RUST Update 14th May 2021

rust update 14th may 2021

Subs soon? + new DLC?! | Rust Update 14th May 2021

This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax!

Two months ago, RUST nudged us below ground into the new transit tunnels where we hopped onto work carts and had grand, subterranean adventures. Soon, we’ll be drug below the ocean’s surface via the most questionable form of transportation yet in RUST; the submarine. Players will soon be able to climb into one of these subs, bring a friend maybe, and descend below the surface. For what purpose and what uses these submarines are intended is still unknown. Additionally, it isn’t yet known whether or not players can leave the submarine when underwater, if they will flood the submarine if they do so, if the sub has a limited air supply and so on. We hope to know more soon.

Another interesting note is a new branch titled ‘nexus’, with an initial commit for the ‘nexus.redirect’ command. This command makes the client switch to a different server and is runnable from the server, which would imply that RUST servers will, at some point, start telling players to connect to a different server. There’s nothing definitive yet as to what this command is intended to do, but couple this command with the imminent introduction of the submarine, and perhaps an open-sea exploration may take players to more than just the sea floor..

Here are some of the highlights of the update:

  • Work has begun on setting up the two RUST submarine models that we saw being created a few months back
  • The submarines will come in solo and duo variants which can be spawned in with a command
  • Fixes for a handful of work cart issues
  • The ‘censorplayerlist’ command is now enabled on servers by default
  • No ETA yet on the completion date for the Hapis Island revamp
  • More work on the demoshot branch has been committed for cinematic creation
  • Commits for animal and NPC AI are moving along and hopefully we will see a merge to staging soon for it
  • More work on render scaling reveals a variety of effects being produced
  • Color coding electrical wires will soon be a thing for RUST electricians to keep their systems better organized
  • An exciting ‘nexus.redirect’ command has appeared, which will allow a server to force a client to connect to another server..
  • A potential new DLC for voice props

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Video Transcript

Greetings, survivors, and friends, Shadowfrax here with what’s new in the world of Rust this week, and there’s some intriguing stuff on the horizon. First of all, though, make sure you’re definitely subscribed so I can keep you in the loop and hopefully entertained when I get the chance.


To begin with, it looks like the tide has turned towards a new mode of transport; Bill, who worked on the modular cars, has begun setting up the two submarines that I showed you the models for a couple of months ago.


To recap, there will be two versions, both a solo and a duo, and at the moment, work is focused on letting all you potential Jacques Rusteaus dive and climb smoothly whilst being nice and cozy in your aquatic tin cans and totally not drowning, getting wet or running out of oxygen, because that’s not fun.


You’ll also have increased visibility underwater whilst in one, it seems, as per the diving mask, but what exactly is the point, you may ask, of a submarine when Rust’s underwater world is about as interesting as a PowerPoint presentation on gluten-free toast.


Well, I guess we’ll have to wait to find out, although I found this commit about adding a whole copy of the scientist Compound underwater on the test map rather interesting. That’s not to say there’ll actually be an underwater compound with mer-scientists, this is just a test after all, and everything is SUBJECT TO CHANGE. But it’s intriguing nonetheless, and hopefully, it won’t be too long until splashdown.


On the subject of vehicles, there are a number of work cart fixes incoming. There was one for the brake effects not showing when traveling in reverse and throttling forward. An increase in the minimum threshold for collision damage, which means that pushing through barriers at low speed, should definitely not hurt the work carts, and a couple of tweaks to track selection which should prevent some bugs that could end up sending you the wrong way.


The ‘censorplayerlist’ command is now enabled by default on servers, although I believe we’ll hear more about this later. Basically, this was a command that was introduced a while back and that censors the Steam player list to make player tracking more difficult. Note: not impossible. Of course, stream sniping is a major pain in the Rust for content creators, and it would be great to have a foolproof fix for it, but I doubt that’s something which will be stamped out any time soon.


The Hapis island HDRP backport version is rumbling along nicely; still no word on an exact ETA. And there has been a lot more work on the demoshot branch, which is going to give a lot more tools to those interested in cinematics, and hopefully, an early version will be ready to try in the next patch.


In works in progress, the TEAM has been posting a ton more commits on the rework to NPC and animal AI, which seems to be drawing ever closer to being implemented, along with the eagerly awaited new animal models.


The rest of this week’s news is about work in progress stuff, and there’s a lot to get excited about.


As mentioned last week, we’ll soon be able to color our cables when wiring up electrical systems, something that I’m really looking forward to as my stuff tends to get complex. Not only but also it appears that hoses will have this functionality too.


There’s still more work on render scaling, including mention of effects such as double vision, photo filter, greyscale, frost, sharpen and vignette, and wiggle, so really intrigued about where that’s going.


There’s word on a new countryside bunker entrance & an experimental 180-degree stairwell coming for the train tunnels.


A command called ‘nexus.redirect’ was added – which makes the client switch to a different server and is runnable from the server. Now, why would a server want to make your client connect to a different server, eh, hmm? Might have to ponder that one.


And lastly, there was mention of a Voiceprops DLC.. and that’s all the information we have at the moment. Of course, we know the DLCs we’ve had so far have added a lot of fun stuff and have included a lot of items each, but what exactly will this one entail? You may remember that the Voiceprops branch initially was associated with the telephone system. So likely, this will have something to do with audio. But I will, of course, keep you tuned in on any further developments.


You’re up to date now, so please leave a like and a comment to let me know what you think of this week’s news. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and my Steeeeam group for more updates and Twitch for regular streams, plus you can support the channel via Patreon or by nabbing some sexy merch on my Teespring store. I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty, cheerio.

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