RUST Update 20th July 2023

Weapon Racks have arrived! First look | Rust Update 20th July 2023

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

This week in RUST development, weapon racks have arrived on the pre staging branch! These weapon racks are still very much subject to change; however, players can get a good idea for how they will fit into the next update by deploying them and arranging weapons on them while connected to a pre-staging server.

Weapon racks come in various sizes and placement options to give players greater control over how they can use them within their bases. Three varieties of wall-mounted racks and one floor rack are available. The wall-mounted varieties have input and passthrough to provide lighting that will illuminate the mounted items for nighttime viewability and a dramatic armory setup.

Players can deploy almost any weapon or tool in the game to store in the racks, and there is quite a large versatility in placement options. It does seem that the orientation of the mounted items is locked to vertical, but this may change in future iterations.

Some early observations on the weapons rack system:

  • Anyone can take a tool or weapon from a rack, regardless of auth status. Players should be mindful of where they place racks in their bases and what they mount on them.
  • Deploy a held item to a rack using ‘E’, not the left-mouse button (default button for weapon fire). Weapons can fire while mounted, which could cause great damage depending on the weapon. This will hopefully change as we get closer to the update.
  • There is currently no safety lock to prevent mounted weapons from accidental fire.
  • Mounted weapons and tools will provide information about the condition and loaded ammo type when the player looks at them.
  • Crafting costs are currently 100 wood and 1 tarp. There is no indication yet of which workbench tier will be needed to craft. 

Other changes in this RUST Update

  • Look out for a potential mandatory update next week to address a variety of exploits and other issues.
  • Weapon racks are on pre-staging for early play testing.
  • It isn’t yet known if weapon racks will be a general game feature or a DLC item.
  • Chat emojis have been confirmed for the August update and will be available to all.
  • The next building skin will be released with the August update and will feature the brick building skin.
  • The global networked bases feature is getting a lot of dev attention on Aux2, no indication of when this feature will be ready.
  • Player-controlled Attack Helicopter is seeing commits.
  • Parachute straps now attach to player backpacks in recent commits.


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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here once more to bring you your weekly update crumbs from the Rust development table. And first up this week.


There will potentially be a Mandatory server and client update next week (not a wipe! Don’t worry) for “exploit” fixes (probably ones they don’t want to advertise, but if you know what they are, then now’s the time to take advantage of them) I’m told this is SUBJECT TO CHANGE though so it might not happen.


But the big news is, over on the pre-staging branch; finally, weapon racks have arrived! There are 3 wall-mounted ones and one floor-standing, and these will allow you to place and take almost any weapons and tools very quickly, with or without cupboard auth, it seems, so it’s fast rather than secure storage.


Costs are, of course, SUBJECT TO CHANGE, but at the moment, they are all set to 10 scrap to research and 100 wood + 1 tarp to craft; not sure on the workbench tier yet, though, and as I say, these costs will probably all change before they are added.. the wall mounted varieties will also have an input and passthrough for their own lighting.


To store an item, and I will say this only once, so this is very important to note, you have to have it equipped and then press E whilst looking at a slot on the rack, NOT left mouse click! It is tempting, especially if you have since played a game that uses the left mouse button for interactions. Mind you, Rust is the only game you’d be playing, so I guess that’d be a you problem. But someone will do it within the first ten minutes when holding a loaded rocket launcher; you can be sure, so maybe the TEAM will add some kind of safety lock if it’s possible.


There are lots of slots, and placement is quite free, but item orientation is currently fixed to vertical. When looking at an item on the rack, you’ll get info as to its condition and loaded ammo, if any, by pressing E. You’ll take it, and it’ll go to your belt bar and into your hands if there’s a space, and by holding E, you can change or unload the loaded ammo with a click, take the item, or take all the items on the rack at once.


It’s not confirmed yet whether they will be pay to wi- I mean DLC or just normal items for all. But by the looks of it, they won’t be getting added until September the 7th’s patch either way.


Let me know what you think down below!


All the other news in a moment, but first!


Elsewhere, chat emojis are working now, more or less, and confirmed for August 3rd’s patch. They won’t be DLC; everyone will be able to abuse them. However, a convar is being added called global.blockServerEmoji to allow players to opt out of receiving them. Plus, I’d imagine this’ll get added as an option menu toggle, too, for ease of use.


And talking of convars, a new one coming for admins is “teleporteveryone2me”… with great power, etc., so use wisely chaps.


Over on the Aux02 branch, which is currently set to internal, so I can’t access it. The global networked bases stuff is still being worked on feverishly. No firm date when this’ll be getting added, but I will let you know. Also, the Nexus stuff is happening there and is probably still a couple of months out from full release, so I’m told. Lots to sort out, as you can imagine, plus this interesting commit from Helk about adding Clan Tables to the bandit camp and outpost. Which, as mentioned a while back, will be a way for clans to be organized and recruited across servers.


Over to other works in progress now, and as mentioned last week, there are some updated visuals and effects coming for Bradley, plus lots of other minor art fixes and a pumpjack and quarry model refresh.


New ammo models are being worked on that will reflect different stack sizes. Up in the skies, there is, of course, a new player pilotable attack heli coming, no visuals yet, and of course, as previously mentioned, parachutes which, according to the latest commits, will also have detailed colliders so they can be shot at, and will drop as unpacked in the world when landing and will need to be repacked before next use. No word on when these are coming in yet.


As you should have seen by now, next month’s building skin DLC is brick, or as I like to affectionately call it, “TaylorWimpy Noddy Box.” But there are at least two more being worked on for release this year. There’s Brutalist, which I know a LOT of people are gagging for to recreate their own little slice of the Soviet Union… but also, in the commits this week, there’s work on the Frontier skin, which I’m told is going to be for wood, will emulate the good old Legacy wood base look and is slated for release probably in December.


And lastly, lots of commits going on on a branch called rail network link, and the whole idea of this is to connect the above and below-ground rail networks into one glorious big network; just think of all the fun you’ll have once that gets added, eh? What a time to be alive! Again no ETA on this, but let me know what you think about the idea and all the rest of the stuff I’ve mentioned in the comments down below!


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