RUST Update 14th June 2024

DPV! Travelling Vendor! Creative mode!

Lots of exciting updates have hit the AUX02 staging branch this week! First up, a new water-based vehicle for solo-player travel on and under the water. Next, we have a glimpse at the new Creative game mode, which will allow players extensive building freedom to build wherever and whatever their hearts desire. Finally, we’ll look at the new Travelling Merchant feature.

RUST Update 14th June 2024 by Shadowfrax

The Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)

The Diver Propulsion Vehicle is a new water-based vehicle similar to the boogie board. Players can carry it in their inventory and place it on their tool belt when they are ready to go for a swim. Once researched for 20 scrap, it can be player-crafted from 75 metal fragments. This crafting value may change before the official update. The DPV can be crafted at a Level 1 Workbench, but it is not currently added to the tech tree.

The DPV can be deployed and retrieved like a boogie board; however, it will put the player into first-person view. Unlike the boogie board, the DPV requires low-grade fuel to run, so be sure to empty the fuel storage before picking it up, or else you will lose your fuel. It’s not clear if this is intended or not, but better safe than sorry.

Game mode: Creative

A true creative mode is finally here! Creative mode will allow players to experience BGrade-like functionality on enabled servers and the ability to build as much and wherever they want. This creative mode extends to IO-based building systems like Electricity, Fluids and Industrial. By customizing a handful of admin commands, the game mode we’ve wanted forever can be achieved without plugins or complex configurations.

  • creative.allusers – Enables creative mode for all players on the server (default: false)
  • creative.toggleCreativeModeUser (username) – Enable creative mode for a specific user
  • creative.freebuild – Build without having resources in your inventory (default: false)
  • creative.freeplacement – Bypass all placement checks and place a building piece where you like (default: false)
  • creative.freerepair – Bypasses the 30s repair cooldown (default: false)
  • creative.unlimitedio – Removes limits for IO (default: false)

With “freebuild” enabled, players will be able to build and upgrade without needing resources in their inventory. Downgrades, too!

Enable “freeplacement” to allow players to build in places forbidden to vanilla gameplay. Build on roads, inside Launch, next to a Safe Zone. Build a cozy cottage atop the Lighthouse.

Enable “freerepair” to allow instant repair of building pieces without repair costs.

With “unlimitedio” enabled, there’s no limit to the number of IO points, and increases the max-length of IO connections.

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Thanks for reading, and see you in the next RUST update!

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here with your weekly deep dive into the septic tank of Rust development.. where in this episode I have such wonders to show you as creative mode, and a first look at the travelling vendor.

But first!

A new toy has landed on the Aux 02 staging branch straight out of CONCEPT LIMBO.. and thus I present to you the DPV or Diver Propulsion Vehicle, or “desk fan with a pair of bike handles glued to it” if you like..

This will be a new player-crafted item perfect for covert one-man operations, 20 scraps to research, and 75 frags to make at a tier 1 bench.

You can plop it in the water, mount it, and pick it up again, much like a boogie board, and it goes roughly double speed, as you can see in this little test what I did.

Unlike a boogie board it’s easier to steer and runs on low-grade..with a tank that takes a max of 500.. even though for some reason it has a battery indicator.. bug or feature? You decide.

Most importantly however it has the same basic function and controls of a submarine, can dive and climb, goes backwards and forwards and has a light on the front.. oxygen not included.. and in tests it cost me about 50 low grade to get to my local oil rig with it.

Other things to note.. You obviously can’t wield anything whilst on it.. after 10 mins of being unattended it will float to the surface, and it has the same decay rate as submarines… Oh and as always everything I just said about it is of course SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Looks like this will be splashing down in next month’s patch, but let me know your thoughts below!

There have been a few optional client and server hotfixes since the last patch and as always you can read the full list of fixes on the official Rust Discord or just pause here.. but the most important seem to be fixes for fishing village vendors.. placing seeds in planters.. and Bradley now destroying barricades in his path.

Sticking with the Aux02 staging branch where all the fun stuff is happening at the moment.. the hood and cuffs are being worked at with a few bug fixes and in addition to what I mentioned previously I believe hoods will prevent players from opening their map.. cuffed players won’t be able to f1 kill and it seems there will be some kind of minigame for players to complete in order to get themselves out of the cuffs.. more on that when I get it.

The bikes and motorbikes are slowly taking shape and gaining textures.. gone is the PS1 Tombraider trike model and in its place this.. and although it’s still not fully functional it looks like the passenger seat will be rear facing.

And I’m barely managing to stay conscious with how excited I am about this next change.. The TEAM have finally added a creative mode for admins.. and this is how it works.

Server owners will be able to use the following commands:

creative.allusers will switch creative mode on for everyone or it can be toggled just for a specific user with creative.toggleCreativeModeUser followed by their name, and then there are several other toggles as follows.

‘freeRepair’ is what it says; it removes repair cooldowns and makes repairs instant, and freeBuild means no resource costs to build things, and you can switch building grades in the planner using Q and E. You can also upgrade or downgrade to any building skin with the hammer using the same method.

‘freePlacement’, bypasses all building checks, which means you can build and run electrical systems etc anywhere you like including radtowns..

And unlimitedIo – removes the limit on the number of IO points, increases the max length of IO connections to 200m, I believe, and in addition, an invisible color (yes, I know that’s an oxymoron) is being added to the io connection color selector, and this will also be available for hoses and industrial pipes (although it doesn’t “appear” to be implemented as of filming this).

Please note these are all server-side convars, so if you want to run them from the f1 console, you’ll need to prefix them with sv.. I’ll stick them in the description below for you..

Right, so it seems the other really exciting thing to be added to the Aux02 branch just today was the travelling vendor.. or at least a very early untextured version that doesn’t actually travel yet, but here’s how it will look in principle… a heavily armoured battle-ice cream van that I’m hoping will play popeye the sailor man or match of the day in a very loud obnoxious way as it trundles around the ring road.

It has three vending machines.. and another inside it for some reason.. and they currently all offer the same items as shown here.. although don’t take this as anything other than a placeholder at the moment.

It also has two peacekeeper turrets on top to act as a kind of mobile safe zone.. which I’m sure won’t be abused at all.. it does seem to repel you if you try to jump on the bonnet, although you can stand on top right now..

It should also be visible at night thanks to lights and neon signage and from the commits it looks like players will be able to flag it down to the side of the road.. but what do you think? Is this going to be a useful addition to the game? Let me know below..

In works in progress, there’s still plenty to look forward to beyond next month; as a heads up on timescales, it seems like September, in particular, will be a busy time with a bunch of new Frontier-themed items and I’m told a big world update is planned with many changes aimed at addressing issues with bland procgen including unique points of interest, and the new Radtown, which hopefully I will be able to bring you more visuals on soon, so stay tuned!

Right, those are all the major changes so far this week.. join me again for more thrilling updates in the next episode!

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