RUST Update 18th February 2023

PTZ CCTV, Drones, Controllable turrets | Rust Update 18th February 2023

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Now that automation is the new standard in RUST living, you might be wondering what other things you can offload onto machinery and electronics, right? If improving base security is on your list of home improvements, you’ll be pleased to hear about a series of new remote surveillance options coming soon. 

Remote-controlled drones and turrets are on staging.

As if you didn’t already spend all your time on your computer, now you have more reason to spend time on your RUST computer station. Remote-controlled drones and turrets are here, and all you need to control one is a deployed computer station. 

Deploy and name your drone on most flat surfaces (even in building-blocked areas), just not underwater or other silly places, then fire up a computer station. Cycle through identifiers as you would with CCTV cameras until you’ve found the drone. 

Pressing shift will cause the drone to gain altitude, control will cause it to lose altitude, and WASD will allow you to move it around. Now you can remotely follow people, check who’s hanging out at bandit, or finally work on that polar bear documentary you’ve been putting off. 

Remote-controlled turrets work similarly to the drone–simply deploy and name your turret, fire up a computer station, and cycle through identifiers to find the turret. Once active, you can rotate the turret, reload with ‘R,’ and fire with the left mouse button.

PTZ Camera 

In addition to the static CCTV camera, the devs are adding a pan-tilt-zoom camera to provide additional surveillance capabilities. Install this camera to the bottom of a floor tile, set the identifier, then proceed to the nearest paired computer station to commence spying on your surroundings.

Other changes in this week’s RUST Update

  • Remote controlled drones are now playable on staging
  • Control a remote drone via a computer station
  • Presently, the drone cannot attack in any way, just observe via camera
  • Use ‘shift’ to make the drone fly up, control to go down, WASD to move about
  • Remote controlled turrets are now possible as well
  • Name a turret and log into a computer station to control its direction, fire and reload
  • Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras look to be a new type of CCTV camera
  • 3 more blueprint slots will be added to the industrial crafter
  • The industrial crafter will attempt to craft items in order of blueprints added left to right
  • A flashing red light will also indicate if output storage is full
  • Industrial conveyors will automatically turn back on if they were previously on prior to losing power
  • Conveyor output container max is getting an increase to 64
  • Small boxes are getting an additional storage adapter slot
  • Mannequins, the skin viewer, calderas and breadboards look to have made the cut for potential further development
  • Nuclear Missile Silo is getting elevators installed at the moment
  • Player Attack Helicopter looks to be getting rocket support
  • A new branch for a Tutorial Island has emerged


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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors, and friends; Shadowfrax here with some more Rust news where there is still no end in sight to development because Rust never sleeps.


The big news this week is that remote control drones and turrets are a lot closer to being available for all as they are now play-around-with-able on the main Staging branch; no fancy aux branches need to be summoned now; just fire up staging and off you go.


Everything is always and everywhere SUBJECT TO CHANGE, but the basic functionality is currently as follows: If you have the power, you can either give yourself a drone through the console or craft one for these kinds of figures.


Deploy your drone somewhere on a flat surface (incidentally, this works even in places where building isn’t allowed cause it’s just a drone..), and then give it a name.


You can then sit down at a computer station and log into it as you would for CCTV. Flying is easy; shift makes it go up, control makes it go down, and WASD and mouse move it around; they don’t appear to be SUBJECT TO RANGE at the moment, but I expect they will be.


You can’t shoot people with a drone; merely observe, but one thing you can now be a bit more interactive with is turrets, and the method is very similar. You can now also set an ID for one and log into it as per a drone. You can then move it around, left-click to fire, and force it to reload with R. There’s also a fog wall to show its range. Oh look, that turret isn’t shooting me; it must be friendly–sneaky.


This is not the final form for either thing, lest I need to remind you again and expect plenty of changes before we presumably get both in the main game next month.


Breaking news! Something else that it looks like we’ll be getting is a new form of CCTV, a Pan tilt and zoom camera that has to be placed underneath a floor tile but that can be moved and zoomed in with the left mouse button. I’ve checked, and this won’t be replacing the standard one; it will be in addition, and here are the current costs.


A few other changes will be happening to adjust aspects of the industrial system. Such as three more blueprint slots for the crafter, it will make one item at a time and try to make them in sequence from left to right; there’ll also be a red flashing light on it to say if the output storage is full.


Conveyors are getting a new “buffer” field that can be set to transfer items in blocks, and the minimum field now transfers everything over a set amount.


Conveyors will also soon automagically switch themselves back on when power is restored, and the amount of containers a single conveyor can manipulate is being increased to 64 depending on stress tests, of course.


There’s an extra slot going on the front of small wooden boxes too.


Now last week was hack week; you may remember where for a brief time, the TEAM was unshackled from their desks, allowed to walk around unsupervised, drink out of hosepipes, run around with scissors, etc., etc. And generally, work on some passion projects.


Would you like to know which of their projects are going to continue being worked on? None of them actually, no, that’s a lie; most of them were actually pretty good concepts, and here you can see the skin viewer in action, and I must stress this is just a work-in-progress example. The mannequins are still going forward, as is the caldera, which looks like it’ll be a custom map, but not any time soon.


And the joy of joys, the breadboards for laying out and copying circuitry, are going to carry on being developed, although I have to say that it won’t be implemented in the way shown here; this is just a work in progress playing around with it kind of thing, and the team are exploring different ways of working with it, but however, it ends up being done I’m totally on-board with it.


Sadly it looks like the slingshot and ray tracing are being put in a box in the loft for now, but who knows, they may be brought back out again in the future.


In other works in progress, two things that seem to be getting a lot of work at the moment are the nuclear missile silo monument and the player attack helicopter, with the former looking like it will have elevators in it, for one thing, and the attack heli looking like it will have a rocket pod ooer missus.


There are also commits related to a tut island which I have managed to find out are nothing to do with an ancient Egypt map, but rather tut is short for ‘tutorial,’ so presumably, it’ll be somewhere that new players can be broken in gently possibly by being instantly attacked by a hundred screaming naked NPCs or something.


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