RUST Update 21st January 2022

RUST Update 21st January 2022

Arctic bases, Snowmobiles & Polar bears (oh my) | Rust Update 21st January 2022

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

We are half way through the wipe and things have really started to heat up in RUST development. Cooled off, actually; it’s quite freezing now that arctic bases are on staging. This monument comes in just one variation at the moment but it’s still a work in progress so, you know the drill. There is no loot or puzzles in place yet but today’s commits show early passes at loot spawning, so hopefully we’ll know by next week what those are going to look like.

Polar bears are extra beefy

The arctic version of our favorite RUST animal is officially on staging. These bears will replace the temperate version in snow biomes and regular bears will no longer be able to spawn in the arctic. Polar bears will have a slight boost to health and damage output over the brown bear versions. They also harvest for more resources, if you manage to take one down first. Not to mention that they blend in with their environment quite well, so you’ll really need to keep on your toes now.

Two kinds of snowmobile

Snowmobiles are on staging for testing as well! What a week! You’ll find two versions of this vehicle, both of which can seat two players and has 300 health. It looks like the snowmobile does work on multiple surfaces (not just snow) but to varying degrees.

Other highlights in this RUST update include:

  • Spray cans confirmed to be in the next patch
  • Spray cans will initially launch with just the reskin ability only
  • Spray art features will come later
  • Actual spray paint settings will be controllable by server owners and admins
  • Convars ‘global.SprayNoAuthDuration’ and ‘global.SprayInAuthDuration’ are being added for controlling paint settings
  • Crafted hobo barrels can be repaired and picked up again
  • New command ‘ai.killscientists’
  • Hapis revamp is still underway
  • A few new commits to ‘brick_building’ but no concrete clues on what this feature is yet

And with that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcript

And here we see the Polar bear in its natural habitat, where today an aurora of cuddly-wuddly bears have gathered to feast. Docile as they may seem, once the meal is finished, they will go forth once more in search of fresh jam and meat.


Greetings, survivors and friends; Shadowfrax here once again with your weekly Rust digest, and the news this week is that all the new cold biome stuff is now live on the staging aux branch. But before we open the fridge and take a look, make sure you’re subscribed, or still subscribed even, and join the ring-a-ding club to be included in the notification lottery.


So first!


It’s cuddly, it’s wuddly, it’s white in a white environment, and it loves a nice jammy treat. Unfortunately, mainly the type of jam you’re made of. Bipolar bears are soon going to displace their weaker, wimpier cousins in the cold biome, so you’d better be ready. They deal about 10 more damage per swipe to a naked than a regular teddy bear and have nearly 100 extra HP, but they will yield more resources when harvested. Oh, and you may be glad to know that normal bears are being made slightly less aggressive, probably from the shame of no longer being the alpha predator.


A bear necessity for dodging these alabaster assassins is a good snowmobile, of course, and both models are also now available for testing on the aux branch; and if you’re not sure about how to access that, I’ll put a quick guide in the description.


As I say, there are two models, a Tomaha and a Poundland knock-off version, so guess which one you’ll be seeing most of. Both seat two people have 300 health, but like other vehicles, only the pillion can shoot.


I can confirm now that they work on all surfaces, but despite sounding like a lawnmower, they’re crap on grass, fastest on snow or sand, and not really great on ice. There’s a small storage on both, they use low grade and can hold up to 500, but if you put a snowball in instead, you can go at almost supersonic speeds. Look, mum, no hands! Look mum, no teeth!


Probably this also means we’re due some kind of new winter sports bandit shop or something. But what would it be called? The Brass monkey? Blizzard of Oz? King of the chill? Icey dead people? I’d sit here and think of a few more, but it’s a slippery slope.


The new arctic bases are here too, but unlike their desert relatives, there will only be one layout. They’re still a work in progress and change to subject, so at the moment, there are no puzzles or loot, but there are about ten scientists hanging around, doing science or something. Also, it seems from the commits that these ones spawn with a 50% chance of being able to use healing items. Clever boys.


As mentioned before, there are wind turbines that you’ll spot from a distance and a radar teste, which is actually seedless. As well as a number of buildings to search and hopefully loot, and these all seem to have a similar feel to the underwater labs as there is quite a bit of Rusty asset flipping going on, and why not? I would.


As for whether it’ll get its own train tunnel entrance and exactly what sort of things will be special about this monument, we’ll have to wait and see, but one thing I notice is that a Poundland snowmobile will spawn in one of the hangars, so that’s at least one reason to drift over here.


Last week I showed you the new spray can. I’ve been told it will be launching in the next patch but with the reskin ability only, with the actual art attack stuff coming later. But to be honest, the reskinning seems to be what’s most popular with you chaps.


For instance, instead of with a door doing unlock>remove lock>open door>remove door>go to bench>feel regret over clicking on that link saying you’d won a free GloryAK47 and consequently having all your skins nicked>skin door>place door>add lock>lock

Now it’ll just be whip out can>skin. Boom.


As for the art stuff, later on, there will be some convars for server owners to change how long the paint will last with or without tool cupboard auth. These will be global.SprayNoAuthDuration and global.SprayInAuthDuration.


Crafted Hobo barrels can be picked up and repaired again; this has been broken for a while.


And there’s a new ‘ai.killscientists’ command, which does exactly that in a radius. Useful, I guess, for cinematics.


In Works in progress:


Lots of things are still happening to the Hapis revamp and the Brick building branch; intrigued to see what that turns out like.


Stay tuned to stay informed on this and anything else that shuffles along between now and the end of the month. And if you liked this vid, please give the algorithm a little nudge in the right direction by liking and commenting below.


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