RUST Update 18th November 2022

Hackweek | Rust update 18th November 2022

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

How has your November wipe been getting along? Hopefully, we’ve all had a chance to hop aboard the caboose by this point. Maybe even played a round or two of Blackjack. But if the sitting-duck strategy hasn’t been one you’ve been willing to test out, never fear! 

A static caboose entity is now in the works, presumably to give players the same high-stakes gaming experience without the high-mistakes guilt of standing around unprotected with a bunch of scrap in your pocket. It’s unclear yet if this static version of the caboose will be added to one of the safe zone monuments or if it’s planned to be its own mini-monument. To be continued.

In other commits, lots of quality-of-life work is chugging along. AI specifically has seen a good number of commits. Work is being done to improve the AI of junkpile scientist behavior–junkpile scientists will take a defensive strategy once their target is considered far away and cease-fire in favor of taking cover. Additionally, junkpile shrubbery will now block their line of sight, reducing the previous aimbot-like targeting that they had been enjoying.

Animal AI seems to be getting some love this week as well. Animals will be discouraged from wandering toward the beach and other beachside locations. Biome-specific species (looking at those fuzzy polar bears) will now only roam in their chilly arctic biome, and if they should leave due to aggro with a player or other animal, they will kindly be asked to return once they’ve given up the chase. 

Additionally, we’ll soon be able to eat food straight off the ground! That’s survival for you. More seriously, though, this year’s Charitable RUST event starts tomorrow, November 19th, and benefits World Central Kitchen. There are exclusive, one-time-only skins available now in the item store, with proceeds going to charity and Twitch drops that you can earn by watching the event on Twitch. Be sure to tune in and show your support for a great cause and see some fun competition!

Other highlights in this RUST update include:

  • Lots of interesting commits in the various xmas 2022 branches
  • A static caboose entity is in development
  • Collectible food can be eaten directly from the ground using pie-wheel option
  • AI work to prevent biome-specific roaming entities from leaving their biome , or leading them back if they leave due to aggro
  • AI work to stop / prevent animals from roaming towards beaches and other spawn areas
  • Prevention for throwing or dropping throwables underwater
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks for instruments
  • Junkpile scientists will now act more defensive when targets are further away
  • More junkpile cover points and blockages to AI line-of-sight
  • New GingerbreadNPC

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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends; Shadowfrax here with another Rust update which shouldn’t take too long to get through, but I will say that the focus this month seems to be mostly on QOL and balance.


There’s also a hack week going on, more of which will be discussed in a moment. But first, I want to say I really appreciate all your support and am sorry I’ve been a bit quiet lately. Have had a lot on my plate, but I am working on some new stuff, and I should also have a new CONCEPT LIMBO for you next week, so if you’re not subbed, I’d recommend it so you don’t miss out on the notification lottery.


Anyway, to the news and the TEAM at Facepunch have been doing a hackweek, where they down tools for a bit on the usual grind and spend a few days working on some passion projects, things that they’d personally like to see in the game or even a totally different game. So we’ve seen commits related to airships, a caldera terrain type read volcanoes, weapon racks, emoji support for chat, and revamped weapon modules.


The thing about hack weeks, though, is that not everything is guaranteed to be approved for inclusion in the game, and some of it might be stuck on the back burner for later. But although airships didn’t make the cut. Boo. and lava is a not yet, but we’ll see maybe, perhaps, chuck it on the back-back burner, boo? It does seem that weapon racks, chat emojis, and revamped weapon modules (i.e., the safe, boring ideas) will be continued. So that’s nice.


Here’s a pic of some of the new module models, with others to be added later, but unfortunately, I don’t have anything else to show you yet.


It seems there will be a static caboose, as not everyone wants to stand still by an open doorway in an unsafe zone, even if they are moving along a track in a predictable line. I believe there will be one at the outpost, and maybe the bandit camp will confirm when I know.


Changes to certain thrown objects and water are coming; smoke grenades, bean cans, and molotovs won’t be throwable underwater, with bean cans turning into duds when they hit the drink and molotovs just going out ahh *sniff, you can just smell the realism can’t you. Talking of which, cake textures for something that’s being worked on are also mentioned in the commits of chasing gingerbread men.


In other work. There are a number of tweaks happening to musical instruments, with note ranges being extended on a few of them, and junkpile scientists seem to be getting some love. Well, I say, love, the chance of them spawning is going down slightly; junkpile bushes will now block their line of sight, and they will be more defensive regarding players that are further away.


There’s lots of good stuff being worked on for the future, of course, including industrial crafting, which should appear, I hope, in the first quarter of next year, pets, server hopping via the nexus system and Ferry Terminal, and probably a load of other things we don’t know about yet and that are SUBJECT TO CHANGE.. as is pretty much everything. Oh, and it’s Charitable rust this weekend, with some Twitch drops to go with that. So here’s hoping all goes smashingly.


You are now up to date in record time, don’t forget though I am available to watch live on Twitch; the link below, and I have a new concept limbo vid for you soon. You can also find me on Twitter, hopefully, Facebook, Discord, and my steeeam group, and support me if you dare on Patreon, via Youtube memberships, and on my merch store.


I shall catch you all very soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty. Cheerio.

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