RUST Update 15th July 2022

RUST Update 15th July 2022

Furnace UI changes, New Caves, & Molotovs | Rust Update 15th July 2022

We’re now a week into the July wipe, so we can turn our sights to another peek into RUST development to see what’s coming up. This week, Facepunch took an exciting step into official collectibles with the release of their first series of Youtooz vinyl figurines. If you aren’t sure what’s going on, here’s some information about these limited-run collectibles and the company that crafts them. Now on to the RUST updates.

Furnace types get a makeover

Work is underway to clean up the UI used by oven types for smelting. This includes furnaces, campfires, barbecues, and refineries. The update is an effort to simplify the process of adding and managing smelting for the player. Rather than manually adding ores into three slots of equal amounts, players will add all ores of the desired type to one slot. 

The updated UI will include four main containers: a fuel slot (wood), a material slot (usually ores or meats), a by-product slot (charcoal), and an end-product slot. New loot buttons for both inputs and outputs will allow players to loot everything from either camp with just one click.

Before we start throwing things in rage over the loss of production rates, it sounds like the oven-type object will continue to smelt at the same rate as before. Presumably, this would mean that a small furnace that smelts three items per tick would continue to smelt three items per tick under the new UI. We just won’t be seeing three stacks of ores in the UI. 

In other RUST update news, procedural caves are now on the docket with a new branch that opened a week ago. Still mostly just initial commits, the notes seem to suggest that procgen caves will spawn into the terrain hillsides. This is presumably to help differentiate them from the static-layout caves that we currently see with above-ground entrances. Not a lot is known yet, so hopefully, we will see more information soon.

Other highlights in this RUST update include:

  • Furnaces and other oven types are getting a UI makeover
  • The UI update shouldn’t effect the processing rate, just clean up the experience and reduce the amount of repetitive clicking a player must do
  • The UI update will include one-click looting
  • A new branch ‘procedural_caves’ has sprung up with some early commits
  • Procgen caves may cut into hillsides rather than spawn above-ground prefab entrances
  • A new model for the drone marketplace is being built
  • Continued work on the Trainyard update branch
  • Changes to the way wagon shunting works with collisions
  • Potential to see the new Trainyard rework and coaling tower within the next week or so on staging for testing purposes
  • Various fixes for Hapis tunnels
  • Work started on molotovs, presumably to fend off your neighbors or prepare for potential cannibal invasion
  • Youtooz collectibles are now available for pre-order

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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors and friends; Shadowfrax here. Ah! It’s nice to have a well-rested bonus. I have been away for a bit, rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated, though, so sorry if you missed me, but I’m sure you’ve coped just fine.


Anyway, it’s time for your “regular” check-up with the world of Rust development. So make yourself comfortable, and this won’t take a jiffy.


There are a few changes coming at you very soon, and I know how much you chaps love change. Or is that SUBJECT TO CHANGE? I hope not, or I’ll have to stop doing these altogether.


Well, whatever, first up. Over on the Staging Aux branch right now, there’s a new “improved” furnace UI being cobbled together. I say furnace, but it also applies to anything you put wood in and set on fire.


The low down is that they are all now only going to accept one stack of fuel, and depending on the device, there will be different amounts of raw and cooked slots available.


Campfires, basic furnaces, and small refineries will now have one material input slot, a by-product slot (charcoal basically), and an end product slot. But BBQs and Large furnaces will have three extra input and output slots. You’ll also be able to loot everything quickly from them with new buttons on the UI.


One thing that I’m sure you’ll be overjoyed to know is that with this change, you’ll only be able to smelt one type of ore at a time. And that on the large furnace, even though you can put in 4 stacks of metal ore, it won’t speed things up. It just means you don’t have to fill it up so often.


Of course, this will be SUBJECT TO CHANGE depending on feedback received.. but if I know you lot, this is exactly the sort of change you’re all gagging for, so there won’t be any complaints…


Something else that’s changing soon is caves, and instead of a bunch of fixed layouts spawning, they’re going procedural! This is all on a separate branch right now, and there’s not much to show apart from this image of an entrance. But expect them to be more like the underwater labs when it hits with a bunch of different tunnels and rooms that will spawn in procedurally generated configurations and add that much-needed variety to your subterranean lives.


There’s a new marketplace model on the way because, after all, this one was just a placeholder, albeit one of the more convincing ones. No change in function as far as I can tell.

But it will have a nice awning to stand under with some very subtle branding that can be seen from space.


You may have encountered some crashes since the update at the beginning of this month; most unusual, I know, but thanks to a few hotfixes from the TEAM over the last week, these should hopefully be a thing of the past.


The big trainyard update trundles ever closer, and in fact, I believe the aim is to make it publicly testable sometime next week; I hope to bring you the low down on that when it hits, so stay tuned.


In a nutshell, in case you’ve missed it, this set of changes will reconfigure the trainyard, adding a new ore processing building and linking it up to the rail network so you can drive wagons into it and take part in an event which I don’t have a lot of details about apart from that it involves ore and a big vacuum thingy. Exciting times.


You should also expect to be able to check out the new monument light switches and locomotive lights, which, apart from switching on and off headlights, will also include lights to indicate if a train is traveling towards you, away from you, or just stationary.


In other works in progress, there are a few new convars being implemented for admins, and I’ll list them in the description, but there’s also one coming that will allow you to bind a key to toggle ADS. This will only apply when holding a gun or a melee weapon that can be thrown; right-click interactions on other held entities (e.g. torch) should be unaffected, and ADS will be toggled off when switching between weapons or when a reload takes place.


The command will imaginatively be called ‘input.toggleads.’


Hapis island continues to be spat on and polished, with all those wrinkles gradually being ironed out.


And it appears that early work is taking place on molotovs, which you can see some models for here and should be very useful for remotely barbequing things. Very much a work in progress at the moment, and no idea of when they’ll be in, etc., etc., but please let me know your thoughts down below.


Also, if you like things with big heads and little bodies, personally, I don’t, but there’s some new Rust merch in town. Marvelous.


Right, I’ve got an appointment with a sun lounger and several drinks, so you will excuse me, but if you want more, then please sub to the channel, leave a like, follow me over on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and my Steeeam group. Support me on Patreon, with a Youtube membership, or buy something in the merch store. And I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty, cheerio.

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