RUST Update 18th June 2021

Train signals, new recovery mechanics | Rust Update 18th June 2021

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

Earlier this week, we got a first look at the new DLC content set to launch with the July 1st monthly update. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the coverage and have no idea what I’m talking about, we’ve got a breakdown of the new items in our previous update post. Players can test out the new content on a staging branch from now until the monthly update lands on July 1st, at which time the DLC will become available for purchase only.

In development news, the wounding and healing systems are getting shaken up with an additional wounded state emerging, which will allow players the chance to end up in a crawling wounded state. Additionally, your chances of getting back up again will depend on your food and hydration levels, so keep a full belly before venturing out.

If you are super prepared, having a Large Medkit in your Hotbar will grant a 100% chance to recover after being downed, just like a proper fairy in a bottle.

For those who may remember, med pens were once usable on downed players, but Facepunch removed that functionality in 2016. It seems that players will once again be able to revive downed players using medical syringes, but how long revival will take is still liable to change.

Here are some of the highlights of the update:

  • The new DLC is available to test out on the main staging branch
  • The name and price of the new DLC has not yet been announced
  • A new crawling wounded state is in the works
  • Chance to recover will soon depend on calorie and hydration levels
  • Changes to Medical Syringes will soon allow other player revival
  • Large medkits in the hotbar will ensure that a wounded player revives and will consume the kit
  • Fixes for a bug where sometimes players can’t mount minicopters
  • New admin command ‘player_gesture_radius’ to force involuntary gestures on people in your radius
  • Hitches and troughs can now be placed in triangle hallways
  • More progress on train tunnel bunkers
  • The train signal system now has working signal lights
  • The submarine branch’s underwater monuments is getting a lot of commits
  • Mentions of ‘spawners’ in an airfield branch, working on puzzle reset

And with that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends; Doctor Shadowfrax here with your weekly appointment, bringing you up to scratch with the bleeding edge of Rust development. 


A couple of days ago, I brought you an exclusive thorough examination of all the items coming in next month’s DLC, whatever it ends up being called, and if you haven’t watched that yet – shame on you – go and do so straight away, because I’m not going to repeat myself.


Basically, it’ll include a whole Radioshack’s-worth of equipment tied together by an audio theme including cassettes, recorders, boom boxes, internet radio functionality, voicemail, megaphones, mobile phones, dances, and everything you need to run a low budget disco.


It’ll be a paid DLC, but the price and final name of the project is still SUBJECT TO CHANGE, as are the exact crafting costs and any other bugs/features that the TEAM deem to be too much fun.. so don’t take anything as final yet.


A feature that I hope won’t be nuked is the ability to stick cassette recorders to the dashboards of vehicles because why on earth would you get rid of that? After extensive testing with my audience on Twitch earlier in the week, we also decided on a few missing features that need adding such as, being able to put cassettes into mailboxes, a ‘slient’ mode for mobile phones, and attaching a speaker to an auto turret then putting a cassette in the ammo slot.


All of the DLC is currently live for crafting and testing on the main staging branch until its release on July 1st, when it’ll become paid-for; and there have been a few more commits to polish things up recently, including a new largetiles disco floor which looks like this and can currently only be spawned with spawn discofloor.largetiles.deployed.


For more information, please watch my last video and sub to the channel here to stay up to date with anything else that happens.


In other news, a lot of work is going on to re-jig the wounding and healing mechanics on a separate branch, and while nothing is final, I’ll give a brief summary for you of the major changes so far.


First of all, as mentioned last week, there’ll be two wounded states in the future, the usual lying on the ground like an idiot and being unable to move one, and a chance to end up in a new crawling wounded state, so you can shuffle into a bush to die and keep the island a nice tidy place.


Not only but also, there are changes to recovery coming. Your chances of getting back up again will depend on your water and food levels, but in addition, if you happen to have a large medkit in your belt bar, the chance of recovery becomes 100%, the medkit is then used up, unless it turns out that you would have recovered without it, in which case you get to keep it.


Something else that’s pretty huge is that an old feature – being able to revive players with a syringe – which was removed all the way back in 2016, is now making a return. It seems like at the moment, it will take just over 5 seconds to complete this action, but this is all deep in development and SUBJECT TO CHANGE like everything else. I wonder if we’ll get screams back? Hmmm. Leave me your thoughts on this in the comments down below.


In other changes this week, there was a fix for not being able to mount minicopters sometimes, a new admin command: player_gesture_radius to make all players in a radius of you gesture, it also works with multiple gestures for randomness sake, and I’ll put the syntax for this in the description for you.


And Hitches & troughs can now be placed down narrow triangle passages.


Oh, that’s nice, but what if you’re claustrophobic?


Oh, hi Grammar Horse, you got better!


Yes, thanks to some emails I received, my recovery chances went up to 100%.


I’m glad to hear that, we should celebrate.


Absolutely, in fact, I think we should do so with one of these.


Oh, a champagne bloomer, really pulling out the stops, eh?


Yep, I like the fact that the initial massive champagne-colored explosion is followed by smaller orange STARBUSRTS, don’t you?


You took the words out of my mouth.


Oooh. Aaah…


In works in progress, work is still happening to add some new bunker type entrances for the train tunnels; it looks like these will glow at night too, and here’s the first shot we have of the new signals here shown at a station and acting to give advance warning of ‘visitors.’ 


Plenty of commits for the submarine branch and associated underwater overhaul; I wouldn’t hold your breath for it, though. I think this is going to take a while to surface. The underwater labs I mentioned last week are getting much love, too; unlike other monuments, they are going to be handled procedurally, and it seems that docking with the submarine is going to be accomplished via a moon pool, not guaranteed to turn you into a mermaid though.


Also, intriguingly in the commits concerning ongoing AI work, I notice that certain things are afoot involving AI at the Airfield & trainyard, including a tower patrol path and spawners? Spawners for what? Scientists or something else? I’ll bring you more on this as soon as I get it.


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I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay rusty, cheerio.

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