RUST Update 1st October 2021

RUST Update 1st October 2021

Desert monument first look & Missions | Rust update 1st October 2021

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

With a week to go until the October 7th update, it’s time to take a look at the features likely to be included in next month’s patch.

Missions are finally out for testing on staging. Whether or not they make it into the update is unknown, but here’s what we know about them so far. There are different types of missions, all of which have the player collecting items for turn-in.  Fishing, hunting, wood harvesting, and a treasure mission are the options so far. As of this update, there are 8 NPC quest-givers, 2 at Bandit Camp, 2 at the Fishing Villages, 2 at the stables, and 2 at the outpost. Interact with them as you would a vendor, do their bidding, receive a reward. Additional mission content should be arriving over the coming week.

The camper module is looking polished and ready for prime time–updates to viewing angles now allow a seated player to access everything inside the camper, which means you won’t have to get up for any reason. Not even if a predator comes knocking on the door, because navmesh components have been added to vehicle modules to stop that business. That said, Bradley will now properly attack vehicle modules, including the camper, as long as players are in it. Glass windows won’t stop Brad from firing, either.

The quality of life updates mentioned in previous update posts should be going live in next week’s patch. For more information on the specifics, please see September 24th’s update and September 17th’s update.

Other highlights in this update include:

  • Missions are in testing on staging branch
  • There looks to be 4 types of missions so far, with 2 mission NPCs per type
  • Fishing missions, hunting missions, wood harvesting missions and treasure missions are the current options
  • Viewing angles inside of the camper module now make it possible to access all interior features while seated
  • Vehicle chassis now have navmesh components to stop animals from passing through them
  • Bradley will now shoot at players inside camper modules, even though they are technically hidden
  • Qol: Painted signs will retain their art when picked up and said art will be visible from inventory
  • Qol: Air supply drops will have night time lights
  • Qol: Authorization improvements on turrets and sleeping bags
  • Qol: A new admin panel under the F1 console for easy access to common admin activities
  • Qol: Vehicles will no longer slide off cargo ship
  • Mil tunnels have been updated so that scientists and elite crates won’t respawn until players leave the monument
  • Porting Hapis Island to HDRP assets is still going and making progress
  • Some visuals of props for the dessert military base monument are now available
  • The monument looks to be interactive and includes an event with the MLRS

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Video Transcript

Oh hello, erm I’ve got a mission for you.


Ok, I’m so incredibly pumped for a mission right now.


Great, well, I dropped my magic pie rock somewhere, and I can’t find it; I’ll give you something really rare and valuable if you fetch it for me.


Erm, ok, any clues about where it is?


Oh yeah, it’s just there.


Oh. Alright.


Thanks, erm hold on, and I’ll get you your reward.


Ah well, I guess that is quite rare.


Right, well greetings survivors and friends, and welcome to this week’s update vid. Where today, we can get a good idea of what to expect in October’s patch and forced wipe coming on the 7th, and your very first peek at the new desert monument stuff and Rockety McRocketface.


But first, slap me on the sub button, it’s one thing in life that’s totally free, and you can always dump me later.


Over on the staging branch, missions are in for testing over the next week and SUBJECT TO CHANGE, so don’t expect to be able to see your face in them just yet.


Missions are provided by mission providers, and there are 8 different ones to locate. That’s 2 at the bandit camp, 2 at the fishing villages, 2 at the outpost, and 2 at the stables.


At the moment, they mostly provide basic fetch quests in return for basic items, but of course, you shouldn’t take anything here as final for obvious reasons. And more mission content will be arriving over the coming days.


Let me show you how one works, and we’ll try a mission for some fishin’ down at the fishing village. This chap says he’ll give you a rod and some bait in return for retrieving his missing tackle. You’ll then see a big M indicating exactly where it is. Lazy git.


At the designated location, you’ll find a box that only you should be able to open, then just grab the contents and return them to their owner before the timer runs out. It appears you can only have one mission on the go at a time. But it looks like there will be a bit of variety with ones here also for hunting, for instance. That’s just animals, of course, but one does wonder if there’ll ever be bounty missions.


In other changes coming this month, the camper module has had a bit of a rejig inside, and viewing angles have been adjusted to make reaching everything possible from every seat in the back—cough cough.


In addition to this, vehicle chassis now have navmesh components to stop Mr. Bear and friends from phasing through them, and Bradley will now fire at you inside a modular car even if you are cowering in a camper and technically hidden.


All of the QOL changes I mentioned in previous vids this month will be coming in with the next patch on the 7th, and I’d refer you back to learn more about those. But just to recap on some of them, painted signs will retain their art when picked up, supply drops will have lights on at night, there were some authorization improvements for turrets, vehicles will stay stuck to the cargo ship instead of sliding off, and there’s a new tab in the console for server admins to do ‘server adminny’ stuff.


Mil tunnels have had a couple of tweaks; basically, scientists and elite crates won’t respawn until you leave.


And for custom map makers, a couple of new spawners, namely for the magnet crane and scrappable pickups, were added, which should now enable easy custom junkyards, huzzah!


In works in progress, Hapis island is being worked on once more. I spoke to the TEAM and checked in on how things are going. And things are going slowly but surely. It is a massive task which, thanks to the new cliffs and ground textures from the HDRP backport update, means that the whole terrain has to be revamped to a large degree. No dates still, but you will hopefully be back on it sometime this decade.


Ok, and now I can finally start replacing my very detailed mock-up of the new desert base that’s being worked on with some actual artwork. At the moment, this consists of some props for hangars and tents but should give you a flavor for it. Actually, I wasn’t that far off, was I?


And as you will know if you’ve been paying attention, it appears this monument will be interactive and include some kind of event involving one of these HDRPs or whatever they’re called. And from what we’ve seen in the commits, it looks like it’ll involve getting inside and pressing big red dangerous-looking buttons.


I’m not sure exactly when all this will be ready for the primetime, and it’s still very much SUBJECT TO CHANGE.. but stay tuned, and I’ll bring you more info when I get it.


Lastly, and a bit of a shocker as I was writing about it in a new CONCEPT LIMBO for next week. The scientist barge has resurfaced in the commits. Now I don’t know if you remember this, but I think it’s this one, and basically, this was meant to be an alternative spawn point that would be continuously circling the island.


Does this mean we’ll see this hove into view soon on servers, or will it disappear into the mists again?


Let me know what you think of this week’s news in the comments, please.


You can support me now directly on YouTube with channel memberships, or via Patreon, or even just nab yourself a SUBJECT TO CHANGE mug or shirt. Up to you. Links below, also to my social media, where you can stay up to date with my content and Twitch, of course. I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty. Cheerio.

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