RUST Update 16th July 2021

Spearguns, Sharks & Torpedoes! | Rust Update 16th July 2021

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

We’re halfway through the month, which means it’s time to start looking toward next month’s patch! And what better way to get hyped for the next update than this bit of news: SHARKS! We’ve no visuals yet, but this nugget of a commit just popped up a few days ago, so we will need to sit tight for a bit. Additionally, we’ve finally got some visuals of the moon pool, which we’ve been seeing in the commits for some time. Moon pools and their underwater labs will be procedurally generated monuments, and players will enter the monuments via these moon pools.

In other news, Round 10 of Twitch drops began yesterday–if you’ve not started on those yet.

Here are some of the highlights of the update:

  • The solo submarine now has a fuel tank storage container
  • One and two-person subs may be purchasable at the fishing villages (TBD)
  • Spear guns have surfaced out of concept limbo
  • Current submarine decay timers set to 240mins indoors and 180mins in deep water (subject to change)
  • We have first visuals of the underwater labs and the moon pool entry
  • From the images, underwater labs may even have multiple floors / levels to explore
  • Who and what we’ll find in the underwater labs is not yet determined
  • Tom Butters modeled a few torpedo models for viewers this week, tantalizing us with underwater warfare
  • QoL updates for the electrical system
  • Improvements for internet streaming will improve playback of the stations that you are able to play
  • On staging, small signs can be placed on deployables–hello TC armor!
  • A collection of missing objects requested by map creators will be added in
  • Upgrades for the game map will be made to accommodate multiple underground layers
  • Round 10 of Twitch drops begins

And with that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends; Shadowfrax here again with everything you need to know about what’s soon to surface in the PC master race version of Rust and a lot more besides. This week including Spear guns, Subs, Underwater labs, and Torpedoes.


But first, now’s the time to subscribe because it helps the channel and makes me feel special.


If you’ve been paying attention, then it’ll be no secret to you that Rust is getting a complete UNDERwater OVERhaul. And sure, submarines have been on the radar for months now. But what do I distinctly remember predicting would also be part of the package?


Maybe you’ve already seen this commit? If not, SEE IT NOW.. because yes, finally we’re getting some actual visible aquatic wildlife, it seems, and although I’m yet to get hold of any pictures of them, I’m sure you can use your imagination. In fact, sharks are usually better appreciated in the imagination anyway.


The question is, will we need a bigger boat. And, is that the main reason Helk’s doing this? We all know how he LOOOOOOVES the boats… I guess that’s what the subs are for. And to be honest, I think our fintastic chums might be restricted to only certain parts of the sea, but that’s just a theory.


A shark theory.


But say we do have to ‘deal’ with an ocean predator directly, or someone to whom we might have to apologize later for mistaking them for one.. but we don’t have anything we can fire underwater, not even a “LASER.”


Well, oh, look, do you remember this? Well done if you do because apparently, I made it roughly 5 years ago. Yes, it’s one of our original things from CONCEPT LIMBO which I can now reveal is being translated into this piece of equipment, and which should fill a very specific gap in your arsenal.


Shame though, it doesn’t look like it being useful for scaling bases with a grappling hook or accosting other players with a plunger attachment is part of the plan anymore. But after all, these were just concepts at the time and SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


Hopefully, we’ll get our hands on them in the near future, and something tells me we might not have long to wait because work on the rest of the fishy ensemble seems to be propelling along at a rate of knots.


First, I have a fresh bit of footage of the one-man sub, which now has an external fuel tank. And as you can see from this image, it looks like we’ll be acquiring both types from fishing villages, although whether this is the only place they’ll appear, I can’t say.


According to a related commit, the current decay times are 240 minutes Outdoors and 180 in deep water, which is an hour each longer than a Rowboat for comparison, but of course, it is also SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


Now to the reason why we’re going to need all these things, and finally I can show you a bit of the underwater labs. Which we know will be procedurally generated and so presumably will have a different layout on every map.


As you can see, they are attached to the ocean floor, and there will be a moon pool in which to dock your vessel but not turn into a mermaid, although I believe a submarine will be optional here, but probably highly recommended. The labs inside are suitably rusty, and it appears there’s the potential for them to have multiple levels, as this image illustrates.

As to exactly what and who you’ll find down here, that’s yet to be confirmed, and with roughly another 3 weeks of development before the next forced wipe – if it all gets merged, then that is, the TEAM has plenty of wiggle room for extra features.


One such that was a surprise was from Tom’s stream yesterday, where he was creating two different types of torpedoes. Which, I’m going to call Laurel and Hardy. Their exact porpoise is still hush-hush, but I think the general usage is fairly predictable. I mean, I don’t imagine them being novelty piggy banks or substitute pieces in a game of giant Chess. Intriguing stuff nevertheless, and I’d love to hear your comments on all of this, so leave them down below, please.


Uh, breaking, just when I thought I’d captured all the important news: wiggle room people, wiggle room. Stay tuned for more on this one.


In other news, there are a few electrical quality of life changes being made.


You’ll soon be able to left-click on a connected IO slot to isolate it and see where it’s going.. an absolute lifesaver if you ask me. When laying cable, you’ll be able to right-click to remove the last section or hold the RMB to delete the whole line. And the test generator, friend to all creative electrical engineers, is getting an upgrade with a couple of extra outputs, which should save on the odd splitter.


There were some Internet stream improvements, to buffering, the way connected speakers are synced, and the way downloading is handled. So you might still not be able to play whatever you like unless you have a cozy relationship with your local admin (kiss), but at least the stations you CAN play will now work that much better.


Did they fix the champagne boomer description yet?


Nope. Now come on, you know they’ve got bigger fish to fry right now.


That’s true. Maybe something more water-based would be appropriate then? Like the Purple Rustige egg that has a miniature ‘OFFSTORE’ monument inside it.


Well, you can but try.


A bundle of commonly requested and missing objects were added for map makers, including a number of cubes, because Minecraft.. some spawners for various items, plus some volumes and triggers, and if you want the full list, just pause this data burst.


On staging, it’s time to armor up your tool cupboard because small signs can now be placed on deployables. Something tells me this might get tweaked, or maybe not.


The map is being upgraded to support multiple underground layers, apparently. Probably to accommodate the underwater labs, and lastly, the next round of totally not controversial at all Twitch drops has begun, and here’s a snapshot of exactly who’s included in this one!


Let me know all your Rustiest thoughts down below, and if you liked this video, then please symbolize it with a hearty thumbs up. You can follow me on Twitch for survival streams. Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and my Steeeeeam group to stay up to date with all my content and support the channel directly through Patreon or by grabbing some of my sexy merch. I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty, cheerio.

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