RUST Update 21st January 2021

rust update 21st january 2021

Auto lock keylocks and more! | Rust Update 21st January 2021

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

The second round of Twitch drops is still going on and if you haven’t got yours yet, you have a few more days to enable drops for your steam account. You can see the list of drops that are currently active and click through to begin earning towards that drop. Don’t be the one person on your team without purple pants…

A handful of bug fixes were pushed out this week via a few server and client updates that are recommended, but not required. And, over on staging, survivors will now be granted the boon of key locks auto-locking upon deployment! That’s a good +4% to surviving, at least.

Here are some of the highlights of the update:

  • See how many hours of watching each Twitch drop takes before committing
  • Key locks will now auto-lock upon deployment
  • A new suicide button will be available on the main menu screen when connected to a server
  • Fingers no longer clip through Thompsons when admiring them
  • Items no longer lose their skins sometimes when splitting their stacks
  • Metal shop fronts no longer prevent placement in some base design layouts
  • You can now wield weapons while sitting on the sofa
  • Pressing tab when in the F1 menu will allow toggling between the two most recent tabs
  • Lots of work in the workcart, hapis_rescue and gamemodes branches as well as a bunch of hidden commits!

And with that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcript

Greetings, Survivors, and friends! Shadowfrax here with a rapid-fire update because I am extremely busy today, and I only have a few minutes to get all of this information to you, so listen very carefully. I shall say this only once.


It’s not easy being in demand, is it? You’re absolutely right there. But you’re doing your best, and that’s what matters. Always a pleasure, never a chore.


Right. So, Twitch drops are still active; there was a second round of streamers involved. Whatever. No free advertising for you, let’s face it, you’re really interested in these ones, aren’t you? Yes. Nebula trousers, same for the hoodie and nice, ornate tempered revolver skin and this fantastic, totally generic brand kitten face mask. And you can see how long you need to have a browser window open for all of them by pausing the screen here.


The big splendid of this week’s changes, though, has to be a major, major quality of life change that could actually make the difference between you having a life that can have its quality improved, or not.


Over on staging, right now, you’ll notice that deploying a key lock will result in it auto-locking for you, so no more fumbling around with pie menus while someone tries to stick a spear up your bum. What a time to be alive!


Oh, and did the position of the lock on the door change? I think it did! Mmm, I think I like the old one better.


There were a couple of server-inclined updates pushed this week for some small fixes for exploits and projectile invalids. They’re optional but recommended, a bit like underwear. Talking of which, there’s now a suicide option on the escape menu. How kind! Although, feel safe that it’ll only appear when you’re actually connected to a server.


There were a number of fixes this week, including fingers clipping through Thompsons when admiring them, metal shop fronts preventing construction placement in certain builds; a fix for items losing their skins when their stack was split such as with satchel charges, pressing tab whilst in the F1 menu will now flick back and forth between the two most recent tabs, and finally, if you’ve got a sofa, you can now wield weapons threateningly from it because porches and shotguns I guess.


In works in progress, there’s a ton going on. Including more work on the work cart, train tunnels, new AI systems, the HDRP backport, Hapis rescue, Steamworks experimental branch, something about game modes–have to wait for more information about that. Something else about poison, as if the island wasn’t dangerous enough! And, an absolute crap-ton of hidden commits, so something is definitely going on. I’ll bring you as much info as I can on it as soon as I know and am allowed to say.


Oh, and by the way, TEAM and SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


Thanks for watching, hope you don’t mind the data burst today. Normal service should return next week, leave a like, subscribe to the channel, follow me on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, support me on Patreon or by buying a shirt, and I’ll catch you all soon.


But in the meantime, keep calm and stay rusty. Cheerio.

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