June 2024

New Gestures, Vendor details, Sidecar

Development is trucking along this week and there is more to see and dig in to. So let’s do so, shall we?

RUST Update 21st June 2024

Hail, Traveling Vendor!

First up is the Traveling Vendor. This ice cream truck-esque vendor has come a long way since last week’s update, and now we’ve got a better idea of how it fits into the vanilla gameplay. The vendor will spawn if the current map has a ring road. Server owners: this means that your vanilla server must set a map size of at least 4250 if you want the vendor to spawn.

Players can quickly locate the vendor on the map by spotting its icon. Unlike other vendor types, the Traveling Vendor Event doesn’t show its current inventory, so you’ll have to intercept it to check on the current inventory for sale.

The vendor will stop for players that approach it, giving them time to view the various items for sale and make purchases. After players move out of the vendor’s radius, they will continue driving along the ring road path. Anyone thinking they’re being smart and blocking the vendor’s path may find themselves on an ignore list for future interactions for an unknown length of time.

It appears from the commits log that the loot table will be randomized with a random assortment of item rarity. Additionally, the pricing also looks random, with chances for low pricing, which means you might get lucky and find a rare, valuable item for low scrap.

Motorbikes and Sidecars

Bikes now sport full textures and what looks like nearly full functionality. As long as nothing goes terribly wrong and we see them merge into staging this next week, we could reasonably expect bikes to make their way into July’s patch.

The new bikes come in a variety of options and capabilities, some of which can carry a passenger. The sidecar motorbike now drives properly with a passenger and without and has working headlights, fuel, and speedometer gauges. The standard motorbike also has the working bells and whistles at this point, minus the sidecar, of course.

The muscle-powered bikes are also looking nearly production-ready, with a new “passenger module” added to the back of the trike for carrying along your friend. Do note that on AUX2 right now, the trike and pedal bike are being found spawning in the lower-tier monuments and also along roads. Expect the locations and frequency of spawns to be adjusted over the next few weeks working up to the update.

New gestures are coming

It’s looking like the gesture wheel will be getting some extensions with this next patch, too. In addition to some useful new gestures that we got an early glimpse of during the last hackweek, the wheel interface will now paginate to reveal more gesture options. Players can page back and forth through the available gestures using Q and E to move back and forward through the gesture options.

You’ll also be able to bind your favorite gestures to the wheel via the Options Menu. Among the new gestures are: Cut-throat, Finger-guns, shush, and watching-you, but there’s also mention of a “finger crank” gesture which may mean we could see multiple waves of new gestures. Heh, waves.

Other works in progress in this RUST Update

  • The DPV introduced last week hasn’t changed much functionality-wise.
  • A new minigame initiated by gestures may be in the works as a rock-paper-scissors game for players to join in on.
  • Hoods and handcuffs are still in the works and making progress this week with world models and proper icons.
  • The Radtown redux is still progressing, with progress being made on the warehouse and various texture applications.

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Thanks for reading, and see you in the next RUST update!

Video Transcript

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here, and here’s your weekly roundup of how things are going in the ever-changing world of Rust development, where we’ve got new gestures and a customizable gesture wheel to look at, plus rock, paper, scissors?.. but first!

Bikes on the staging aux02 branch are all now textured and appear to be fully functional, so I think we are on track to receive delivery in next month’s update as far as I can tell, although the pedal bike and trike are still sounding like they’ve got a lawnmower hidden in the seat.

The sidecar now works properly and can seat a passenger, it’s also now correctly calibrated so it doesn’t pull to the right when riding without a friend.. The headlight works, too, along with a lit speedo and fuel gauge. The standard motorbike is the same in most respects apart from the sidecar element, and you don’t seem to be able to do the end 180 flip thing anymore. See? I told you it was too much fun.

The pedal bike is as per, but the trike now takes a “rear facing passenger” which I guess is handy for taking shots at pursuers.

Some new things to note are that currently on the aux02 branch, bikes and trikes are spawning at the spermkets and warehouses, and both motorbikes are spawning at all good local gas stations, sphere tanks, and water treatment plants.. although they also appear to be turning up on roads.

It’s all subject to change though so it may continue like this or maybe we’ll get a new vendor at some point.. We’ve got airwolf.. so maybe it could be called road hog? Or what about survival knieval? If you’ve got a good name for one shove it in the comments.

New gestures next, plus the traveling vendor is working now, sort of, but first!

So the Travelling vendor is now sort of working, and I believe it’s going live on the main staging branch soon for proper work, but here’s how it functions so far.

As long as there’s a ring road, it’ll spawn and start traveling around. And you’ll be able to see it on the map, although you won’t be able to see what’s for sale on the map like with other vending machines, you actually have to go to it.

If you run up to it it’ll will stop and wait whilst you engage in retail therapy. And once you leave its radius it should begin moving within a few seconds again. Please note though that If you try to grief it by standing in front of it for too long then you’ll be added to a naughty list and ignored for a few minutes. If it’s stopped for you, and you don’t buy anything for a few minutes then you’re also added to that list.

I believe from the commits that it will have a rotating random stock of items and prices will have a certain random element too every time it spawns with a slim chance of a major discount on something every now and then.. The prices were initially going to be dynamic, based on sales in the last 24 hours but it appears this has been scrapped.

Please note: If Bradley has spawned on the road, it will prevent the vendor from spawning for technical reasons, although it does seem to have the occasional difficulty with obstructions, can go off script every now and then, and currently moves a bit like a 1970s eastern European stop motion animation film at times, it seems immune to damage, and difficult to ram off the road but not impossible, but this is all subject to change of course and I’m sure it’ll be smooth as a Mr. Whippy Ice cream when it finally drops on release.

Talking of which, if it doesn’t play this kind of thing as it’s driving about then I’ll be very disappointed.

As shown last week we’re also getting a dpv, which doesn’t appear to have changed much and seems ready to go more or less however you can currently stand on it without it losing health like the boogie board does but I reckon that’s another thing that’ll get changed for being too much fun.

Remember the crude gestures Paddy was working on in the last hackweek? Well, those are getting added, at least the less crude ones are, and to accommodate these additions, the gesture wheel is being expanded with a second page that can be flipped between ‘Q’ and ‘E.’ You can also bind any gestures in the list to any slot on the wheel now via the options menu, and the new ones at the moment are cutthroat, finger gun, shush, and watching you; plus, there are some cinematic ones like talking animations here, too.

Not only but also it appears that a new related minigame is on the horizon with early work on a rock-paper-scissors game that can be initiated with a gesture and joined in by other players. I can’t test it at the moment, but hopefully I will be able to soon. Along with that new Rad town monument I was kind of hoping for more images of today, but that sadly hasn’t materialized. Maybe next week will be the week, though, so stay tuned for that!!

In other works in progress, hoods and cuffs are, of course, well underway and still being tweaked.

A frontier hazmat and a new frontier hatchet to go with it that will emerge sometime down the road.

And the team is working on a number of optimizations that, hopefully, I can give you a full breakdown of later on.

You are now up to date; please let me know what you think about all the new stuff coming to a server near you soon in the comments below, and like and subscribe, please, if you enjoyed this episode.

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