RUST Update 15th March 2024

First look at Harbour and Oil Rig changes! | RUST Update 15th March 2024

We’re halfway through March’s wipe, so it’s time to start looking at what might be in store for next month’s update. Several systems are getting a shake-up from their current state, so let’s look at a few of those big changes next.

Early look at changes that may be coming in April

Harbors and Cargo Ship

First up is the cargo ship and its accompanying event. We start by looking at the overhaul being made to the harbor monuments. You’ll notice some new features swinging into the scene, including functional harbor cranes, a new swing bridge (not yet operational and still in the gray box), and the addition of a harbor island to produce a shipping lane for the cargo ship to come into dock. Presumably, this swing bridge may need to be lifted to allow the cargo ship to pass, but we aren’t sure yet if this will be an automated event or player-triggered. It’s also quite possible that the swing bridge may just be a fancy decoration that got jammed; we don’t know yet.

The mainland harbor monuments are getting many updates and cleanups, including new assets, buildings, and places to explore. The recycler locations seem roughly the same as before, but this may change by the time the update drops.

The cargo event is not yet set up, but the general idea is that the ship will circle the island as before and dock at the harbor where containers can be loaded onto it (presumably containing loot?). It is unknown whether players will be able to control these cranes to load containers (or prevent loading in the case of a counterattack). We’ll have to wait and see how everything shakes out in the coming weeks.

Oilrig updates

The oil rig monuments will likely receive a big upgrade in next month’s patch in the form of an additional entrance method. A moonpool entrance, presumably used by saturation divers to perform maintenance on the rig’s underwater components, will allow players to enter via Submarine. Once inside, players will ascend a long saturation tube to enter the rig’s interior. Although it is not yet implemented, players may need a keycard to enter the main deck of the rig from the moonpool entrance. We’ll have to wait and see how this feature progresses to know for certain.

The commits also point to a CCTV room being added so that players can watch out for sneaky divers making an ascent into the rigs. A vent is also mentioned, so it’s likely that there may be multiple ways to get to and from the moonpool entrance. We’ll provide more details as development progresses.

Updated electrical components

A handful of updates will be bestowed upon the electricians among us through energy savings and component snapping! When trying to place an electrical component, players will soon be able to hold down the Left Shift key to snap it to other electrical components that are already placed, helping create a more tidy, uniform electrical layout. This doesn’t yet seem to extend to wire management, but baby steps.

Additionally, a handful of electrical components will no longer consume power as a part of the electrical system:

  • AND Switch
  • OR Switch
  • XOR Switch
  • Timer
  • Blocker
  • Memory Cell
  • RAND Switch
  • Switch
  • Smart Switch
  • Counter
  • Splitter
  • Root Combiner
  • Electrical Branch

Changes are also being made to correct power drains caused by components not powered on or connected to a draining component.

Other changes in this RUST Update

  • A new “SKS” skin for the SAR may be an upcoming DLC item.
  • Work continues on the Compound / Outpost redesign.
  • Bradley will soon get a scientist component added to the event.
  • The Inflatable Chicken suit is coming soon, so we might ask the question, “Who came first: the chicken suit or the Egg Suit?”
  • The “Bikes” branch is lit up with commits highlighting motorbikes with potential sidecar additions.
  • A new branch for the “Blunderbuster” is in the works and may also be a future DLC item.

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Thanks for reading, and see you in the next RUST update!

Oh, hello. Where have you been? I haven’t seen you for ages. OK, yeah I’ve been a bit busy with stuff too, but I’m back, and here is all your latest Rust development news, including a first look at changes to the harbors and oilrig, plus some motorbike madness!

But first, how are you getting on with that new nightlight? I know there have been one or two bugs with it, but does it help? Is it a good compromise? Let me know below.

So, over on the Aux02 staging branch right now (which is currently public), there are a few things to check out. It does look like April’s update will emphasize events and monuments. So, first, we go to the harbors, where preparations are underway for a major change to the cargoship event.

This is all still WIP and SUBJECT TO CHANGE, I must say.. with some gray box (or rather redbox) bits.. but as you can see, both harbors are now bifurcated (good word that, look it up), and there’s now a big area on both for the cargoship to slot itself into along with some cranes which will actually be functional.

Both are going to have a type of swing bridge thing that will presumably move to accommodate the ship, and you’re going to have to get used to a mostly new layout on both harbors, along with a bunch of new buildings to clamber around on and it seems there are going to be a lot of new places to hide and be sneaky with, and there are a number of new props here including these buses I think.

But FYI, here are the locations of recyclers on both, which seem to be in the same general vicinity as before.

Although the cargoship event isn’t set up yet, I can tell you some things.

The ship will navigate around the island as it does now, but it’ll also dock at the harbor where cranes will load containers onto it, and apparently, it will be possible for players to smuggle themselves on board inside said containers, and I am informed there will be other ways of gaining access to the ship but we’ll have to wait and see what those are. The objective is to make the event more counter-able and exciting.

Let me know what you think about these changes below.

Over to the oil rigs now, and if I turn off the water, you can see there is a significant change coming to both with tradesman’s entrances, as it were. You’ll now be able to sneakily dock at a moonpool below and clamber up a long saturation tube to emerge in the bowels of the rig, and this should add a bit of variety and possibly surprise to both these are still works-in-progress as you can see, and I believe you will need a green card to get access from the moonpool side when implemented but I’m told that both the rigs and harbor changes should, all being well, be included in next month’s patch.

Electrical circuits are undergoing some significant changes. For instance, the following components will no longer consume power: ANDs, ORs, XORs, memory cells, timers, blockers, rands, counters, switches, smart switches, splitters, root combiners, and electrical branches—that’s quite huge.

Not only, but also, when placing components you’ll be able to hold left shift to snap them relative to other ones! Now we just need the same for when running wires so we can snap them to horizontal, vertical, and angles in between, and we’ll be all set! There are also a few fixes coming to prevent components from draining power unnecessarily.

And just in case you needed reassuring that Rust is a game that’s not afraid to look you straight in the eye and say “Look mate, I’m deadly serious about all this survival stuff OK?” this classy outfit is coming quite soon, probably seasonal, so get yourself mentally prepared for that fyi it’s leg protection based on wooden armor pants with the same stats.

In other stuff coming down the rusty pipe. The compound rework is still chugging along but has been pushed back a little bit by the TEAM due to the harbours and oil rigs. There are changes coming to Bradley at launch basically when it gets down to a certain % of health a group of npc scientists are going to dismount and go pew pew.

Heavy scientists will start using miniguns and military flamethrowers at some point soon, and I’m guessing, possibly these will be available to players somehow, maybe.

There are some special skins in the works, namely an sks skin for the SAR and a blunderbuster skin for the db, and I also hear some rumblings about tool cupboard skins, too. More info on those when I get it.

And lastly, nothing to show just yet, but motorbikes are officially being worked on, with two versions, with and without a sidecar that will be available details are scant at the moment and it remains to be seen how stability is going to be handled on the non-sidecar versions and what kinds of stunts we’ll be able to pull off of course but as and when it becomes apparent I shall reveal all you can be sure.

I think that is about all this week, but please leave a like, a sub, and a comment below and stay tuned. You can find me on Twitch and lots of other places including my steam group and also support my work here via patreon YouTube memberships and Super Thanks.

I shall catch you all soon but in the meantime, keep calm and stay rusty. Cheerio.

I’m deadly serious about all this survival stuff, OK?

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